~ Various end-of-October ramblings ~

Friday, October 28, 2016

So yes, this post is basically a messy mash-up of a monthly wrap-up and angsting over Nano and procrastinating cause I should be plotting/writing xD

Ahem, Nano starts in just three days. So obviously anxiety currently reigns amidst the blogging world. I'm trying to ignore the fact that I probably didn't plot as much as I should have this month, I feel confident enough though, *forced nervous smile*

I'll probably be sharing a little bit about my new novel in my next post, but for now, no one really knows much about it, I've got an epic storyboard tho.

Anyway...what happened this month you may ask?

Writing/Nano prep this month, if anything, was insane. 
that's really all I have to say
there is no sanity
There is only dragons and naming characters and ink-stained hands and tea-drinking and lurking the late hours of the night typing away with my only light being the computer screen. 

I created a playlist for my book to, not for listening to while I write but just to help get in touch with the emotions of the story, If I listen to something with lyrics I get distracted and don't write anything at all and spend the next hour on YouTube and then the next thing you know I'm on some random channel learning how to make cupcakes with edible geodes, xD true story. 

I almost let my blog turn actually turn into a poetry blog, I didn't exactly mean for that to happen, it sorta just...did. ;P 

*has nothing else to say about blogging*

Other than Sarah and I tweaked some design stuff that needed to be fixed. xP

I WENT TO A CONCERT A COUPLE WEEKS AGO. *sigh* oh goodness, it was awesome, (also the first concert I had ever been to) My sister and I went to see Jeremy Camp and Citizen Way. Seriously the way it makes you feel is just...completely and totally alive and seriously amazing.

Had a lot of weird conversations with Sarah xD

Wandered through the forest because it's so undeniably majestic in the fall *sighs dreamily*

ACTUALLY FULFILLED ALL MY GOALS FOR OCTOBER other thannn reading Lord of The Rings *shakes head* I actually barely read anything this month other than beta-reading for Sarah and re-reading 12 chapters of my sister's book.

Oh yeah tomorrow is National Chocolate Day so you have to eat chocolate *nods* *throws chocolate at you*

Oh yeahhh and because the introverted extrovert is such an epic photographer we had a photoshoot when I went to her house the other day, xD (and to those of you who have recently asked if I'm Julia and Sarah's sister, I'm not, lol! Although  Sarah and I have been repeatedly told we look like alike, xD)

~ ~ ~ 
As always, I humbly thank you for tolerating my ramblings, ;P byyyeee! 


~ Bursts of color ~

Friday, October 21, 2016

Leaves crunching beneath your feet
Rustling in the breeze
Chill breeze in your hair 
Crisp coolness in the air 
Cinnamon and spices
Raindrops and thunderstorms
Lattes and concerts 
Nano and coffee shops
Again hot and cold
Bursts of color against a calm sky 
Hoodies and Converse 
Slouchy hats and scarves
Caramel and pumpkins 
It's like the whole world transforms
Before winter
A cozy hush
A poetic trance 
Everything's painted
And beautiful 
And bright
Even though 
All the leaves are dying
It's okay
Because they'll return 
When snow falls and fire burns
I know
They'll always return. 

- Autumn always makes me feel really poetic and inspired, I went for a walk today and took these pics, also, on a random note, I REACHED 50K!!! *squeals* My goal was to reach that by the 20th, I met that goal yesterday it was seriously crazy because I never would've thought I could've gotten this far with this story, now just comes ending this messy thing so I can write for Nano, *cringes* guys, I'm scared. 

p.s. Apparently yesterday was National Writing Day. It seems perfectly fitting that that was the day I reached 50K, even though I had no idea at the time. xD 


~ Unnoticed ~

Tuesday, October 18, 2016

I like noticing things
That I wonder
If anyone else sees
Coffee brewing, fingers clicking over a keyboard
The forest taking a deep breath as the sun rises
The wind whispering as it sets
Opening a new book
Your heart leaping with a sense of adventure as you step into a scene
The moment your eyes meet the first page
When your cat jumps on your bed
Without you having to drag them there
I like the moments
When you feel calm and warm and safe and peaceful
I like
When things are okay
I like the little things.


(I wanted to write something deep and emotional and awesome but I 've been trying for days to write a post and I wrote this instead because it's how I feel right now,) 

~ Writing + Plotting update ~

Tuesday, October 11, 2016

My sister went to a Skillet concert last week and got me this and oh my goodness i still can't get over how epic it is. 
hehe...um...don't ask. 

