Sunday, November 12, 2017

What I Did This Weekend + Concerts + Vegan Baking

Hey guys! I hope you all had an awesome weekend, because I totally did,  (even though it was freezing cold and almost snowed) 

First of all, I WENT TO A NEEDTOBREATHE CONCERT, which was totally last minute, I had heard that they were going to be playing near us this month, but I figured it'd be too expensive or I wouldn't be able to find anyone to go with,  and they were almost sold out so I thought it might be too late anyway, but I finally asked my dad and we ended up buying tickets the night before the concert. 

The concert was awesome, the coolest part though? About halfway though the concert, mid-song, security comes to the back of the crowd where we were standing and starts asking people to move back,  and then they bring out a platform with spotlights and then the lead singer comes and stands on it AND SINGS RIGHT NEXT TO US. 

Like literally right there, my dad got this photo, not zoomed in or cropped or anything. It was awesome. 
So basically I'm broke right now because I spent all my money on a concert ticket,  but it was totally worth it. 

Oh yeah, I also made vegan chocolate chip cookies, because, one;  I wanted cookies, and two; I'm trying to prove to my family that you can make veganized versions of things that still taste good,  and I was totally right. They didn't taste overly-health-ified or anything like that. Even though they were made with healthier ingredients, but the fact that they were still full of chocolate probably helped with that.

Do you like NEEDTOBREATHE? Have you been to any concerts this year? 

Saturday, November 4, 2017

NANO 2017 WEEK ONE + Sunlight & Fall Photos

*photo credits go to my epic sister and her fantastic photography skills. <3 

Four days into Nanowrimo and I haven't consumed an ounce of caffeine, for those of you who fear my have every reason to be concerned. XD Fear not though, I shall shortly seek out some source of caffeine, preferably in the form of vegan dark chocolate. XD

Writing is actually going pretty good so far! I didn't start at midnight or write 5K on the first day like last time, (which I ended up completely cutting out anyway and was still able to meet my goal, so I'm not too worried about falling behind right now) I'm writing the third book in the trilogy I started exactly a year ago, (I wrote the first book last year for Nanowrimo and the second one for Camp Nano in July) it's just an itty bitty trilogy since so far each book is only 50-40k, that could change with editing though, (which I'm actually looking forward to because everything is a mess but I already have quite a few ideas for how I could improve everything) Hopefully I'll be able to share a bit more about that in the future, (y,know, when the entire plot actually makes sense) 

And as you can see above, I dragged my sister, (not really but, y,know) outside to take some pictures because it was absolutely gorgeous out for one day out of the entire week and she had the day off so it was pretty much the perfect time to do it.

On another note I feel like my blogging has really been lacking a lot these past few weeks, but I'm that kinda picks up this month with writing and Nano and all that, which = more inspiration for blog posts. See you guys soon!

How is Nano going so far? Are you treating your characters kindly? (of course not because we're writers and it's our job to torture characters) 


Monday, October 23, 2017

For real though, who's doing Nanowrimo?

I have been meaning to write a blogpost for over a week now, either I ended up distracted or realized I could be working on other things instead or just couldn't find the words, BUT THE WORDS ARE ALWAYS THERE, SPINNING AROUND IN MY HEAD, it's just so hard to capture a handful of them and organize them into coherent sentences, you feel me?

Anyways, I'm here now. I spent the past week soaking up all the totally gorgeous fall weather before it went back to being rainy and cold and bleck, (It's been raining all dayworking on spontaneous DIY projects, enjoying not having to write any more essays for writing class because we're done for the first quarter, (I have speech class next, which I kinda have mixed feeling about) and of course plotting for Nano in my own haphazardly misorganized manner that likely makes sense to no one but myself.

I'm really excited for Nanowrimo this year, but I can't help but feeling kind of...I dunno, lonely? It seems like most of the people I did it with last year are either saying they don't have time or haven't decided yet if they're doing it or not.
And I get it, not everyone has time to write 50,000 words in a month, and November is already busy enough as it is for most people, but I can't be the only one who was just like; "Heck yeah I'm doing Nano even though it's hard and life is busy and my novel is going to be a mess BECAUSE NANO IS AWESOME THAT'S WHY" << not that those were my exact thoughts, but you get the idea.
I'm not trying to make anyone feel bad, I just feel like hardly anyone I know is doing Nano this year which makes me kind of sad.

