Frying Fail ~ I Panicked

Thursday, August 25, 2016

I tried to make donuts today, doughnuts, donuts, whichever way you prefer to spell it. ;P 
Like, legit donuts, the kinds you fry. (don't touch hot oil with your bare fingers btw, just...just don't do it) 
I had never fried anything before, my mom warned me when I spontaneously decided I wanted to make real donuts that it wasn't a good idea. I didn't listen. Because I is dumb. :P 
They turned out...completely burnt on the outside but kinda weirdly doughy on the inside. And everything smelled grossly like hot bubbly owl *oil, not hot bubbly owl, silly typos. ;P 

My mom said I need to keep practicing, ehh, I'd rather just stick to baked donuts. 

Ok, so my sister let me borrow her laptop earlier to write on since my Alphasmart is broken and so I didn't have to steal my mom's laptop. So I just stuck my flashdrive in there and wrote happily for the next few hours.  I did take a break or two in between, things where going well, until I tried taking my flashdrive out..
It was stuck. 
And before trying to violently yanking it out. I realized that I'd probably end up breaking it if I tried to take it out, resulting in losing all my precious files, my precious story. 
Panicked, I quickly emailed myself three large emails containing all the contents from my flashdrive. 
Convinced all my crap was safe, I yanked my flashdrive free with a cringe, expecting it to snap. 
It actually didn't break, I haven't tested to see if it still works yet, but hopefully it's fine. ;P 

Have you ever fried food? 
Do you have your writing saved in multiple places for fear of losing it? (I didn't until today. ;P ) 



  1. OH MY!!! I laughed at this. Donuts seem hard to make and the flash drive thing, oh how annoying. I have lost school work before and have failed an assignment because of that. ALWAYS save in more than one place and don't trust google drive.

    I love how you told this story.

  2. OH MY. I mean..hi, YES. They are, :P Yeah, it was scary, totally have my writing saved in multiple places from now on because the idea of losing it all physically hurts.

    Thank you. :D


    And that flash drive thing sounds absolutely terrifying oh my gosh.


    It totally was, luckily everything ended up being okay tho. ;P

  5. Hannah Katharine you better not have broken my USB port.

  6. Awww, that's too bad that the donuts didn't work out! I have actually fried food before! My sister, her best friend, and I made fried pickles! They sound weird and gross, but they were so good! As long as you like pickles.;)
    I hope your flash drive is okay!:)

    1. Yeah, I got over it though, ummm, I actually don't like pickles at all so yes, that does sound totally gross. ;) LOL!
      It is, thanks! :D

  7. Haha, one time I tried to make fried shrimp... let's just say that my shrimp-loving family wasn't too happy. xD I think frying takes some serous skill! ;)

  8. *runs off to go save book* YIKES. gosh. JUST YIKES.

    aw, well once you perfect them I'll come over and eat them all. that second pic btw. GAH. SUCH AWESOMENESS.


      yep, that's exactly what's gonna happen dude. ;P GAH. OHMYGOSH THANKS

  9. I have tried frying things (with the help of my older sister who just happens to be a chef, but nevermind, let's just say I did it) and it actually didn't turn out too bad. I'm sorry you had that unfortunate experience ;)

    Haha, I would definitely do that with my precious writing as well. Better safe than sorry for sure.


    1. Ooh, what did you fry? Yeah, it was frustrating but I actually kinda wanna try again soon. :D

      Definitely! It was t e r r i f y i ng. *clings to my precious writings*


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