~ Christmas was awesome ~ Anticipating 2017 ~

Monday, December 26, 2016

Hey guys! Hope you all had an awesome Christmas, I most definitely did, hanging out with my family, probably consuming way too much sugar, laughing a lot, watching the Nativity Story on Christmas Eve and Luther on Christmas  and being totally amazed by just how inexplicably epic Jesus is.

(Random note: Apparently the 12 Days of Christmas don't start until after Christmas? Well, technically December 25 to January first, and I HAD NO IDEA AND NEITHER DID MY MOM OR RACHEL so, thanks for that Mary  XD)

(Random note 2.0. This post might be a bit long because apparently a lot of stuff happened)

I got the most epic writer shirt, (I know I  really should've taken a pic of it sorry), I got a book of poetry as pictured above, a purse, and a bunch of needlefelting supplies from my parents as well as other various bits of awesomeness.

Speaking of which, I was soooo excited for my mom to open her gift, I spent almost two weeks needlefelting it for her, she loved it, And no I'm trying to brag, I was kinda embarrassed with the amount of attention it got on her Facebook, *blushes* I'm just happy that she loved it because I worked really hard on it.

Felting is also the same way I made Sare her whale for her birthday, (Which is the very first thing I made cause I randomly learned how to do it in the middle of November), basically you use this special needle thingy and stab wool with it and make epic stuff, it's super fun.

ALL THE SNOW IS BASICALLY GONE. Yeah you guys, you can see grass outside, so my sis and I did the only logical thing to do since it was probably the last nice day of the year (Like 52 degrees outside) And went and got frozen coffees.
Guess what, coffee makes you better at art, and by art I mean writing or literally just any kind of art, okay, my sister told me that in the Renaissance,, basically everybody started drinking coffee they imported and that's when they started to become better at art. *grins because this proves that coffee really does make you a better writer*

I want to thank you guys so much for all the questions you asked for my Q&A video in my last post,  I seriously didn't expect to get that many questions (eeep!) I'm so excited to do the video! Still kinda nervous about how awkward I'm going to be talking in front of a camera though...

I'M SO EXCITED FOR 2017, guys, just, for so many reasons, I'm excited. For a lot of things.

Any tips on talking in front of a camera? 
Are you excited for 2017? 


~ Blogaversary ~ Q&A coming up ~

Thursday, December 22, 2016

That's right guys, The Relentless Daydreamer is one year old today, today is the day I wrote my first post on here,
and I completely forgot until exactly 5 05 PM today 

Don't ask, I've been busy with Christmas stuff and today was really weird because it felt like Friday even though it wasn't, 
Okay, so today is my official blogavesary, but nobody really knew about my new blog until Jan 1st, so I'm going to be doing my official post then because it feels more official to everyone else, y,know? XD
Some of you guys may know this isn't my first blog, nope, I had another one that I started back when I was 11, but that was on my mom's google account and I sincerely hope that none of you guys try to go finding it because it's seriously so cringe-worthy.

So, I mentioned several weeks ago that I had a surprise-sort-of-thing planned, right?

I'm going to be doing a Q&A/my first ever video!
*nervous laugh* which of course means talking in front of a camera, which I've never done before, answering whatever questions you guys throw at me in the comments. I'll probably have the video up around January 1st, (And no I am not going to make  a joke about not doing it until next year XP)

I've got something else planned too, but you guys will have to wait for the video post to find out. XD

So go ahead, ask away! Literally just ask me anything you can think of, the randomest, craziest, awesomest  thing that pops into your head.


Are you ready for Christmas? 
Did you happen to know about my other blog? 
What questions do you have?? XD


~ Cast in ice ~ A poem ~ Random life things ~

Tuesday, December 13, 2016

The air is cool and sharp as it fills your lungs

Snowflakes gently cascading
So still, too perfect, silently exilherating 
Every step hesitates
To destroy the fallen snow
Like treading among a fairy world
One that you no longer know
Cast in ice
Paths aglow
But cold 

Because what else are you supposed to do when it snows for literally days straight? You write poems about snow, better yet, write poems about like, fire or something warm, I dunno, *shrugs*

I was meaning to post all weekend, and I'm not going to say I didn't have time because I totally did, I just had a hard time getting photos and didn't know what to post about.
I literally don't even know what to post about half the time, most of this stuff just comes to me on the spot. XD

Basically it snowed a lot, like 1 1/2 feet in like a week. O.o that's a lot of snow you guys.

Lately I've been brainstorming for my blogaversary, which is technically this month but could also be in January I guess, you see I started working on the blog in December last year but kept it a secret until January, so my blog will be legitimately one year old this month, I'll probably do a post for it next month though, not saying anything yet, you guys will just have to wait and see what I have planned.

As for how my short story has been going, eh, *shrugs* I was excited about it but have been having a hard time getting into it, I'm not used to writing contemporary and stuff. :|
Also, how many times is one supposed to edit a first draft? More than twice? How do you know when your book is completely edited?


Also, 35 followers?!?? Thanks so much guys. <3


~ Blurry and beautiful lights ~

Tuesday, December 6, 2016

Okay, so you know how I planned to take a break from writing after Nano because I wrote two novels in five months and everything?

Yeah, well, that didn't exactly end up happening.
I mean like of course I do other stuff, but I guess I've just gotten so used to always writing, I'm still taking a break from my main novels because I'm most definitely not starting a new book until I've edited one of my first drafts at least once, and I've never edited anything before so I'm not gonna start doing that in the middle of December.

So I spontaneously threw together an idea for a short story/novelette or whatever you wanna call it, it's contemporary which I've never really done before, it involves coffee, some whimsical Christmas elements incorporated into it, and also cats, because cats are important.

My dad, sister and I went Christmas tree shopping on Saturday, which involved going to 5 different stores and buying peppermint Oreos, (the best ever <333) We actually did end up getting a new tree and put it up the next day after my sis got home from work AND IT STARTED SNOWING RIGHT BEFORE WE DID AND SNOWED ALL DAY AND IT WAS SO MAGICAL.
And guess what, it melted, mostly anyway, -_- BUT IT'S SUPPOSED TO SNOW LIKE ALL WEEK according to the weather and EEEP that makes me way happier than it does some people (aka people I don't understand)

Also my sister and I made cookies for National Cookie Day. XD

So...umm...I actually sent all of my new, unedited, insanity-ridden novel to Sare last night, and then forgot the next morning, then remembered.
I still can't believe I'd actually let another human being read it...
I mean, I wrote it in a month, during Nano, it's a m e s s but I guess I can't hate it that much if I didn't die pressing the 'send' button. XP
As for letting anybody else beta-read for either of my novels in the future...*remembers just how messy my first drafts are* I think I'd rather wait until they're at least somewhat edited.

Have you ever tried peppermint Oreos?
Ever beta-read for someone/had people beta-read for you?