Wednesday, October 4, 2017

Hello, October. ♥

Helloooo, and no, before anyone asks I did not mean to almost completely abandon blogging these past few month, moving on now. XD Stepping into a brand new month, October to be exact, feels both chaotic and calming all at once, if you know what I mean, if not, lemme explain. 

Calming; Because we've survived another insane month, because something about the anticipation of  autumn is so inevitably tranquil and cozy and yet also thrilling and inspiring all at once, and just feels so full of possibilities, and this is what it's like to be a daydreamer when seasons change and I'm pretty sure October is one of my favorite months. Somehow autumn just seems so much more chill than summer, Y,know?

Chaotic: Because this month, these mere four weeks are the only thing standing between me and Nanowrimo and I'm pretty sure the only plotting I've done, (other than mental plotting) is scattered amongst index cards across my desk. Oh yeah, and adding to my extensive playlist for this trilogy because so many feels, because classes and homework and school have been keeping me super busy, but being productive makes me feel good.

What I Did Last Month: 
- I started reading Jane Eyre for writing class, decided I want to become fluent in ASL, and worked on catching up on math, I also already feel like my writing is really improving, I never wanted to take a writing class before because I always thought 'Pssh, I already know all about writing' Of course, Hannah, because being a writer for 4 years means you automatically know everything there possibly is to know. *facepalm* 

- Excessively daydreamed about my Nano novel which, if I haven't mentioned already, I AM SUPER EXCITED FOR. Writing has been kind of dormant since July, so I'm actually looking forward to the craziness of Nanowrimo, (and definitely not scared at all like why would you even ask me that.)

- Basically, if I tried to list everything else that happened in September this post would probably end up being a lot longer, but I wanted to keep things short and simple for you guys.

- Also, ahem, I haven't had coffee in about a month, NOT because I don't like coffee though! Trust me, I  do, but long story short, I wanted to see if not drinking so much caffeine would help with anxiety, and I think it's actually been helping? Don't worry though, I'm not swearing off coffee forever. XD

What I'm Doing Next Month: 

- Hopefully catching up on blogging, and on all you guy's lovely blogs, BECAUSE YES I'M STILL BLOGGING AND YES YOU GUYS ARE AWESOME.

- Catching up on a lot of school, apparently. XP

- Getting some actual novel plotting done, not because I'm worried about getting stuck next month, because here's the thing, I don't get stuck, if I start a story with a vague idea as to where the plot is going, I can keep writing from there, all the way to the end, but what happens is things kind of start taking a cringey/poorly-plotted/downright weird turn in the middle, and I really don't want that to happen with this book.

- Probably a lot of other things I didn't mention here.

So yeah, I hope that vague life-update didn't bore you guys too much, XD  *scurries off to read because I only have the rest of the week left to finish Jane Eyre* 

So tell me, what's your favorite month? What book have you been reading right now? Actually, feel free to just tell me all the things.


Sunday, September 10, 2017

L A T E L Y + (In which I straighten my priorities)

GOOD MORNING EVERYONE. Feeling super hyped right now and I'm not quite sure if that's because of all the coffee I drank or the green smoothie or both. Probably both. XD Anyway, September has been crazy so far because life is pretty much always crazy.

L A T E L Y ; 

- Camping in a cabin in the woods with my dad and younger siblings, several hours North from where we live, driving on rainy roads through forests, breathtaking sand dunes, absolutely no Wi-fi to be found. 

- Getting ready for some classes I'm going to be taking this year, ASL and Highschool Writing and Speech. Starting next week, super excited. (except for the fact that my mom forgot to order my ASL book but hopefully I can get away with not having it for the very first class XD) 

- IT'S ACTUALLY GETTING COLD HERE AND STARTING TO FEEL LIKE FALL (despite the rather summery looking pic I took at the sand dunes, trust me, it was cold

- Feeling like my mind is trying to be in a million places at once. Well, obviously not that many, BUT DOES ANYONE ELSE JUST OVERWHELM THEMSELVES SOMETIMES WITH TRYING TO THINK ABOUT ALL THE THINGS. 

- I've been 'getting my life together' for like the past several months now, yesterday I wrote out a list of my priorities and goals and basically everything I'd like to accomplish within this month and the next and I am determined to stick to it.

So this was just a sort of casually-thrown-together 'this is what's going on in life right now post' I do have some more posts planned for this month but I just wanted to chat with you guys, has September been busy for you so far? What are one of your goals for this month? Have you ever been camping without Wi-Fi? 


Thursday, August 31, 2017

Highlights of A U G U S T + I Don't Even Know Where Summer Is Going...

What? No of course I haven't been hiding, not from blogging anyways, from my responsibilities? *glances over shoulder* Perhaps. 

JK you guys. XD Mostly anyways, I'm trying not to dwell over feeling like I didn't accomplish enough this month, instead I'm going to focus on the positive and embrace September. 

