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Thursday, April 14, 2016

...That rhymed

I thought this picture turned out pretty cool, even if my nine-year-old sister thought I was weird for taking it. :P 

I was rather excited because I found a tiny little flower on the forest floor amongst nothing but dead leaves and broken sticks. 

Spring means you can leave the house in nothing but short sleeves and jeans. you can sit and write with all the doors and windows open basking in the sunshine as you journey through your not-so-sunshiny fantasy world. At least in my case that's what it means. I mean, it's clearly stated in my story..

'Sunshine was a rare thing in the misty forests of Varjeye. This morning, it splashed Cadria in the face with surprising enthusiasm as she pulled the sleeveless garment over her long sleeved blouse and leggings, the tunic was a dark brown color and fell nearly to her knees, cowling at the neck with a hood hanging over her dark hair.' 

See? ;)

Me and my awesome older sister went and hung out at Biggby today to work on our writing. Coffee shops and writing just seem to go together perfectly, it's a fact. ;)

I haven't taken many outdoorsy pictures lately since it's pretty much been snowy and cold between now and my last post. and I refused to take pictures of snow because, (despite my love for snow) I was sick of it. I did go out and take some pictures today and yesterday though, as you can see above.

If only the trees weren't so bare, I actually dreamed last night that I was in the forest and there were leaves on the trees and I remember thinking it was weird because the day before they were completely bare. I probably dreamt much more than that but that's all I remember. ;)

            Favorite thing about spring? 
Last dream you had? 

                                        Hannah M 


  1. your love for snow?....................

    1. It's a thing, I assure you.Just not in the middle of April

  2. That water picture is really cool. ;) I like taking pictures like that too.
    My favorite thing about spring is being able to be outside almost all day...including after dinner! And taking evening walks with my family. I also love that you don't have to wear a coat and gloves every time you go outside!
    I don't really remember last night's dream other than the fact that I was looking at some guy's picture and thinking that I liked his eyes, which were very very very blue. XD (I really like blue eyes for some reason.) Your dream sounds gorgeous! :D

    1. Thanks! :D
      I agree, being able to be outside as much as you want without having to wear a coat or even shoes just makes you feel so free. :)
      Lol! I usually only remember bits and pieces of my dreams to, your dream sounds really interesting, now I'm trying to picture super blue eyes..;)


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