So yeah, those are just some of my thoughts for today, maybe you're not doing Nano this year for whatever reasons, maybe life is too hectic or your characters are angry at you, or maybe you are, and you're just as excited as I am to plunge into a brand new story and take on this month of craziness??? Because if so we should totally team up and conquer Nano together.


Wednesday, October 4, 2017

Hello, October. ♥

Helloooo, and no, before anyone asks I did not mean to almost completely abandon blogging these past few month, moving on now. XD Stepping into a brand new month, October to be exact, feels both chaotic and calming all at once, if you know what I mean, if not, lemme explain. 

Calming; Because we've survived another insane month, because something about the anticipation of  autumn is so inevitably tranquil and cozy and yet also thrilling and inspiring all at once, and just feels so full of possibilities, and this is what it's like to be a daydreamer when seasons change and I'm pretty sure October is one of my favorite months. Somehow autumn just seems so much more chill than summer, Y,know?

Chaotic: Because this month, these mere four weeks are the only thing standing between me and Nanowrimo and I'm pretty sure the only plotting I've done, (other than mental plotting) is scattered amongst index cards across my desk. Oh yeah, and adding to my extensive playlist for this trilogy because so many feels, because classes and homework and school have been keeping me super busy, but being productive makes me feel good.

What I Did Last Month: 
- I started reading Jane Eyre for writing class, decided I want to become fluent in ASL, and worked on catching up on math, I also already feel like my writing is really improving, I never wanted to take a writing class before because I always thought 'Pssh, I already know all about writing' Of course, Hannah, because being a writer for 4 years means you automatically know everything there possibly is to know. *facepalm* 

- Excessively daydreamed about my Nano novel which, if I haven't mentioned already, I AM SUPER EXCITED FOR. Writing has been kind of dormant since July, so I'm actually looking forward to the craziness of Nanowrimo, (and definitely not scared at all like why would you even ask me that.)

- Basically, if I tried to list everything else that happened in September this post would probably end up being a lot longer, but I wanted to keep things short and simple for you guys.

- Also, ahem, I haven't had coffee in about a month, NOT because I don't like coffee though! Trust me, I  do, but long story short, I wanted to see if not drinking so much caffeine would help with anxiety, and I think it's actually been helping? Don't worry though, I'm not swearing off coffee forever. XD

What I'm Doing Next Month: 

- Hopefully catching up on blogging, and on all you guy's lovely blogs, BECAUSE YES I'M STILL BLOGGING AND YES YOU GUYS ARE AWESOME.

- Catching up on a lot of school, apparently. XP

- Getting some actual novel plotting done, not because I'm worried about getting stuck next month, because here's the thing, I don't get stuck, if I start a story with a vague idea as to where the plot is going, I can keep writing from there, all the way to the end, but what happens is things kind of start taking a cringey/poorly-plotted/downright weird turn in the middle, and I really don't want that to happen with this book.

- Probably a lot of other things I didn't mention here.

So yeah, I hope that vague life-update didn't bore you guys too much, XD  *scurries off to read because I only have the rest of the week left to finish Jane Eyre* 

So tell me, what's your favorite month? What book have you been reading right now? Actually, feel free to just tell me all the things.


Sunday, September 10, 2017

L A T E L Y + (In which I straighten my priorities)

GOOD MORNING EVERYONE. Feeling super hyped right now and I'm not quite sure if that's because of all the coffee I drank or the green smoothie or both. Probably both. XD Anyway, September has been crazy so far because life is pretty much always crazy.

L A T E L Y ; 

- Camping in a cabin in the woods with my dad and younger siblings, several hours North from where we live, driving on rainy roads through forests, breathtaking sand dunes, absolutely no Wi-fi to be found. 

- Getting ready for some classes I'm going to be taking this year, ASL and Highschool Writing and Speech. Starting next week, super excited. (except for the fact that my mom forgot to order my ASL book but hopefully I can get away with not having it for the very first class XD) 

- IT'S ACTUALLY GETTING COLD HERE AND STARTING TO FEEL LIKE FALL (despite the rather summery looking pic I took at the sand dunes, trust me, it was cold

- Feeling like my mind is trying to be in a million places at once. Well, obviously not that many, BUT DOES ANYONE ELSE JUST OVERWHELM THEMSELVES SOMETIMES WITH TRYING TO THINK ABOUT ALL THE THINGS. 

- I've been 'getting my life together' for like the past several months now, yesterday I wrote out a list of my priorities and goals and basically everything I'd like to accomplish within this month and the next and I am determined to stick to it.

