~ Monthly/Nanowrimo Wrap-up ~

Wednesday, November 30, 2016

 The artsy-ness of blank, dead trees is only interesting for so long you know, I hope it snows again soon. 

 Heyy guys, ready for a crazy/nonsensical/typed up at the last minute end-of-the-month post? Good because that's exactly what I'm doing today, because obviously aside from the fact that November was crazy it was also my first time EVER doing Nanowimo, annnnd the month before Christmas so yeah let's just get right to it then. 

hahaha....no such thing. XP to be honest sometimes I feel like I barely have a life outside of writing in general. 

Anyway, here are some random things that happened this month, sort of but not exactly in order. 

Aimlessly wandering around Target with sisters 
Waking up early and making Instagram-worthy donuts 
Gazing at the supermoon and being overwhelmed by the dreaminess of it 
Successfully making perfect Italian meringue Macarons 
For some reason went a whole month without posting any poems but still wrote a whole bunch

HACKING MARY'S BLOG WHEN SHE REACHED 50K, seriously, that was sooo much fun and 
her reaction was the best. <3 

Getting lost in Hobby Lobby and concert-attending and Fridays 
Randomly learning all about needle felting and making Sarah a mini whale for her birthday. XD 
Baking, a lot 

Daydreaming about Christmas 
waiting for it to snow again 
Not brushing my hair for unexplained reasons
Procrastinating a lot on Pinterest 
Sort of casually despising people's blatant misuse of the word 'legit' no offense anyone. 
Me and my sis cleaning our room so we can decorate it 
Way to many sassy conversations with Sarah to even count
My sister, mom, and me all having the exact same pair of boots and endlessly getting eachother's mixed up. 

Trying to demonstrate the posture of a banana while walking through Target with my mom. Don't worry it wasn't half as weird as it sounds 

Being happy with life
While simultaneously overcoming countless irrational fears 

Soooo as it turns out I actually do have quite a bit of a life outside of my fictional worlds, XD I just tend to get so absorbed in those, anyways, these are the non-writing-related things I could remember this month from off the top of my head.

*unintelligible screeching* 

I STILL CANNOT BELIEVE I WON NANO AND FINISHED MY BOOK IN A MONTH. I finished before 1:00 PM, absolutely thrilled and also starving. I really can't believe I didn't totally fail this month though, like, this is amazing. 

I think the most stressed out I was about Nano was at the very beginning, not the end, or the middle, mostly because during the first week, I was still dealing with an unfinished novel that I had devoted the past four months too and have become more attatched to than I even realized, I finished Contempt on November 5th with nearly 70K (eeeeeeep!) That glorious mess is currently awaiting editing which I'm actually strangely excited for. XD

The rest? The rest was just pure craziness, light nights, lots of coffee and sugar, insane word wars, (HOW ON EARTH DOES A HUMAN BEING WRITE 2,000 WORDS IN 25 MINUTES?!?!?) casually loathing my new novel and angsty characters, 5k days, procrastination, playlists and pinterest storyboards. It was all truly epic, so grateful for all my awesome writing buddies. XD

Who knows, maybe someday I'll actually tell you guys something about my book(s) but that day is not today, sorry, don't be offended though because seriously only like a few other humans have ever read any of my writing and I just about died showing stuff to them so yeah.

I FINISHED TWO NOVELS THIS MONTH, Two poorly-plotted, messy, imperfect novels, but I think that's pretty impressive all the same, and they're mine, and I cannot believe I can actually call myself a novelist now, not even an aspiring novelist but like the actual writer of multiple novels...oh my goodness.

P.S. Dark and stormy nights make for the best writing nights. 
Ahem, well obviously next month is December which means CHRISTMAS. But it's also going to be the first month I get a break from writing since like...I don't even remember, I've been working on the first drafts of my two novels since July, and while writing is obviously my life and I absolutely love it, December seems as good a time as any to take a little break, then perhaps in Janurary I'll start editing Contempt, and besides, I've barely read at all or been able to work on other things in the past several months so I'm looking forward to that as well.