So yeah, August, I worked on finishing my Camp Nano novel and plotting for November, we celebrated Emily's birthday which was also on the same day as the solar eclipse which you could barely see from where we were. :| Daydreaming about fall, sleeping in a lot, just living life. XD 


Cool walks at sunset, waking up and, for just a moment, fearing that outside has turned black and white.  cold, rainy, dismal mornings. 

Books that blow your mind because it seems like they were written just for you, speaking words to you you didn't even realize you absolutely needed to hear.

When dogs are super excited to say hi to you. 

NEEDTOBREATHE, TFK, and Lindsey Sterling 

Trying to be more patient, more positive, trying to love more. 

Complete & Utter Randomness 

I made vegan chocolate banana bread AND IT ACTUALLY TASTED GOOD (and no I'm not vegan the recipe just happened to be vegan XD) 

My phone charger breaking for unexplained reasons, the speakers on my computer randomly flipping out, taking my camera with me on a walk but forgetting my camera card and basically all of the technology struggles. 

When attempting new hairstyle ends up involving braiding your hair under your chin like a dwarf beard and the trying to flip it over your head and then half the braid coming undone in the process. XP

Walking in to my room about to go to bed and finding Emily sleeping face-down on the floor with the light on.

Going for a walk and ending up being gone so long my mom was worried I got kidnapped or something, (I was kinda just wandering around the neighborhood and exploring places I never had before)

My dad accidentally set our oven on fire and the house smelled like smoke for hours.

Painfully tripping over a puppy and falling on the kitchen floor. (the puppy was okay, I was sort of okay but ouch. XP)

Holding a grudge against a rodent (ahem, caviomorpth) BECAUSE I LEARNED DEGUS BITE RIDICULOUSLY HARD.(Emily has one nice degu and one nasty one)

Realizing I pretty much ALWAYS have a song stuck in my head, it's like my own background music or something. XD Anyone else have this?

Writing and Blogging 

I think the fact that I just sat here for a really long time not knowing what to say about this kind of says enough. 

Alright so you know those plot bunnies that sneak in and burrow into your imagination AND YOU TRY TO GET RID OF THEM but they're just so innocent looking and you can't seem to get rid of them and then before you know it you've named them and you're attached to them and boom that's where story ideas come from. XD


 (And actually, I made no real attempt to get rid of the plot bunny, I did decide I'm not writing that story idea for Nanowrimo though and instead going to go with something I have more ideas for) 

Blogging was really quiet for me this month, I managed to touch up some design stuff and also successfully film a vlog but that was pretty much it other than brainstorming future post ideas. 

So that was my month, not all of it but what I decided to cram into this post anyways, tell me, what is one of the most exciting things that happened to you this month? See you guys soon! ♥ 


Wednesday, August 16, 2017

The Q&A Questions: Answered + Vlog + FIRST TIME FLYING

I promised a vlog, so I filmed you guys a vlog. XD A full eight minutes of my face (which no one exactly  needed to see but whatever) And the answers to all of you guy's awesome questions for this spontaneous Q&A.

(Also I somehow got confused and thought Monday was supposed to be the 15th? But oh well, these past couple days ended up being pretty busy for us anyway)

Here you gooooo. *points down below*

Also YES I GOT TO FLY FOR THE FIRST TIME. My mom and I flew down South last weekend, I told you guys my parents were planning on adopting again, so yup, my sister is home now and things have been pretty interesting so far, she's the first older girl with special needs my parents have adopted, (my two other sisters were still pretty little when they brought them home) So yeah. she's super sweet though.

 AND I GOT SOME TRAVEL EXPERIENCE SO YAY, like it's so weird how you can be across the country in like 1.5 hours. XP. (Also, Airport experience which was also pretty interesting)

Soooo yes hope you guys enjoyed the video! ♥

Have you ever flown before?
Ever gotten lost in an airport? (I didn't but I'm just curious XD) 


Thursday, August 10, 2017

LET'S DO A Q&A + All The Questions Wanted Please

Sooo, I've been wanting to do another vlog-type-thing for a while now ever since my first attempt back in January, ("Oh, you mean the one where you broke down crying before even filming the video?") ahem, yes, that one. Because obviously I can do better than that and hopefully my confidence and video-ing skills have improved since then. So I decided to do a Q&A because I like how interactive they are and frankly I'm not quite sure what I'd vlog about otherwise. XD So yes, shoot me some questions down below if you'd like, and I'll be back on Monday the 15th to answer them all!

Do you prefer doing videos, watching them, or both? 
Any questions? XD


Monday, July 31, 2017

Highlights of J U L Y + Honestly, Where Do I Begin?

