~ Goodbye, August ~

Wednesday, August 31, 2016

(Just realized the paint splatters look like confetti, NO I AM NOT CELEBRATING SUMMER BEING OVER GAHHH) 

Don't cry people, please, I don't want you too, sure, summer may be ending, but fall is supah awesome too, (other than having to do the maths for the educations ;P ) BUT PRETTY LEAVES AND COZY SWEATERS AND HOT LATTES THO.

So I'm doing a sort of monthly wrap up post, why? Because I've never done one before.


This month has been one of the few months that I've actually posted consistently on this blog, hopefully things stay that way. ;P 


Did an inspirational post on comparing, which really helped me realize what I want to do with this blog other than rambling on awkwardly about my everyday life, I want to inspire people, I want to focus everything on Jesus, because those are the posts that really matter to people, the posts I enjoy doing, and the ones people need, so definitely be on the look out for more of those in the future. <3 

And y,know, other various posts about life and stuff. 

>>> W R I T I N G <<<

So I...uh....wrote roughtly 3,000 words this month  (I forgot to go and count exactly how many before publishing this post) *sarcastically applauds self* I know, I'm like the lamest writer in existence but it was just hard okay? I literally tried to write a scene with my eyes shut just because like I don't want to write this but I HAVE TO *cue angry writer noises* 

Alright, looking back on that scene, it really wasn't that bad at all, it was only a slightly awkward situation but I seriously think anything and everything is awkward which made it 10x harder to write. That and the fact that one of my characters is a total drama queen and I don't even know why she's just been like that since the beginning and I don't know how to fix her, but it's fine, everything is fine, WE'RE ALL FINE, PEOPLE. 

And I spent like way too much time daydreaming about my November Nanowrimo novel and it's sequel cause it's just gonna be SO AWESOME I'M DYING TO WRITE IT. 

I WILL finish my book this month, if I don't I give you all full permission to personally hunt me down and physically force me to write if you have too. (I believe someone may have already threatened to) But hopefully it shouldn't come to that. 

* * * LIFE * * *

Cinnamon roll pancakes are the best. <3

My bunny has decided that she doesn't like people reaching into her cage to take her out, she snorts and grunts and nips at people, like, you wouldn't expect a bunny to be so nasty! They're supposed to be all warm and sweet and squishable, My mom and I think she's probably just being territorial because she never acts like that outside the cage, just inside.

So like a couple weeks ago there was a tornado warning A LEGIT TORNADO and what was I doing? I was out in the forest, barefoot, in the pouring rain.
And there actually was a tornado several I think several hours away from us so that was scary.

And I also jumped in a lake fully clothed and don't ask why please don't we don't talk about it.

- Say Hello to S e p t e m b er - 



Frying Fail ~ I Panicked

Thursday, August 25, 2016

I tried to make donuts today, doughnuts, donuts, whichever way you prefer to spell it. ;P 
Like, legit donuts, the kinds you fry. (don't touch hot oil with your bare fingers btw, just...just don't do it) 
I had never fried anything before, my mom warned me when I spontaneously decided I wanted to make real donuts that it wasn't a good idea. I didn't listen. Because I is dumb. :P 
They turned out...completely burnt on the outside but kinda weirdly doughy on the inside. And everything smelled grossly like hot bubbly owl *oil, not hot bubbly owl, silly typos. ;P 

My mom said I need to keep practicing, ehh, I'd rather just stick to baked donuts. 

Ok, so my sister let me borrow her laptop earlier to write on since my Alphasmart is broken and so I didn't have to steal my mom's laptop. So I just stuck my flashdrive in there and wrote happily for the next few hours.  I did take a break or two in between, things where going well, until I tried taking my flashdrive out..
It was stuck. 
And before trying to violently yanking it out. I realized that I'd probably end up breaking it if I tried to take it out, resulting in losing all my precious files, my precious story. 
Panicked, I quickly emailed myself three large emails containing all the contents from my flashdrive. 
Convinced all my crap was safe, I yanked my flashdrive free with a cringe, expecting it to snap. 
It actually didn't break, I haven't tested to see if it still works yet, but hopefully it's fine. ;P 

Have you ever fried food? 
Do you have your writing saved in multiple places for fear of losing it? (I didn't until today. ;P ) 


~ A Random Writing Update ~

Saturday, August 20, 2016

- ft. The ever gorgeous Border Collie - 
- The earbuds I stole match my flashdrive and that makes me happy -
I haven't really gotten a lot of writing done this month, I got stuck and stressed a lot, but I finally reached 15,000 words yesterday and I'm seeing the plot  falling into place and I feel a lot better about my story at the moment.

