~ Christmas was awesome ~ Anticipating 2017 ~

Monday, December 26, 2016

Hey guys! Hope you all had an awesome Christmas, I most definitely did, hanging out with my family, probably consuming way too much sugar, laughing a lot, watching the Nativity Story on Christmas Eve and Luther on Christmas  and being totally amazed by just how inexplicably epic Jesus is.

(Random note: Apparently the 12 Days of Christmas don't start until after Christmas? Well, technically December 25 to January first, and I HAD NO IDEA AND NEITHER DID MY MOM OR RACHEL so, thanks for that Mary  XD)

(Random note 2.0. This post might be a bit long because apparently a lot of stuff happened)

I got the most epic writer shirt, (I know I  really should've taken a pic of it sorry), I got a book of poetry as pictured above, a purse, and a bunch of needlefelting supplies from my parents as well as other various bits of awesomeness.

Speaking of which, I was soooo excited for my mom to open her gift, I spent almost two weeks needlefelting it for her, she loved it, And no I'm trying to brag, I was kinda embarrassed with the amount of attention it got on her Facebook, *blushes* I'm just happy that she loved it because I worked really hard on it.

Felting is also the same way I made Sare her whale for her birthday, (Which is the very first thing I made cause I randomly learned how to do it in the middle of November), basically you use this special needle thingy and stab wool with it and make epic stuff, it's super fun.

ALL THE SNOW IS BASICALLY GONE. Yeah you guys, you can see grass outside, so my sis and I did the only logical thing to do since it was probably the last nice day of the year (Like 52 degrees outside) And went and got frozen coffees.
Guess what, coffee makes you better at art, and by art I mean writing or literally just any kind of art, okay, my sister told me that in the Renaissance,, basically everybody started drinking coffee they imported and that's when they started to become better at art. *grins because this proves that coffee really does make you a better writer*

I want to thank you guys so much for all the questions you asked for my Q&A video in my last post,  I seriously didn't expect to get that many questions (eeep!) I'm so excited to do the video! Still kinda nervous about how awkward I'm going to be talking in front of a camera though...

I'M SO EXCITED FOR 2017, guys, just, for so many reasons, I'm excited. For a lot of things.

Any tips on talking in front of a camera? 
Are you excited for 2017? 



  1. That bird is so cute! I haven't tried that before. Might look into it.
    Your snow is gone?! I want some. *sniff* but it's way too warm for it right now.
    I'm excited for your video! As my mom always says "eye contact is important" so just pretend were in the eye of the camera lol.

    1. Thanks Soleil! Ooh you totally should!
      For now, anyway, it'll be back though. *would totally give you some snow*
      Eeep so am I! Ohh yes, *nodnod* I'm just hoping I'll be able to act natural and not end up sounding too awkward. XD

  2. THE BIRRRRRDDDDDDDDDDD! I want. Make me a turtle plz XD XD XD also those book of poems..I totally want to look at that sometime hehehe It looks so cool!!


      and omw hannah this post was epic k

    2. EEEEEP THANKS ju *pointedly ignores the bickering* Thanks Sare!

  3. That bird is absolutely darling! Glad you had a great Christmas! :D


    1. Aww thanks Olivia! Hope you did too! :D


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