Woah, woah, woah, what happened this month? What didn't happen this month? July was packed with absolute craziness for me. blogging and writing picked up a lot, I spent so much time outside and listened to a whole lot of music. Brace yourselves guys cause this is gonna be a looonnng post. XD


My 15th birthday happened and it was awesome. posted about it here

I WROTE A BOOK THIS MONTH. But we'll get to that in a minute. XD 

Guys, I seriously don't deserve the people who tolerate my insanity on a regular basis, the people who are still so patient with me even when I get stressed out and frustrated and my thoughts and words are anything but rational, like, these people deserve all the love and I need to do a better job of loving them because that is so much more important than my fears will ever be.

My bunny got sick for a few days and I was super worried about her because I looked up her symptoms and thought it was way more serious than it actually was, she ended up being okay though after a couple of days and it turned out to be nothing serious. (Also I've had her for one whole year! I got her on July 12th last year)

Emily got glasses AND OHMYGOODNESS SHE'S SO CUTE. (I wanted to include a pic but I doubt she'd let me take one.)

May or may not be just slightly addicted to Spotify. Sad? Spotify.  Stressed out? Spotify. Happy? Well, you get the idea. XD

When your sister brings you coffee at 8:30 PM and...

Notice that it's almost 3:00 in the morning and my phone is seconds away from dying. XD 

My sisters and I took care of a rescued special needs gecko for a weekend, (she belongs to one of my sister's coworkers) And she's actually having us watch her again this week. If you haven't noticed already, we're pretty big on pets over here,  Emily especially. I have 6 pets in my room right now. (and no that's not counting the gecko)

Sooo much swimming, I'm so glad I failed to convince myself I didn't like swimming anymore, also that moment when you realize you spent so much money on a super cute swim shirt and end up being more comfortable just swimming in a t-shirt. XD

Okay so I learned dark chocolate is kind of amazing.

Long walks, captivating sunsets, trips to the park.

Fireworks that don't even seem real, 4th of July and all the moments where you realize it truly feels like summer.

Me: *whispering along to a song I'm listening to*
Emily: *whispers* what are you whispering? 
Me: *still whispering* ..I'm singing 

And a whole bunch more things that I'm either forgetting or failing to mention right now. But yeah, July was most definitely amazing. 


I REACHED 51 BLOG FOLLOWERS THANK YOU SO MUCH GUYS. Even if my main focus for this blog isn't having a lot of followers or getting a ton of comments on every post, I want those of you guys who do comment on my posts, and who encourage and inspire me with your blogs to know much you mean to me. You inspire me to make my blog better, post about what I'm passionate about and you make me want to creep out of my introverted comfort zone and actually get to know some people better and build some friendships.

Talked about some real stuff and shared some struggles I've been dealing with, thank you guys all so much for your comments on my last post! <3 

Updates my blog photos.

Started a new Instagram! You can check it out here 

How Camp Nano Went Down 

I DID IT. I MET MY GOAL AND WROTE 40,000 WORDS THIS MONTH. Yes this was my first successful Camp Nano and no, the book isn't finished yet, almost though. I spent pretty much all of yesterday writing, (well, writing and singing/dancing to Spotify and pacing my room contemplating my book plot) I wrote 5,607 words which I think is the most I've written in one day.

AND THE WHOLE THING IS SUCH A MESS. Honestly probably my messiest-ever first draft out of the three books I've written, not to mention the least plotted. XD BUT THAT'S OKAY. Even though no one is ever going to be allowed to read it until it's been vigorously edited. (nope not even you Sare, it's way too much of a mess) And surprisingly I'm okay with that, which I think is a good thing? I mean, the fact that I was able to get it written without dwelling on how bad it was is pretty important I think. Because even if it is terribly far from being a halfway decent novel by now, it's mine and it has beauty and potential in it.

And listen, don't beat yourself up if you didn't meet your word goal this month,or if you had to lower it once, twice, even thrice, sometimes life happens, sometimes books plots don't cooperate, and that's okay. No matter how Camp ended for you this month, what matters is that you wrote. 

This was my very first successful Camp Nano after three previous attempts, I always fell behind before, ran into plot struggles, heck, back in April I didn't even get back the first couple chapters because that book was kinda just a lost cause.

That moment when you're writing a scene where a main character is getting attacked by a wolf and then THIS SONG STARTS PLAYING.

...Like, I feel kind of terrible but also am slightly amazed??? 

Also something big that happened that really helped me during this last week of Nano was that I finally bought my own laptop for writing and blogging! Just last week actually, it's been super awesome. 

Conquer Camp Nano  

Figure out what I want to do for my birthday 

Sleep outside - didn't do this but still want to. 

Bake something summery - I actually didn't really bake a lot this month but still also want to do this. 

Try a new hairstyle - Kinda, sort of did this? BUT EVERYTIME I TRY TO DO MY HAIR THERE IS NOT A PONYTAIL HOLDER IN SIGHT. 

Take pictures of fireworks - Somehow didn't do this but I don't wanna talk about it. XP 

Not let this month slip away worrying about everything  - I mean I still worried about stuff but not EVERYTHING. 

