Monday, March 28, 2016

     Happiness is not having a perfect life. 
       It's seeing all the good in your imperfect life.

Lately I've been working on being more positive and trying not to get so easily stressed and irritated as much., and I think I've made progress in that area. especially since I started praying about it. ;)

I have also been making friendship bracelets, working on decorating my room with my sis, admiring my new bedding, (I shall post a pic soon) listening to music, consuming sugar, and getting ready for Camp Nano. (which Sarah finally convinced me to do, and I'm so glad she did, I can't wait for camp to start!)

I finally found names for some of my characters who were nameless before this day. If I can't find names for characters. I can usually turn to Sarah and her seemingly endless list of names. But many of the ones she suggested didn't quite seem to fit the story I'm currently working on. She did inspire some names though. ;)

                   Have you ever tried making friendship bracelets? 
How do you usually come up with character names? 

                              Hannah M 


  1. I'd advise against 'consuming sugar,' very poor for the health. XD lol. :D CAN'T WAIT FOR CAMP (sorta). ;)
    Well, I have tried making friendship bracelets but I started embroidery and it just kills me using so much floss. I still can't get over it. ;)
    hahaa, usually I come up with names by mixing letters and sounds, sometimes switching around normal names and such. :D Awesome photos, and I love the friendship bracelet. :D

  2. DON'T TELL ME HOW TO LIVE MY LIFE SARAH. Yeah, I'd rather use it for bracelets.
    Thanks! :D


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