~ Everything's Okay ~

Friday, September 23, 2016

These fears they keep me awake
Driving me insane

You say nothing is alright
And this is not okay
I'll never be good enough
Or I'm not afraid enough

I say this is all alright
And everything's okay
I will not be afraid
You will not stand in my way

And you can't tell me what to fear
Cause my faith does not belong here
In this dark and messed up place
Where the light has disappeared
Without a trace

These fears they run and hide
Cause I'm not afraid tonight 


Too many drafts ~ Four hours

Sunday, September 18, 2016

ft. Photos that have nothing to do with what I'm about to ramble about but that doesn't really matter 

I haven't really been posting a whole lot this month, but that doesn't mean I don't have x3000,0000 draft posts that mostly consist of random photography and nonsensical sentences that somehow make perfect sense at the same time, make sense? ;P
(alright so I don't really have that many drafts, but I do have a lot, it's starting to become a problem) 

I accidently wrote for four hours straight a couple days ago, I literally sat down with my Alphasmart planning to write for like a hour at the most....and somehow it just happened BECAUSE I WAS WRITING EXTREMELY INTENSE SCENES, and enjoying it way too much AND I'M SO HYPED TO FINISH THIS BEAUTIFUL MESS (more on that in an upcoming post)

You guyyys Autumn officially starts in *pauses to count*  FOUR DAYS *happy squeals* I cannot wait for sweaters/hoodie weather, *happy sigh* and all the gross stupid bugs dying, AND EVERYTHING.

Do you have way too many draft posts? 
What part of Fall are you looking forward to the most? 


~ Don't give up ~

Sunday, September 11, 2016

You tried so hard
Came so far
You fought, you bled, you cried
And I heard your screams
About how none of this was worth it
And you were ready to quit
And I think I died inside
Just a little bit
Cause if you give up...
If you just...give up
That's it
Then none of this is worth it
All the pain you've felt
It really will be for nothing
If you quit right now
If you don't make it to the end
If you end it right here
So please
I'm begging you
Please don't give up


~ untitled ~

Friday, September 9, 2016

It's funny how
We fall in love
With people
And places
Who only exist
In the words we write
It's funny how
Some sounds. 
And voices
Can make your heart
Feel so alive 
One thing 
I'm still trying
 To understand 
Is how A King
Who named the stars
To the sounds 
Of my confused heart. 


Broken Alphasmart ~ Smoke

Tuesday, September 6, 2016


So a couple posts back I mentioned my Alphasmart, that totally awesome writing thingy, was broken, like, I literally had no idea what was wrong with it.

It would do this thing where it would randomly turn off in the middle of writing, so I looked it up, did everything that it said to do to fix it, changed the batteries...
Nothing, it acted totally fine when I plugged it into the computer tho.
So anyway, my dad fixed it, just when I was about to order a new one.
Yeah, uhh, the batteries where in backwards.

much embarrass, so relief, wow.

Annyyywayy, we had a campfire the other day, all the smokiness, and it's like really hard to get the smell of smoke out of your hair. iiigh. 
But look, I got all smokey to bring you pictures of burning wood, cool, right?
My mom, sister and I went fall clothes shopping the other day, I got this super cute hoodie thingy and now I cannot wait until gets cold so I can live in 24/7.

I'll miss summer, it was absolutely lovely, fantastic, I laughed a lot and will miss it terribly, but right now, right now I'm daydreaming about fall. <3

Do you have an Alphasmart? 
Will you miss summer? 
Do you like wearing hoodies?