So yeah, I didn't meet all of my goals for this month, but it was still a pretty successful month, writing also just so happens to be a time-sucking beast and this month was really busy. 

Anticipating August 

FREEDOM FROM NANO. Well...once I finish the book anyway. (I've got about 5-10k to go) And then I'm either going to take a break or work on editing my Nanowrimo novel. Still undecided. 


Working on my sister's birthday present cause her birthday is one the 21st. And hopefully work on some more DIYS to which I didn't get to do much this month BECAUSE LIKE I SAID WRITING IS A TIME-SUCKING BEAST. 

Hopefully flying with my mom to bring my new sister home in a couple of weeks! (It will be my first time flying if we do which would be super exciting) 

I want to take a couple days away from my computer and phone this week because I've been pretty much glued to them this past week with the end of Nano and everything. 

Continue to work toward conquering my fears and battling my perfectionism. I don't want to continue to be so stressed out by eating healthy and food and everything.  And I know I need to conquer the voice in my head if I want to be mentally and physically healthier. 

And thus concludes my monthly wrap-up post. XD Goodbye, July. Hello August. 

What are you looking back on, what are you looking forward to? 


Monday, July 24, 2017

H E A L T H Y lifestyle + What I've Learned + What I'm Learning

*fun fact, frozen berries only stay pretty for so long while you're trying to photograph them. 

So today's post is going to be something a bit different, something a bit personal, I'm not going to go super into depth, but I still wanted to share with you guys some things that have been going on in my life these past months, how I'm dealing with them/dealt with them and what I've learned/am still learning.

Basically after months of what I didn't realize were disordered thoughts and behaviors towards food and trying to be healthier, I'm finally learning what a healthy lifestyle actually is. I don't want to label myself as having an eating disorder, but I do know that a lot of my thoughts that have prevented me from treating my body right, and leading me to being afraid of perfectly healthy foods just because I read someone's opinion on them on the internet, and purposefully restricting and depriving myself for no logical reason at all, was neither rational, logical, or healthy.

The reason me trying to eat healthy ended up being unhealthy, and actually potentially dangerous and harmful, was because my approach to it was all wrong, it was fear-based and misguided.

I've learned SO MUCH. I've learned just how beautifully complex God created us and our bodies and how important it is we fuel them properly and take care of them. I've learned so much about nutrition the difference between what actually healthy eating is and what I had convinced myself it was.

I'm learning what being healthy and balanced actually means, and that it shouldn't involve being stressed out and driven insane with perfectionism and misguided, disordered ideas of what is healthy and what is not. I'm learning to recognize when my thoughts aren't rational and when it's just me being a perfectionist, And not letting anxiety get in the way of trusting God, my parents and people who know so much better than I do.

I'm happy to say I'm doing much better now, still eating healthy but actually eating enough calories to have enough energy to do all the things that make summer awesome like biking, swimming, hiking, taking long walks, ect. And working on having a  healthier mindset and attitude towards food, undoing the damage done from not eating enough and treating my body right,and overall becoming healthier and happier than I was before,

I know this isn't something I've posted about before, but I wanted to be real and honest with you guys, Thanks for reading! <3 


Tuesday, July 18, 2017

15th Birthday + MEETING GOALS


I turned 15 yesterday, which seems weird and then again not all that weird. XD My dad and several younger siblings and I went hiking about an hour away, we hiked on some trails through the forest and then went down by the beach and it was amazing, I really don't think anyone but God could ever create something so beautiful, so chaotic and yet peaceful at the same time, feeling the tide at your feet and just breathing the air and walking through the sand and thinking that He made all this is really awe-inspiring. 

Emily also needlefelted me an owl and my dad got me roses and dark chocolate and avocados. Because nothing says love like perfectly ripe avocados. XD Also I didn't know what I wanted for my birthday and didn't ask for anything, so my parents are giving me money to spend at Hobby Lobby, hopefully to find some stuff to decorate my room, (more on that in an upcoming post, XD) 

We left at 1:30 and didn't get home until around 6:30, had dinner and then Emily and I took Charlotte for a walk, my sister brought me home cold-brew coffee. (and I wasn't joking when I said I wasn't going to sleep that night, I don't think I fell asleep until around 4:30 in the morning) and we also had toasted coconut ice-cream and chocolate chip oatmeal cookies which was amazing. 

Honestly, yesterday was really awesome and I felt so happy and content as I was writing this  post last night, either that or I was just really hyped up on sugar and caffeine. XD

And now, we ramble. 


Setting daily goals and doing whatever it takes to meet them every single day, lately I've been learning just how rewarding and fulfilling this is, is it always easy? Heck no, is it totally worth it? Absolutely, 

I'm talking about Camp Nano, (meeting my word goal everyday) but also some personal goals that I've been striving to meet as well, and meeting them has been so rewarding and motivating, even when it's hard and there are days when I'm absolutely sure I can't possibly do it, pushing past feeling stuck and hopeless makes me feel like I could do anything. 