My Alphasmart broke earlier this week, just after I had decided I was going to use it for Nanowrimo. :P And the only time it does anything is when you plug it into the computer. 

One of my favorite parts of writing is the moments when you're truly in the story, your fingers flying across the keyboard, the music drowning out the outside world (I just made a playlist for my story!), the words are flowing, the scene before you is a clear, perfect picture, and you're happy. No matter how chaotic the scene itself is, you're just happy. 

(and I may or may not have started writing all over my arm with orange sharpie when I sat down to write but that's really not important and no I did not get asked by three different people about it

I'm feeling a lot more confident with my story now, I'm figuring a lot of it out as I go and finally getting into the more interesting/important parts. 

You guys actually don't know much about my novel, (it probably won't end up being an actual novel but I enjoy referring to it as such) Contempt. The story I was supposed to finish, or at least have half-finished, back in July. But then again, no body really knows much about it, I like to keep a lot of stuff to myself, maybe I should do some sort of introduction post sometime, (adds that to list of posts I plan on doing ;P ) 

I'm getting to know my characters better, the ones who ended up being a lot different than I thought they would be, learning to understand them and figuring out this beautiful, insane mess of a story as I go along. 

Do you like to keep a lot of your story secret? Or are you more open about it? ;P 


~ Wisteria Writer Tag ~

Sunday, August 14, 2016

- because I'm in love with trees and sunlight -

Thank the blogger who nominated you, THANKS SARAH.
Answer their ten questions.
Add ten writing or book related questions of your own.
Nominate ten other writers.

Are you writing anything right now? If so, what? 
I'm currently writing what I suppose you could call a fantasy novel since it isn't in the real world, but this one isn't to fantasy-ish, its in a sort of Regency England inspired setting with some twists on it. I don't have a blurb or anything for it right now. Just a lot of craziness.

If you are a fantasy writer, have you ever created your own map? 
Actually, yes, but I have no idea where it is and it was a very, VERY rough sketch. I'd like to try making a better one sometime though.

Do you listen to music while writing? 
Not always, sometimes I like to listen to dramatic instrumental music while I write though.

Planner, plotter, or pantster? 
Errrm, I'd say I'm a planner, I like to have a good idea of what I'm doing but I don't do a whole ton of plotting and outlining. idk.

What, or whom, inspires you to write? 
The world around me, the emotions, the beauty, music, so much seems to inspire the stories born in my mind and forces me to attempt to get them into words and often becoming very frustrated in the process.

Have you ever made any book covers?  Can we see it? 
Yes, but...do I have to show you? It's nothing professional...just some images from Pinterest...because let's be honest, that's how most of us make our book covers, with some text on it and stuff, all right, I'll show you as long as you promise not to steal it, kay?

(it doesn't want to center for some reason ;P ) 
Writing pet peeve? 
BEING. INTERRUPTED. I know that's basically everyone's writing pet peeve but SERIOUSLY. :P

Where do you normally write? 
At the dining room counter on my mom's laptop  usually late at night. #nightwriter Or anywhere else on my Alphasmart, (my bedroom, the forest, the trampoline, anywhere) 

When did you start writing? 
I really started getting into writing when I was 11 and started writing stories with Sarah, I've learned so much since then and now I can't imagine not writing.

Do you have stories saved from when you were little? 
Uh, if I do, I have no idea where they are.

