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Saturday, April 23, 2016

Hello, hello, hello. 

 Yesterday my sister got an awesome book in the mail, called Paper Crowns  . read it within hours. and handed it to me the moment she finished it, which I then sat down and read within several hours and only stopped to make no-bake cookies in my pajamas and eat pizza.

Let me just say it was...well, the word I used to describe it was beautiful. But it was a lot of things, it was adorable, hilarious, exciting, and full of interesting characters. I loved it.

So I have this habit of driving myself crazy by trying to think of a bunch of things at once, and then whatever I might happen to be thinking about, (Often a lot of those thoughts have to do with writing and such and such) I, for some weird reason, will go around repeating all these thoughts to myself. (Not out loud of course, then people might think I'm weird, and I can at least pretend I'm somewhat normal ;)

Other than that I've randomly getting new story ideas while working on my current story, Heart of Stone, turning my ripped jeans into shorts, listening to a lot of music and absolutely loving the fact that it's almost summer. ^_^

    Last book you read? 
                    Last song you listened to? 

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Thursday, April 14, 2016

...That rhymed

I thought this picture turned out pretty cool, even if my nine-year-old sister thought I was weird for taking it. :P 

I was rather excited because I found a tiny little flower on the forest floor amongst nothing but dead leaves and broken sticks. 

Spring means you can leave the house in nothing but short sleeves and jeans. you can sit and write with all the doors and windows open basking in the sunshine as you journey through your not-so-sunshiny fantasy world. At least in my case that's what it means. I mean, it's clearly stated in my story..

'Sunshine was a rare thing in the misty forests of Varjeye. This morning, it splashed Cadria in the face with surprising enthusiasm as she pulled the sleeveless garment over her long sleeved blouse and leggings, the tunic was a dark brown color and fell nearly to her knees, cowling at the neck with a hood hanging over her dark hair.' 

See? ;)

Me and my awesome older sister went and hung out at Biggby today to work on our writing. Coffee shops and writing just seem to go together perfectly, it's a fact. ;)

I haven't taken many outdoorsy pictures lately since it's pretty much been snowy and cold between now and my last post. and I refused to take pictures of snow because, (despite my love for snow) I was sick of it. I did go out and take some pictures today and yesterday though, as you can see above.

If only the trees weren't so bare, I actually dreamed last night that I was in the forest and there were leaves on the trees and I remember thinking it was weird because the day before they were completely bare. I probably dreamt much more than that but that's all I remember. ;)

            Favorite thing about spring? 
Last dream you had? 

                                        Hannah M 

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Friday, April 1, 2016

                                     Quite possibly one of the cutest pictures I've ever taken of Charlotte.  ^_^ 

So, today is the first day of April.
Which means 3 things.
1:  It is the first day of April, Obviously.
2: It's April Fools. But you probably knew that as well, and we're not really big on that over here anyway so I don't even know why I would bring it up...
And 3: It's the first day of Camp Nano!!!
...But many of you probably knew that I'm basically just stating the obvious for no good reason. :P

As you may have noticed, I updated my blog design! I absolutely love my new banner, I could just sit and stare at it...

I suddenly realized today that the story I'm currently writing is the first story I can ever remember writing where the both the main characters have both their parents...

Just finished drinking a Starbucks frappuccino (I cannot spell that word correctly for the life of me please forgive me) And now I'm gonna go write. Have an awesome first day of April!

                        Do you celebrate April Fools? 
Do you think coffee improves your writing? 

                                                                                                                   Hannah M