I think the thing about whether or not you fail or succeed is what sort of habits you get into, like, you keep doing what you're doing, at least for me at least, when I fall so behind on writing that I accept the fact I'm going to fail anyway, I don't get any further from there, and then before you know it it gets too late to catch up anyway.

 but when I pick myself back up after falling behind and actually push forward and meet my goals, I want to keep doing that because it's just so much more rewarding and you don't want to let yourself fall back into the cycle again, and it's actually getting easier for me.  I'm currently writing more words each day than I was during Nano back in November in order to catch up after falling behind. And meeting my other goals every day too. Which has been just awesome.


Do you like hiking? 
Are you anything like me when it comes to meeting goals? 


Monday, July 10, 2017

July so far + summer loveliness + UPDATES

July has been absolutely crazy so far you guys! AND IT'S ONLY BEEN A WEEK AND A HALF. 

How's Life? 
As I said above, life is crazy. XD But life is also pretty awesome, my siblings and I went swimming yesterday and I rediscovered just how much I love dunking myself underwater and then dramatically springing back up again. (okay I know that sounds weird but for real though, swimming is just awesome and I forget how much I love it) Emily and I have been going for walks everyday and attempting to leash train Charlotte, we had an insane storm last week, a tree fell on top of our garage, (nothing was super damaged thankfully) someone's shed and trampoline blew into our yard, and my bunny had to sleep in a pet carrier in my room because her cage was soaking wet. Along with biking, campfires, fireworks. Yeah, it's totally summer.  

Basically I've gotta write like there's no tomorrow in order to meet my goal, which is about 5k less than what it started out as, and that's okay. Because I'm confident I can do it. 

I'm slowly resdiscovering my characters after abandoning them in the desert for 7 months, so if they're not exactly on their best behavior, I guess that's understandable. 

So yes, I'm off to track down some writing buds tonight to get as much words written as possible.

Well if you've made it through this jam-packed post, then I applaud you my friend, XD Have an awesome evening (or morning, or day, depending on when you read this, I'm finishing this post at exactly 8:04 PM XD) 

What are one of your goals for this week?
Random; what is your favorite fruit? XD 


Saturday, July 1, 2017


*photo creds to Sare cause she rocks you guys. XD

So Sare and I dragged our sisters and met up early yesterday to take pics and discuss all of the bookish writing things, we met at a charming little coffee shop. I ended up getting a lavender iced latte since I had never tried anything lavender flavored before and yes it did taste just like flowers and coffee and yet somehow it worked???  Like both my sister and I  actually thought it was really good. xD

On another note, It's the first day of Camp Nano and I have yet to write a single word. *slinks off to cabin to stalk other people's word counts*  *realizes no one has updated their's yet which is a relief* 
I AM SO EXCITED THOUGH I really want to get this month off to a good start and I want this to be a successful Camp Nano, I just really struggle with beginning books, like starting a new story is an opportunity to finally write a completely perfect book that doesn't end up being a total mess. But in reality you guys. You cannot write a perfect book. Let alone a first draft, let alone in A SINGLE MONTH. So that's not what I'm setting out to do this July, I'm here to write to my heart's content, not a perfect book, but hopefully not a book I hate either. Good luck everyone! I'll probably be posting updates throughout the month.

Most interesting coffee flavor you've ever tried? 
Have you started writing yet? (if you're doing Camp Nano that is) 

Wednesday, June 28, 2017

J U N E + (everything is happening so fast but life is so exciting)

Another month gone, and honestly I'm not really sure where it went, probably lost somewhere in all the craziness, this month was SO busy for us but also really quite awesome. And basically I CAN'T BELIEVE IT'S ALMOST JULY  so let's get into this post,  shall we?


We spontaneously went on vacation! And honestly I wish I had enjoyed it more, it's kind of ironic that I wrote a whole blogpost about comfort zones because I did so badly with that on vacation, with dealing with my irrational fears and anxieties but I really do wanna get better at dealing with the things interfering with my life because I don't want all my fears to prevent me from actually ENJOYING LIFE. 

I mentioned that my parents left the state for a few days but I wasn't really able to say why, well if you read my old blog you might know that two of my little sisters are adopted, well my parents are hoping to adopt again! This girl is actually in the country though so it;ll be easier, I'm praying it all works out and really excited even though we can't share a lot of details right now. 

My birthday is in like 3 weeks! And nope I'm actually not scared at all about turning 15. XD And my little sister's birthday is the day after mine, and my brother's birthdays are this weekend and then the weekend after that. Plus my other brother's birthday was on Monday, so it's birthday season for us XD 
little things 

- Finding a mosquito in the bottom of my coffee..

- Teaching Emily how to make brownies. 