My questions
~ Do you get distracted  by new story ideas in the middle of writing? If so, how do you handle them? 
~ Do your characters misbehave often, or do you mostly control them? 
~ When you do you usually write? (in the morning, at night, ect) 
~ Do you outline? 
~ Have you ever done Nanowrimo? Do you plan on doing it this year? 
~ How many words do you normally write in a day? 
~ Have you ever had a dream about your characters? 
~ Favorite thing to describe in your writing? (Appearances, surroundings, emotions, ect) 
~ Who inspires you to write? 
~ Why do you write? 

I nominate...
Everyone and anyone who wants to do this tag. ;P


~ Underwater ~

Thursday, August 11, 2016

That moment, that moment when you finally give into the coaxing of your best friend, take a deep breathe, and pull yourself beneath the water chlorine-water that smells so very much like summer.

So you see, like, all summer, I've been scared of going underwater, just like this thought that I might accidentally end up drowning and dying or something. Y,know?

But I didn't drown, I didn't even almost drown, I did conquer one of my irrational fears today though, so that was fun, hanging out at my awesome friend's house, getting really sweaty and gross exploring their giant hill, (and finding a huge scary snake) going swimming and playing with her guinea pigs. (guinea pigs, dude) 

Coming home, eating pizza, the power goes out, and then playing with my bunny and trying to take pictures of her which is hard cause she doesn't like to sit still when I have a camera, apparently the whole my bunny is a model, was only a one time thing.

Still, I don't need Pinterest-worthy photos to prove she's totes adorbs. <3

Do you like swimming underwater? 

Conquered any small fears lately? 


~ Comparing ~

Friday, August 5, 2016

Note: this may not necessarily be a pretty and perfectly-worded post, this is going to be an awkward, ramble-ey, honest post, and I really hope it inspires you, who knows, maybe I'll inspire myself. :P

I've been wanting to do a post like this because it's something I've been struggling with quite a bit this year, particularly this summer.

Comparing gets you nowhere, when you find yourself comparing everything you are to others, your appearance, your blog, your writing, your art, your life. You'll only end up feeling like everything you do, even the things you pour your heart into too, simply are not good enough, you loose all your confidence, basically you're just sad and insecure over things that shouldn't be making you sad.

I get it, you feel like everyone is better than you, right? Doesn't it bother you when most of those people act like they don't even see their own worth? How could they not? 

Don't you realize that's quite possibly what you're doing to yourself right now? 

You've let yourself believe so many lies you've told yourself that when you look in the mirror, you don't see you anymore, all you see is everything you're not. 

Guess what guys, God didn't create you to be someone else, He created you to be you. 

God could've made you to be anyone else, living a different life, maybe even in a different time. 

But He created you. 

Look, I'm not just going to tell you to stop comparing and leave, assuming that all your problems will suddenly be solved. I'm not just going to tell you that if you stop comparing, you'll be happy, because you already know that, don't you? 

You need to find your confidence, kay, this is really important, because you are awesome. And that fact that someone else is also awesome, maybe in a different way or they just have a different style, it in no way makes you any less awesome, you are beautiful and smart and people like you for who you are, you are as good as you, I'm as good as me, and comparing doesn't work. < direct quote from a friend, who inspired me to write this post. 

Stay confident, be happy, remember that God is still shaping your heart, and remember that we're all just hopelessly flawed human beings.

Another thing I realized, or more like, it suddenly came back to me, the only one we really should be comparing ourselves to is Jesus, trying our best, every day, to be like Him, even when we know that we never truly could, I believe that is a kind of comparing that can really get you somewhere. 

Trust in The Lord with all your heart, and lean not on your own understanding, for in all your ways acknowledge Him, and He will make your paths straight. Proverbs 3:5


~ Redecorating ~

Monday, August 1, 2016


So today I completely redecorated this little corner I call my blog, what do you think? I'm pretty happy with how it ended up. ;D It's simple, clean, and organized, and it makes me want to post more, ;P


And I'm not going to start going on about how summer is over and all that because for me, summer doesn't really 'end' until September. (the joys of being homeschooled)
And please don't hate me but, as sad as I will be to say goodbye to summer, I'm actually really excited for fall at the same time. ;P

What do you think of my new design? 

When does summer officially 'end' for you?