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Sunday, November 20, 2016

 - my sis found these at Hobby Lobby the other day, aren't they just adorable? -


It always happens, I always get super excited when it first snows and my mom thinks I'm a total weirdo for it.
Me: *walking out of the shower, whispering* 'Yasss'
Mom: *questioning look*
Me: *eyes wander toward the window* Yasss
Mom: *glares*
Me: *smiles*

And no I don't have any pics, I tried to get some but didn't like how they turned out and I was wearing short sleeves and the roof was dripping on me and so yeah.

It's freezing cold out now but snowing anymore, I hope it doesn't all melt even though my mom probably does, everything is just so dead and ugly right now.

Things you google during Nano;
how many hours can you go without sleep 

Okay so apparently it's 96 hours according to the internets with is obviously always right about everything, ( ;P ) And so that's like the equalvilent of like 4 days.

So I probably won't die.

(FYI, I was awake for about 17 hours) 

It was about midnight when I decided to finally stop procrastinating on Pinterest (one of the things I do  best) And pull out my flashdrive just as everyone else was going to bed, I pulled up my word document, and basically just sat there silently laughing at myself because I had no idea what I was doing.

Getting my words written was actually surprisingly easy that night though, I consumed a lot of coffee so I think that may have had something to do with it, but you know those scenes that just come to you out of nowhere? Like, this wasn't the scene you were planning to write when you sat down, but it just sort of happened and just totally works and you feel awesome writing it.  

I'VE GOT  31K BTW.  I'm planning on taking a break from writing stuff for a majority of December, I mean, I've been consistently working on my novels for 5 months straight, I think I deserve a break, XP, after that...I dunno, maybe I write something new, I have more story ideas than I know what to do with, including sequels and third books and various other ideas that I have lovely aesthetic Pinterest boards for but don't even know when/if they'll ever get written.

I wrote a song for my new novel/trilogy today, it's a total secret right now though so I'm not saying anything about it. XD

~ Other random life things ~

Apparently my rabbit is obsessed with kiwis. 
Being super excited for December 
Being totally okay with the fact that my novel is a mess
Cookie dough
Crazy conversations and getting caught up in chocolate wars 
Wandering around Hobby Lobby for two hours 
Wanting to use Nano as a perfectly legitimate excuse for everything
Being happy
Constant daydreaming

Is it snowing where you live? Do you like snow? What's the longest you've ever gone without sleep? Have you had any Nano-induced breakdowns yet? What's your word count? 



  1. AHHH SNOW. I love snow . . . :D
    Oh my goodness those little Jane Austen keychain thingies are the literal cutest things I've ever seen. I NEED TO GET THOSE, lol.

    1. YASSSS. It's just so lovely. :D

      Lol, aren't they though? Oooh YOU TOTALLY SHOULD. :D

      Thanks so much for following btw! <33

  2. Snow....I LOVE SNOW. But we aren't getting any. It was seventy on Friday and the next day is the in the 30s. So who knows what tmr will bring us. lol :)


    1. Then you are AWESOME because I seriously can't understand people who don't like it. Oh gosh it was the same here too! Like i went out in short sleeves on Friday, then the next day it was FREEZING.

  3. It snowed here :| *is not thrilled*

    1. I wish it would show again here :P *doesn't understand your lack of enthusiasm*

  4. I JUST LOVED THIS POST! Also, I totally love snow, and cold weather in general for that matter, they are both so lovely and exciting!

    1. AWW THANK YOU! Yesss I'm so glad you understand, now I don't feel like a weirdo, snow just makes everything seem so much more magical!

  5. I LOVE snow, but there isn't any here right now. *sigh*
    I'm at 37k, and I'm not sure how I haven't completely lost my mind yet. Have I had any breakdowns? If course. I'm not sure anyone can make it through NaNo without doing so. XD
    The longest I've stayed awake was for 32 hours. *nods* yes, it was exhausting, but worth it. :)
    Your doing awesome right now! I can't wait to read some more snippets.

    1. EEEP. Awe, hopefully you get some soon. ;)
      That's awesome! Yeahhh, I think you're right, I mean, I literally freaked out and wanted to completely ditch my novel on the very first day of Nano, I got over it though.
      Ummmm, wow, like, how do you that? XD
      Eeep! Thanks Soleil! I'll have to try to post some soon.

    2. I was traveling times zones and it was 7hours ahead of my home time. So when my normal day was ending, it was really just beginning. i may or may not have fallen asleep on a bus. XD
      Can't wait for that post! *stalks blog* ;)

    3. Oh wow, that's crazy. XD Oh great, now I HAVE to post it don't I? *begins quest for almost-suitable snippets* ;)

  6. *allll my chocolate* mahahahaa

    GO TO SLEEP *is staying up late myself* BUT STILL, GO TO SLEEP.

    1. *skillfully steals chocolate* Yeah, sure.

      DO NOT TELL ME WHAT TO DO JUST CAUSE YOU'RE ALMOST 15. XD Oh yeah and speaking of staying up late I almost messaged you at 3:30 am last night cause I woke up coughing super hard and could barely breathe, just to see how you'd react. XP

    2. *slaps hand* STAHP. *takes all chocolate back*

      OH YEAH. *glares* uhm well why were you coughing what.

      ..and as to how I would have reacted, well, I wouldn't have bc I was asleep so. xD

    3. *draws hand back* *glares*

      IDK cause people have been sick and stuff and my throat felt weird as I was falling asleep and yeah

      ....I know, I meant like when you woke up to find I was texting at 3:30 in the morning. XD

  7. I want it to snow here, but its actually pretty warm where I live right now :-(
    The mini book keychain things that your sister found look so cool! And that picture of the cookie dough is making me SO HUNGRY..
    -Jollygirl @ Reflections of a Jolly Girl

    1. Do you ever get snow where you live? I realllly hope it snows here.
      I know right? And yassss, same, I want cookie dough now. XD

  8. It's not snowing where I love right now. I love the book charms! :)

    xx Bubbles

    1. Not here either, but it's supposed to soon, (EEEEP) IKR? Me too. ;)


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