-  Learning that you can revive tired bumblebees with sugar water. (sadly the bee we found couldn't be revived, but it was still interesting to know, also, anyone else think that bees are actually really interesting and bumblebees are adorable?? XD) 

-  Jumping on our trampoline 

-  That fact that it's almost July and it's been like 70 DEGREES OUTSIDE everyday. Such awesomeness. 

-  Waking up to find Emily rifling through under our beds and then finding out THE RATS ESCAPED (because their cage was unlocked) and then helping her catch them. 

-  Fresh strawberries = Summer happiness 

- Teaching Emmy how to felt, she proceeded to make a whole bunch of cats. XD

-  Wanting to make a hammock but ROPE IS SO EXPENSIVE and I can't find out exactly how much I need.

- Emily constantly wanting allll the pets even though she currently has more pets than any one else in the family.
(In Between Things)

- My older sister making tie-dye shirts for everyone cause she's got serious skills. 

- Making friendship bracelets because I too have skills and cause we know how to do summer right. XD 

- Working on improving my photography. 

- We got Spotify Premium! The family one where you can have multiple accounts on one thing so it costs less. 

- Plotting my Camp Nano novel (I CAN'T BELIEVE IT''S SO CLOSE) and getting really excited to get back into writing. (

- (also was struck with some major inspiration while listening to this song by Abbiee AND OHMYGOODNESS THE GORGEOUSNESS. Please do yourself a favor and go listen to it) 

-  Reading a really good book about anxiety and how there is basically now logical reason to worry about anything BECAUSE GUYS WE HAVE GOD AND HE'S GOT THIS. 

- Aimed to spend less time on Instagram because it's just really refreshing. 

G O A L S 

Learn more about my camera (AKA why it isn't behaving for me)  and learn a bit more about photography in general.  Done! We're getting along quite well lately, the G15 and I. XD 

Just keep plotting, just keep plotting... I  feel like I have enough to get through next month without getting stuck which is all I need, the rest of the plot will materialize along the way. XD (yes that is basically how I write my first drafts) 

Plan a photoshoot  Yupyup Sare and I are finally getting together this week. XD 

And....embrace summer and do some totally summery things and JUST LIVE LIFE   It would be reallly depressing if I failed at this. XP 

July Goals 

Conquer Camp Nano. WE CAN DO THIS YOU GUYS. 

Figure out what I want to do for my birthday. 

Sleep outside. 

Bake something summery 

Try a new hairstyle 

Take pictures of fireworks 

Not let this month slip away worrying about everything. 

Soooo there you go! A peek into what this past month has been like for me, honestly so many more little things happened but I couldn't even remember them all, hope you guys enjoyed this post. See you all next month! 

Random question; when is your birthday? 
Have you ever tried tie-dyeing anything? 
Are you freaking out over Camp Nano, or just hoping to wing it? 

Wednesday, June 21, 2017

An entire day without social media + SONGS I'M LOVING + It's the first day of Summer

So I decided to challenge myself yesterday morning to go the entire day without social media of any sort, (no Instagram, Pinterest, or even blogs) now, I definitely already try to be conscious of how much time I spend on my phone, but quite often I still find myself wasting time scrolling through Instagram and stuff and sometimes it downright infuriates me when I realize how much time I've wasted.

So yesterday I decided to take a break, and yep, I made it through the the whole day, it was quite refreshing, and also the fact that my phone died helped too, I finished a DIY I was working on and started another one, brainstormed for my new novel, played with my bunny, basically just stuff I usually do but without Instagram and Pinterest in between. I think I'm probably gonna keep doing this, I mean, y,know, still use Pinterest as a source of inspiration and check Instagram occasionally, but not constantly, it leaves so much more room for real life, which is what I wanna be all about this summer, y,know?

So I also  wanted to share some songs I've been loving lately, (I've linked the titles to Spotify since I have not the skill nor the patience to imbed the playlist into this post XD) 

This is like, one of my go-ro happy songs BECAUSE I JUST LOVE IT and relate to it so hard, it makes my anxieties seem more insignificant and helps me deal with my fears. + It just makes me really happy. 

I've loved this song since the first time I heard it and have been listening to it a lot lately since I realized how much it reminds me of one of the themes of my new book I'm plotting. 

Again, this song has been forever in the playlist for my book series and also it's just amazing. 



What is one of your summer goals? (more on that in an upcoming post) 
What are some songs that have been inspiring you lately?