Also my sister and I were thinking about  doing a 25 day Christmas photo challenge together, so expect lots of photos if that happens. XD

Spending time with family

Christmas shopping

Daydreaming about snow

Possibly posting some poems I wrote this month.

Figuring out what do with myself now that my novel(s) are finished, the first drafts anyway.

Basically being super excited about December in general 

Hope you enjoyed this post despite the undeniable awkwardness and rambling.  I had a lot of fun writing it (Finding motivation...eh, not so much, most of my motivation to actually get this post written required brutal pestering from Sarah, *glares* XD) 

Did you finish Nano? (because weather or not you reached 50K you still WROTE and that is awesome) Was November insane for you? ARE YOU AS EXCITED FOR DECEMBER AS I AM 


~ As of late ~

Sunday, November 20, 2016

 - my sis found these at Hobby Lobby the other day, aren't they just adorable? -


It always happens, I always get super excited when it first snows and my mom thinks I'm a total weirdo for it.
Me: *walking out of the shower, whispering* 'Yasss'
Mom: *questioning look*
Me: *eyes wander toward the window* Yasss
Mom: *glares*
Me: *smiles*

And no I don't have any pics, I tried to get some but didn't like how they turned out and I was wearing short sleeves and the roof was dripping on me and so yeah.

It's freezing cold out now but snowing anymore, I hope it doesn't all melt even though my mom probably does, everything is just so dead and ugly right now.

Things you google during Nano;
how many hours can you go without sleep 

Okay so apparently it's 96 hours according to the internets with is obviously always right about everything, ( ;P ) And so that's like the equalvilent of like 4 days.

So I probably won't die.

(FYI, I was awake for about 17 hours) 

It was about midnight when I decided to finally stop procrastinating on Pinterest (one of the things I do  best) And pull out my flashdrive just as everyone else was going to bed, I pulled up my word document, and basically just sat there silently laughing at myself because I had no idea what I was doing.

Getting my words written was actually surprisingly easy that night though, I consumed a lot of coffee so I think that may have had something to do with it, but you know those scenes that just come to you out of nowhere? Like, this wasn't the scene you were planning to write when you sat down, but it just sort of happened and just totally works and you feel awesome writing it.  

I'VE GOT  31K BTW.  I'm planning on taking a break from writing stuff for a majority of December, I mean, I've been consistently working on my novels for 5 months straight, I think I deserve a break, XP, after that...I dunno, maybe I write something new, I have more story ideas than I know what to do with, including sequels and third books and various other ideas that I have lovely aesthetic Pinterest boards for but don't even know when/if they'll ever get written.

I wrote a song for my new novel/trilogy today, it's a total secret right now though so I'm not saying anything about it. XD

~ Other random life things ~

Apparently my rabbit is obsessed with kiwis. 
Being super excited for December 
Being totally okay with the fact that my novel is a mess
Cookie dough
Crazy conversations and getting caught up in chocolate wars 
Wandering around Hobby Lobby for two hours 
Wanting to use Nano as a perfectly legitimate excuse for everything
Being happy
Constant daydreaming

Is it snowing where you live? Do you like snow? What's the longest you've ever gone without sleep? Have you had any Nano-induced breakdowns yet? What's your word count? 


~ Moonlight ~ Current feelings about my novel ~

Tuesday, November 15, 2016

There was a supermoon the other night, and I wished it could be like that everynight.
There were actual moonbeams streaming through the forest, like, in the most dramatic way that touched my writer soul, (I find myself describing moonlight a lot in my stories)

These pictures were hard to take and didn't nearly do justice the beauty of it, standing in my bare feet on the back deck, camera in my hand. I went out later after taking pictures too, when it was higher in the sky. Just standing there in the moonlight, it was kinda magical.


How would I sum up my novel so far?

-  Incredibly sassy dragons 
- Much confusion
- Darkness
- Feels

I'm bad at summaries. XD 

I'm about halfway to 50K right now, weather or not Dragon' Blood will be finished by then, I guess I'll just have to wait and see, right now, I'm actually really enjoying Nano and all it's glorious insanity. 

Oh, and I made an aesthetic for my book recently, I've never made anything like this for any of my stories before soooo...*points* 

So I realized today that Nano is half over already O_o 
Also, Christmas is in like 40 days. 