So this was just a sort of casually-thrown-together 'this is what's going on in life right now post' I do have some more posts planned for this month but I just wanted to chat with you guys, has September been busy for you so far? What are one of your goals for this month? Have you ever been camping without Wi-Fi? 


Thursday, August 31, 2017

Highlights of A U G U S T + I Don't Even Know Where Summer Is Going...

What? No of course I haven't been hiding, not from blogging anyways, from my responsibilities? *glances over shoulder* Perhaps. 

JK you guys. XD Mostly anyways, I'm trying not to dwell over feeling like I didn't accomplish enough this month, instead I'm going to focus on the positive and embrace September. 

So yeah, August, I worked on finishing my Camp Nano novel and plotting for November, we celebrated Emily's birthday which was also on the same day as the solar eclipse which you could barely see from where we were. :| Daydreaming about fall, sleeping in a lot, just living life. XD 


Cool walks at sunset, waking up and, for just a moment, fearing that outside has turned black and white.  cold, rainy, dismal mornings. 

Books that blow your mind because it seems like they were written just for you, speaking words to you you didn't even realize you absolutely needed to hear.

When dogs are super excited to say hi to you. 

NEEDTOBREATHE, TFK, and Lindsey Sterling 

Trying to be more patient, more positive, trying to love more. 

Complete & Utter Randomness 

I made vegan chocolate banana bread AND IT ACTUALLY TASTED GOOD (and no I'm not vegan the recipe just happened to be vegan XD) (Update: I actually went vegan on September 18th!) 

My phone charger breaking for unexplained reasons, the speakers on my computer randomly flipping out, taking my camera with me on a walk but forgetting my camera card and basically all of the technology struggles. 

When attempting new hairstyle ends up involving braiding your hair under your chin like a dwarf beard and the trying to flip it over your head and then half the braid coming undone in the process. XP

Walking in to my room about to go to bed and finding Emily sleeping face-down on the floor with the light on.

Going for a walk and ending up being gone so long my mom was worried I got kidnapped or something, (I was kinda just wandering around the neighborhood and exploring places I never had before)

My dad accidentally set our oven on fire and the house smelled like smoke for hours.

Painfully tripping over a puppy and falling on the kitchen floor. (the puppy was okay, I was sort of okay but ouch. XP)

Holding a grudge against a rodent (ahem, caviomorpth) BECAUSE I LEARNED DEGUS BITE RIDICULOUSLY HARD.(Emily has one nice degu and one nasty one)

Realizing I pretty much ALWAYS have a song stuck in my head, it's like my own background music or something. XD Anyone else have this?

Writing and Blogging 

I think the fact that I just sat here for a really long time not knowing what to say about this kind of says enough. 

Alright so you know those plot bunnies that sneak in and burrow into your imagination AND YOU TRY TO GET RID OF THEM but they're just so innocent looking and you can't seem to get rid of them and then before you know it you've named them and you're attached to them and boom that's where story ideas come from. XD


 (And actually, I made no real attempt to get rid of the plot bunny, I did decide I'm not writing that story idea for Nanowrimo though and instead going to go with something I have more ideas for) 

Blogging was really quiet for me this month, I managed to touch up some design stuff and also successfully film a vlog but that was pretty much it other than brainstorming future post ideas. 

So that was my month, not all of it but what I decided to cram into this post anyways, tell me, what is one of the most exciting things that happened to you this month? See you guys soon! ♥ 


Wednesday, August 16, 2017

The Q&A Questions: Answered + Vlog + FIRST TIME FLYING

I promised a vlog, so I filmed you guys a vlog. XD A full eight minutes of my face (which no one exactly  needed to see but whatever) And the answers to all of you guy's awesome questions for this spontaneous Q&A.

(Also I somehow got confused and thought Monday was supposed to be the 15th? But oh well, these past couple days ended up being pretty busy for us anyway)

Here you gooooo. *points down below*

Also YES I GOT TO FLY FOR THE FIRST TIME. My mom and I flew down South last weekend, I told you guys my parents were planning on adopting again, so yup, my sister is home now and things have been pretty interesting so far, she's the first older girl with special needs my parents have adopted, (my two other sisters were still pretty little when they brought them home) So yeah. she's super sweet though.

 AND I GOT SOME TRAVEL EXPERIENCE SO YAY, like it's so weird how you can be across the country in like 1.5 hours. XP. (Also, Airport experience which was also pretty interesting)

Soooo yes hope you guys enjoyed the video! ♥

Have you ever flown before?
Ever gotten lost in an airport? (I didn't but I'm just curious XD)