Friday, June 16, 2017

Life's crazy/amazingness + I'M WRITING A SEQUEL

*photos from vacation AKA places where you could be outside without feeling like melting* 

Hey guys! What's new with you all? Life has just been so crazy busy lately, and I usually don't say that unless it's actually true. XD I've been trying to do a post sticking to just one topic, but nope, so today we're doing a post about, well, basically everything, bear with me here as I ramble about life and feel free to do the same in the comments below. XD

We just got back from vacation on Tuesday, (we left Sunday morning) and then literally THE DAY AFTER THAT my parents left to go out of town and so now my sister and I have been in charge for the past few days which = all the responsibilities. I mean, I already help my mom out a lot around here, or at least I try to, but like when it's just us I realize THERE'S SO MANY THINGS TO KEEP TRACK OF. XD I'm actually kind of liking it though, having a lot of stuff to do keeps you from getting bored, (AKA wandering aimlessly through the house and mindlessly scrolling through Pinterest) 

Also, I haven't really talked much about Camp Nano lately since my total drop out back in April and then mentioning I was plotting a new novel that I was kinda unsure about, but the thing is that I have been thinking a lot about the novel I want to write this month, actually, it's been in the back of my mind since last November, I use the unwritten characters and scenarios to amuse myself when I'm bored, (does anyone else do that?) And this novel is not the one I previously planned to write next month, but rather one I actually have a plot and ideas for AND A WORLD AND CHARACTERS I ACTUALLY KNOW AND LIKE.

I'm writing the sequel to my Nanowrimo novel! 

Yep, that downright embarrassing 50k I pounded out in a mere month THAT SARE SOMEHOW ACTUALLY THOUGHT WAS GOOD. I'm writing a second book and I'm planning to make it, (and the first one) even better.Better yet, I'LL ACTUALLY FEEL LIKE I KNOW WHAT I'M DOING. I'm so excited!

(also somehow I ended up in the craziest/awesome-est cabin ever and I know I have trouble keeping up with you guys BUT REALLY THANK YOU FOR INCLUDING ME IN STUFF)

So I'm really hoping I can finally get back on track with my writing and editing in the next few months, I've kinda been out of it since November and, as you may know from previous posts, have kinda been having trouble sticking to things, but I'm going to make it my goal next month to get serious about my writing again.

Whew, if you made it through all that, then I congratulate you, seriously. XD

Is it super hot where you live write now? 
Have you ever written a sequel? 


Thursday, June 8, 2017

COMFORT ZONES + fuzzy lights

Do you want to stay where you feel safe 
Take your fears and lock them away
Do you want to hide 
And pretend you're okay
There's a whole world out there 
Just beyond your reach 
Do you want to stay here and hide
Or take a risk
And truly live your life 

not like, the best poem I've ever written or anything, but just something I came up with on the spot. XD

I've been thinking about comfort zones lately, you see, I have a lot of fears, some of them rational, others not so much, (I'd prefer not to list my fears here so as not to make you guys think I'm *ahem* crazy) But the thing is I've been thinking about things that force me to leave my comfort zone, and how sometimes you need to deal with things that you're afraid of in order to, well, live life, cause if you stay where you feel safe, you're going to miss out. And personally I don't think it's worth it, when really, when you think of how huge the world is, and Who is in control of it all, what are we so afraid of anyway? And does it really even matter?

I wanted this to be an eloquent and inspiring post, but really it's a 8:30 am-coffee-fueled-post. XD But I hope you guys get what I'm saying, this summer, I'll probably still have to deal with a lot of my fears, but I don't want them to completely get in the way of things that I actually want to do, of going on adventures and doing things I've never done before.

What do you guys think? How do you deal with fears and comfort zones? 


Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Highlights of M A Y + ~things to come ~

I feel like May went by super duper fast and at the same time I feel like it lasted forever. I learned a lot of things this month, there were ups and downs and stress and happiness and everything in between, life is crazy you guys, and sometimes it feels like a mess, but at the same time, it's pretty fantastic; this world we live in.


Sometimes you have those days where you break down crying for no reason/absolutely every reason possible. And you know what, that's okay because that's part of life. (and cause tomorrow can always be better I promise. 

WE'RE GOING ON VACATION in less than two weeks, it was kind of spontaneously planned but I'M ACTUALLY REALLY EXCITED. 

wearing comfy worn out t-shirts over and over again 

Daydreaming about all the glorious possibilities for summer. 

When you listen to a cover of a song and realizing you actually like it better than the original 

creating playlists upon playlists for various purposes cause that's just what I like to do. XD 

My younger sister/roommate endlessly trying to convince my mom and dad to let her get another pet, (she has four pets in our room btw, three rodents and a betta fish) 

CONSTANTLY CUTTING MYSELF ON THINGS/GETTING INJURED, cutting my thumb on an avocado, breaking my toenail and having my finger just start bleeding for no apparent reason like why do I do this to myself. XP 

Also not to mention the fact that I did indeed procrastinate until the very last day of May to write this post. XD 


Okay so you know how some writers have like notebooks dedicated entirely to specific books or whatever? Not me, nope, I have like the same notebook with notes/ideas/snippets for I don't even know how many stories, like I just grab whatever notebook I can find when I need to write stuff down and I guess it always happens to be that one? I don't even know. XD 

PLOTTING MY NEW NOVEL FOR JULY. heck I might even start it in June, we'll see. I'm super excited though. 