..So as far as I'm concerned...my Nano novel is gonna be epic. XD
I know, I know, I'm so humble. :P 
I hope it's going to be epic, I've gotten quite a bit of plotting done so far and based on how much I've been writing lately, I can totally pull of the 1,500 words a day thing, yeah, totally,
Oh, and this book might actually end up being the beginning of a trilogy (?!?) I'm just getting so many ideas it's insane, I'm really excited though. 

Speaking of writing...uh...I kinda lost the main plot to Contempt, if I even had one in the firsr place...I almost feel like I killed off what might've been the main plot and then what's left of that is strung vaguely through the 4 crazy messy subplots.

It's okay though, this book is a mess, but it's my mess and I love it despite all of it's flaws, kinda like how we're so imperfect but God still loves us and calls us beautfiul because He created us and has a plan for all of us. Y,know? And I kinda cried a little bit when I realized that as I was laying awake at 1:00 am.

I REACHED 40K!!!!1111 40,000 WORDS. I CANNOT BELIEVE IT. I'm only 10K away from this thing officially being a novel,even if it's just a lil' baby novel. yeeeeeep. I might have squealed had it not been almost 1:00 in the morning at the time and people were asleep so I kinda just make this strange enthusuastic breathing noise.

I also beta-read for Sarah recently and had her beta read my book, though both of our books are still yet to be finished, and you guys she's seriously the greatest beta-reader ever and she's probably one of the reasons I'm still writing this book, plus, HER BOOK IS SO SERIOUSLY GREAT AND GAVE ME SUCH FEELS.

oh and on a totally unrelated note,  guess what you guys, I'm going to a Jeremy Camp concert on Thursday, the first concert I've ever been to, so flippin' excited!!! 

Oh, and the pictures above? That bunny is h a r d to take pictures of, it's like, 'oh yes that's perfect, don't move' annnnnd then she bounces away. 

Thanks for listening to my ramblings. you rock, dudes.

How's Nanowrimo plotting going for you guys???


~ Goals for October ~

Monday, October 3, 2016

Hey you guyyys, today I'm gonna be talking about some of my goals for the lovely month of October because it's one of the best months. 

September went by like crazzyyy fast, but I got a lot of writing done and truly feel like I can finish my book this month, (working through this crazy mess of an ending...) AND I'M SO EXCITED. 
Someone asked me the other day if I was converting my blog into a poetry blog, lol NOPE. I can't imagine having a blog restricted to just one thing, I like to be unpredictable, you never know what I'm going to post, or if I'll ever post anything again, *smirks mysteriously* *fades into the darkness* 


1 - Plot for Nanowrimo (which is in 28 FLIPPIN DAYYYYS) And emotionally prepare myself for emotional breakdowns in the middle of November because let's be honest that's totally gonna happen. 

2 - Finish the first draft of Contempt (really hoping to reach 40K) and not think about editing until who-knows-when. (the poor thing is going to be edited to death though so interested in seeing how that goe) 

3 - Drink a hot latte and wear sweaters, *all the warm and fuzzy fall feels* 

4 -  Bake something Fall-ish.
5 -  Take Fall pictures.

6. - Start reading The Lord of The Rings. (don't even ask me why I haven't read the books already, just don't) 

Sooo there you gooo, some of my goals for this month, I apoligise for the obbsesive use of gifs and the fact that I lack the ability to spell at the moment, apparently...

What are some of your goals for this month? 


- SKY -

Saturday, October 1, 2016

we don't talk about the sky enough
the way you stare up at it when it's cloudy
and cold
and grey
and that's all you see
what you don't see is what lies behind all that
the endless glorious depth of sky and clouds and stars and space
all you see is what's outside
why are we like this
why do we wait for people to love us
and then push them away when they do
why do we smile when we're sad
and cry when we're happy
why do we exist to contradict ourselves
how come when you stare at a word too long it doesn't look real anymore
how come you look in the mirror and don't see how beautiful you are
why don't we tell people we love them when we do
why do we complain about things that don't matter
why do we say things when we don't want be heard
why don't we say the things that are on our minds
why can't we just stare at the sky
and really, truly, actually think about things
and if we have to talk
why can't we talk about the things that keep us awake at night
the things that make us feel alive in a way we can't explain
the things our dreams and nightmares are made of
i don't want to talk about the stupid things
i don't want to think about reality
sitting here with you
just thinking, and listening, and staring at the sky
 if we stayed here forever
that would be okay

October is here, it's getting colder, and I'm feeling inspired. <3