~ Underwater ~

Thursday, August 11, 2016

That moment, that moment when you finally give into the coaxing of your best friend, take a deep breathe, and pull yourself beneath the water chlorine-water that smells so very much like summer.

So you see, like, all summer, I've been scared of going underwater, just like this thought that I might accidentally end up drowning and dying or something. Y,know?

But I didn't drown, I didn't even almost drown, I did conquer one of my irrational fears today though, so that was fun, hanging out at my awesome friend's house, getting really sweaty and gross exploring their giant hill, (and finding a huge scary snake) going swimming and playing with her guinea pigs. (guinea pigs, dude) 

Coming home, eating pizza, the power goes out, and then playing with my bunny and trying to take pictures of her which is hard cause she doesn't like to sit still when I have a camera, apparently the whole my bunny is a model, was only a one time thing.

Still, I don't need Pinterest-worthy photos to prove she's totes adorbs. <3

Do you like swimming underwater? 

Conquered any small fears lately? 



  1. GAH THAT LOOKS LIKE SO MUCH FUN except for the snake no thanks

    how long was your power out??

    1. GAH IT WAS. Yeah except for that, we were SLIGHTLY freaked out.

      uhh, about two hours, I dunno. ;P

  2. It's awesome that you conquered your fear Hannah! Your bunny is adorable! Did you have fun playing with your friend's guinea pigs? I bet they were cute!
    ~ Bubbles
    A Tween's Chitter Chatter

  3. Thanks Bubbles! Totally, they where seriously adorable.

  4. These are gorgeous photos, it's so great that you conquered your fear! loved this post. ❤

    1. Gahh, thanks Arushee! You're so sweet. <3

  5. That's so awesome that you could conquer one of your fears! I don't think I've conquered any small ones as of late...but I do have lots...spiders, heights, small spaces... LOL! Great pictures, they're so pretty!:) And your bunny is super cute!;)

    1. I know right? :D
      Iigh, spiders is like a totally legit fear to have though. ;P Aww, thanks. ^_^


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