Alpha-reading for Sare but just so you know I'm a really bad alpha-reader. *hides because I'm easily distracted even though I'm sure your book is absolutely amazing* 

 - Read 5 books erm, easier said than done I suppose. 

- Take more walks outside  Well I went on a two mile walk with my brother and friend today so I think I did pretty good with this one. XD 

- Attempt to make eclairs. Still really want to, just didn't get around to it this month. 

- Have a photoshoot. Note below. *nods below* 


Learn more about my camera (AKA why it isn't behaving for me)  and learn a bit more about photography in general. 

Just keep plotting, just keep plotting...

Still kinda wanna have a photoshoot. XD need to make plans with my epically skilled photographer friend which we didn't get around to this month because of life and business. 

And....embrace summer and do some totally summery things and JUST LIVE LIFE I guess? 

Something you're excited about right now? 
Is it just me or does summer always seem to just come out of nowhere? XD 


Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Ridiculousness??? + Daytrips

Paint? Nah, just reflections on the water. (it was soooo mesmorizing)
That moment when your sandal snaps RIGHT BEFORE YOUR'E LEAVING FOR A DAYTRIP and your dad has to sew it back together with fishing line. (for real though) I ended up bringing an extra pair of shoes in case it snapped again, it held together though thankfully. 
Also when you need to devise the perfect seating arrangement in a 12 passenger van among your six younger siblings so none of them fight. XD Yeah, this is my life. 

If you're wondering about the first half of the title, well, the thing is, July Camp Nano starts in just a little over a month AND I'VE FINALLY GOT A BOOK IDEA after sitting down for a bit of brainstorming the other day, and the whole thing (or at least what I have so far) sorta just came together, bits of historical/Renaissance elements pieced together by fragments of a fairytale-sort-of story idea I've had sitting around waiting to be written, the results? 

Well, I'm not quite sure if I think it's brilliant (alright, it's far from brilliant, but y,know, maybe at least good?) Or if the whole thing is just sheer ridiculousness, I guess I'll just have to write it and find out, regardless though, I think it's gonna be pretty fun to write. XD 

Hope you didn't mind this quick, random post. ;) 
That is all. 
For Now. 

Monday, May 15, 2017

Biking + It's National Chocolate Chip Day??? + Writing woes

What's up  you guys? Is it just me or is it totally starting to actually feel like the beginning of summer? (tomorrow  is supposed to be 86 degrees eeeep!) also May is already have over AND I DON'T KNOW HOW I FEEL ABOUT THIS.

My dad bought be a bike last weekend and I realized it's the first one I've ever had that wasn't previously owned by my sister, so that's pretty awesome.

Also I found out just last night that today is National Chocolate Chip day? So obviously I did the only logical thing to do, bake chocolate chip cookies! (as if I needed an excuse) I wasn't super happy with how they turned out to be honest, but I think they turned out pretty good still and they tasted good so that's all that matters. XD

Also...guys...I haven't gotten a new book idea since January which is very strange for me...I only just realized this the other day when I stumbled across a song that made me want to write a book for it but didn't quite spark an idea, ugh, much frustrate, inspiration without a place to put it is both a wonderful and agonizing thing for me. XD I've been thinking about July Nano and some story ideas that I've been toying with in my mind for a while...I can't believe how much I've drifted away from the writing world this year!  But hopefully writing will start back up soon BECAUSE I MISS WRITING.

Did you celebrate National Chocolate Chip Day? 
What's the writing world been like for you this month? 

Wednesday, May 3, 2017

The Happiness Tag + NEW CAMERA

So Paige tagged me for The Happiness Tag (which I didn't even know was a thing?!) on her blog last week,  and since I've kinda been wanting to do a 'things-that-make-me-happy' sort of post for a while now I was like, yeah, totally doing this. XD

Now I'm not sure if there are any actual rules for this tag or what so I'm just going to get right to it and then at the end I'll tag some lovely people, kay? 

Some things that make me happy

Sunlit mornings/waking up early 
The smell of espresso (and basically anything to do with coffee in general. XD) 
Spending time with my rabbit, she is seriously the most interesting bunny I've ever met and she's so full of personality. 
Loudly singing along to music. (If you know me in real life then you probably never ever witness this, but trust me, when I'm home alone, it happens. XD)

Obviously I could go on, but those are just a few random little things. Now onto finding some people to tag..

Vanessa Best - Simply Me
\Sarah Margaret - the introverted extrovert
Mary Horton - Sunshine and Scribblings

Anyone and everyone else who wants to do this. XD

Thanks again Paige for tagging me! I really enjoyed doing this. <3

Alsooo, as you may have gathered from the title, YES I BOUGHT I NEW CAMERA. Well, it's new to me anyways, I bought my sister's camera from her on Sunday since she bought a new one, I'm still  becoming acquainted with it but I think we're going to get along really well. XD (It's a Canon G15 in case you were curious, I had a Canon G11 before)

Sooo, will you be doing the tag? 
What kind of camera do you have?