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Sunday, May 8, 2016

                    trying to look serious, and mysterious, and unintentionally speaking in rhymes. 

Rexxar the Freak, caught being himself. 

                  I did manage to capture his more majestic side before he ascended into weirdness.


You may not know this, but I love my forest. All forests really. I just love them.

Though the summer is still young and the leaves are not fully bloomed, The forest is still so very alive and pretty right now. I can often be found wandering there no matter what the weather is. sometimes with a camera, sometimes with a friend or a sibling, sometimes with a dog or a cat, Most of the time with God and all my thoughts.

I get a lot of writing inspiration up there, wandering and listening to the birds and the breeze. It really helps clear your mind.

I also love running through the forest since I've practically memorized all the roots and bends of the main paths so as to avoid tripping and falling on my face, because it's not like that hasn't happened before...

My mom's cat, Rexxar. or 'Mr. Handsome' 'Mr. Beautiful Baby' and all the other things she calls him. Has always been a rather...odd sort. Ever since my brother brought him home as a dirty, skittish, hungry stray cat. He's been a little weird.
He can be super spazzy and crazy at times, and other times he is super sweet and melty  and purrey and all manner of other made-up words.

I legit watched him do a somersault while playing with a clothes hanger once.
He loves ice cream.
He and Charlotte have an interesting relationship.
My mom is his favorite person, he also likes Rachel (though she doesn't like him sometimes) And I like to think he tolerates me existence as well, as I do his. ;)
Also, he has a very weird meow, kinda throaty and odd-pitched, I've taken to imitating it at random times to weird my mom out. ;)

P.S. don't forget to tell your mom you love her today. :)

                What is one of your favorite places? 
           Do you have (or have had) any crazy pets? 


  1. I sat in the cornfield yesterday and just wrote a whole page full of nonsense. It was epic. I just listened to the wind and the birds and felt the sun on my face.. :D It's very inspirational.

    gorgeous photos! <3

    1. Woahhh, sounds awweessome! :D

      Thanks! <3


    And can I say that these photo transported me into a transcendent forest where stories grew like trees? I just loved them! And KITTIES!!! EVEN CRAZY KITTIES!!! My sister has a fat, black cat that like to smell feet and sit like an old man sometimes, so I understand crazy cats. Yours is gorgeous!

      Oooh, really? Glad you liked them. YES! Lol, my brother also has a fat black cat. Thank you so much for your sweet comment! It made me so happy. :)

  3. Oh my goshhh the cats are so adorable! I've always wanted a little cat, but unfortunately I have family members that are allergic. *le sigh* For now I'll just have to settle on "oohing" and "ahhing" over pictures of other people's cats. xD

    // katie grace
    a writer's faith

    1. Thanks! Awww, that's too bad. :( I wonder if there are hypoallergenic cats, like hypoallergenic dogs? (Gosh it only takes two times typing that word before it looks like complete gibberish)
      I can just imagine the smug look on my cat's face if I told him how many people think he's cute. I know the real him though, I know what lies underneath all that crazy, majestic fluffiness, and I have the scratched up hands to prove it.


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