Let that sink in.

I have nothing else to say, I can't be creative when I'm hungry.


~ Silver silhouettes ~ Thoughts about life ~

Thursday, November 10, 2016

I feel like Autumn always disappears way too fast, like everything will be green and then for bam everything is colorful for a few weeks and then it's cold and all the trees start to get all bare and suddenly everyone is talking about Christmas. XP 

I went for a walk last night as it was getting dark and the moon was peeking through the trees, (on another note, the moon is way harder to take pictures of than you would think) I wondered if the people who drove by thought I was odd for wandering the side of the road with my camera as the darkness was falling, pointing my camera across the road and at the trees behind someone's house,  as if I care. XD My fingers were freezing cold by the time I was done taking pics, totally worth it though. 

I was worried that tapping into the emotions of my new novel would be harder since I just finished my other one, it actually hasn't been that hard so far though, having only two main characters is definitely more simple than switching between (*pauses to count*) 5 POV's and managing like 6 subplots all in one story. 

Other than that there is still the issue that my MC is angry and depressed and won't tell me why and someone please remind me to write a more lighthearted story next time because this is giving me emotional issues. 

My current word count is..uh...far from impressive, XP I'm trying not to stress to much over it though...
(whispers: 12,515 words exactly, hoping to reach 15k today, not as much as I would've liked to have written by now, I'm determined to reach 50K this month though, and even if I don't, I wrote and I'm still writing and that's what matters I guess) 

Word Sprinting helps a ton for getting words written, Nutella latte's help too, (the advantages of having a barista for a sister, even if it was just an experiment, I will gladly drink all her experiments, XD) 

Do you like going for walks alone? 
What's your word count so far? 
Do you drink coffee while you write? 


~ Donuts ~ 5k1day ~ Nano update ~

Saturday, November 5, 2016

So I made donuts this morning cause for the first time in forever (don't you dare start singing okay) I actually got up early enough, mainly because my sister woke me up cause we had to go let our neighbors dogs out but I completely forgot and then I remembered that I really really hate having to get up early. XP

For someone who really loves sleep you'd think I wouldn't stay up late.

But signing up for Nano basically means sleep deprivation and caffeine addiction sooo

Really though, at midnight on the first day of Nano I was typing madly away at the computer in the dark and I'm pretty sure the main reason I didn't stop until 3:00 am was because of coffee.

Basically, here's how Nano started:

October 31st:

 At around 8:30; sitting at the computer plotting, we were literally counting down the hours until midnight, feeling totally ready with caffeine and confidence and ignoring the fact that I probaby should've plotted more, (YES HANNAH YES YOU SHOULD HAVE) 

Sometime around 9:00 *remembers we need the laptop to stream Poldark which I was going to skip watching so I could write* 
*minor anxiety* 
*mentally plots while watching Poldark* definitely not the most effective method for plotting.

Finally got the computer back at around 11:20 as everyone else was going to bed, I was literally flailing about and super excited XD

11:30;  *slowly descending into insanity and acknowledgeing the fact that literally none of us are sane* (It's been officially confirmed that we are all insane)
12:01 all the chaos, it literally happened right there. NANO HAPPENED RIGHT THERE. I reached a little over 1k before 1:30.

And, on another note, I most definitely did not have a breakdown on the first day of Nano, after furiously pushing through the 5k I wrote, and actually seriously considered going rogue and writing something totally unplotted just because I had a strong genuine dislike for the beginning of my new story (aka it was all wrong and absolutely not going according to the plot) annnd yeah, don't worry, I didn't throw my new novel to the wind, I'm working through my new story and focusing on just getting it written and trying not to stress over how behind on my word count I am.

The fact that I always overthink dramatically when it comes to beginnings is of no help whatsoever. XP

^^ sorry about the angstiness of my ramblings, ahem, moving on.

I'm working through my new story, working on catching up, focusing on the fact that Nano isn't about perfection, BUT HOW DO ALL YOU GUYS HAVE CRAZY AMOUNTS WRITTEN ALREADY I DON'T UNDERSTAND. >.<