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Thursday, December 22, 2016

That's right guys, The Relentless Daydreamer is one year old today, today is the day I wrote my first post on here,
and I completely forgot until exactly 5 05 PM today 

Don't ask, I've been busy with Christmas stuff and today was really weird because it felt like Friday even though it wasn't, 
Okay, so today is my official blogavesary, but nobody really knew about my new blog until Jan 1st, so I'm going to be doing my official post then because it feels more official to everyone else, y,know? XD
Some of you guys may know this isn't my first blog, nope, I had another one that I started back when I was 11, but that was on my mom's google account and I sincerely hope that none of you guys try to go finding it because it's seriously so cringe-worthy.

So, I mentioned several weeks ago that I had a surprise-sort-of-thing planned, right?

I'm going to be doing a Q&A/my first ever video!
*nervous laugh* which of course means talking in front of a camera, which I've never done before, answering whatever questions you guys throw at me in the comments. I'll probably have the video up around January 1st, (And no I am not going to make  a joke about not doing it until next year XP)

I've got something else planned too, but you guys will have to wait for the video post to find out. XD

So go ahead, ask away! Literally just ask me anything you can think of, the randomest, craziest, awesomest  thing that pops into your head.


Are you ready for Christmas? 
Did you happen to know about my other blog? 
What questions do you have?? XD



  1. Ooho! *cracks knuckles* *tries to think of questions*

    What magical animal would you like most for a pet?

    Quick! Alienju has invaded your home planet, earth, and has confiscated all chocolate products. You have two choices: either go after Alienju and retrieve the stolen chocolate at the risk of your life and return a hero, or accept the fact that chocolate has disappeared from earth and try to create a sufficient alternative. Which do you choose?

    Coffee, or tea? Or both?

    1. *heaadesk* Ohmygoodness, Alienju. XP Can't wait to answer these! Thanks Chloe!

  2. hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm. I LOVE THIS KIND OF STUFF SO I MUST EVILLY THINK OF EXACTLY WHAT TO SAY *laughs*

    *waves* I will be back - promise *leaves the post open so I'll remember*

    also brilliant photos (and *coughcough* so glad you remembered this ;) ;))

  3. XD *is kinda nervous cause of what you might ask me*

    Eeeep thanks! (yep, I knew you wouldn't let me forget anyways XP)

  4. Hmm let's see...

    Have you ever broken a chair? (Either while you're in it or not)

    Have you ever kissed a frog?

    How many books do you own?

    What is your favourite pen?

    Do you enjoy baking?

    Would you ever eat mud?

  5. Oh my goodness I can't wait to answer these! Thanks Hann! XD

  6. Would you ever want to go on a mission trip?
    Would you die if there was nothing sweet in the world?
    What would you want to do for a career?
    Do you like babies?

    1. Will definitely be answering these in my video. :)

  7. What is your favorite holiday?
    Hot it cold weather?
    Beach or mountains?
    Favorite sweet?
    Country or place you want to visit?
    Would you rather not smell, or not taste?

    1. looking forward to answering these! :D Thanks Soleil!

  8. EEP HAPPY BLOGIVERSARY, HANNAH! <33 Ooh, questions . . . *rubs hands together*
    If your hair was a super bright color, what color would it be?
    What would you rename yourself, if you could?
    Griffins or centaurs? (oh the agony of choosing)
    have fun answering! *evil grin* XD

    1. Oh gosh, WHY THE AGONY. XD These are awesome Sarah!

  9. muahahaa HEREE WEEE GOOO. *grins*

    ice skating, rollerblading, or rock climbing?

    your own dragon or, Chinchilla *ew* ?

    what is your fav song EVAH? i know i'm cruel okay if you can't answer this then..fav music artist?

    when do you think you'll start a new novel?

    would you change the color of your eyes?

    have you ever cried over something you've written?

    do you like puzzles?

    if you could only choose one - would you have pinterest, or be able to write?

    *scrambles off bc i asked a lot of questions* XD

  10. what would you do if you accidentally dropped your flashdrive into the lake and then jumped in to get it and then JUST as you see it - a huge fish swallowed it up? WHAT WOULD YOU DO

    what if I told you that Sare wasn't Sare at all but me pretending to be Sare?????......

    colored lights on the Christmas tree or white?

    most recent dream?

    last time you touched the ceiling in your bedroom?

    that's all for now *smirks*

    1. I forgot you hadn't asked yet...XD these are epic

  11. Happy blog anniversary!
    Here are my questions.

    What's your favorite book?
    Does your family have any birthday traditions?
    Chocolate or vanilla?
    Favorite kind of candy?
    Do you play any instruments?
    Do you have any pets? If so, please show them to us. :)
    Can you please show a clip of how you do needlecrafing? That's so cool you made that bird!

    Thanks for letting us ask you questions. :)

    Love in Christ,

    1. Thanks for the questions, Ashley! :D

  12. *couldn't think of any questions to rival the other's, but I might as well throw mine at you anyways* xD I might be to late to give you these, but I might as well do it anyways *shrugs*

    Favorite gift you got for Christmas this year?

    Have you ever done bean boozled/ would you do it?

    Favorite kind of wildcat?

    How many pens do you own? How many pencils?

    ~ Savannah

    1. You're not too late Sav! XD These are awesome!


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