Wednesday, June 21, 2017

An entire day without social media + SONGS I'M LOVING + It's the first day of Summer

So I decided to challenge myself yesterday morning to go the entire day without social media of any sort, (no Instagram, Pinterest, or even blogs) now, I definitely already try to be conscious of how much time I spend on my phone, but quite often I still find myself wasting time scrolling through Instagram and stuff and sometimes it downright infuriates me when I realize how much time I've wasted.

So yesterday I decided to take a break, and yep, I made it through the the whole day, it was quite refreshing, and also the fact that my phone died helped too, I finished a DIY I was working on and started another one, brainstormed for my new novel, played with my bunny, basically just stuff I usually do but without Instagram and Pinterest in between. I think I'm probably gonna keep doing this, I mean, y,know, still use Pinterest as a source of inspiration and check Instagram occasionally, but not constantly, it leaves so much more room for real life, which is what I wanna be all about this summer, y,know?

So I also  wanted to share some songs I've been loving lately, (I've linked the titles to Spotify since I have not the skill nor the patience to imbed the playlist into this post XD) 

This is like, one of my go-ro happy songs BECAUSE I JUST LOVE IT and relate to it so hard, it makes my anxieties seem more insignificant and helps me deal with my fears. + It just makes me really happy. 

I've loved this song since the first time I heard it and have been listening to it a lot lately since I realized how much it reminds me of one of the themes of my new book I'm plotting. 

Again, this song has been forever in the playlist for my book series and also it's just amazing. 



What is one of your summer goals? (more on that in an upcoming post) 
What are some songs that have been inspiring you lately?


Friday, June 16, 2017

Life's crazy/amazingness + I'M WRITING A SEQUEL

*photos from vacation AKA places where you could be outside without feeling like melting* 

Hey guys! What's new with you all? Life has just been so crazy busy lately, and I usually don't say that unless it's actually true. XD I've been trying to do a post sticking to just one topic, but nope, so today we're doing a post about, well, basically everything, bear with me here as I ramble about life and feel free to do the same in the comments below. XD

We just got back from vacation on Tuesday, (we left Sunday morning) and then literally THE DAY AFTER THAT my parents left to go out of town and so now my sister and I have been in charge for the past few days which = all the responsibilities. I mean, I already help my mom out a lot around here, or at least I try to, but like when it's just us I realize THERE'S SO MANY THINGS TO KEEP TRACK OF. XD I'm actually kind of liking it though, having a lot of stuff to do keeps you from getting bored, (AKA wandering aimlessly through the house and mindlessly scrolling through Pinterest) 

Also, I haven't really talked much about Camp Nano lately since my total drop out back in April and then mentioning I was plotting a new novel that I was kinda unsure about, but the thing is that I have been thinking a lot about the novel I want to write this month, actually, it's been in the back of my mind since last November, I use the unwritten characters and scenarios to amuse myself when I'm bored, (does anyone else do that?) And this novel is not the one I previously planned to write next month, but rather one I actually have a plot and ideas for AND A WORLD AND CHARACTERS I ACTUALLY KNOW AND LIKE.

I'm writing the sequel to my Nanowrimo novel! 

Yep, that downright embarrassing 50k I pounded out in a mere month THAT SARE SOMEHOW ACTUALLY THOUGHT WAS GOOD. I'm writing a second book and I'm planning to make it, (and the first one) even better.Better yet, I'LL ACTUALLY FEEL LIKE I KNOW WHAT I'M DOING. I'm so excited!

(also somehow I ended up in the craziest/awesome-est cabin ever and I know I have trouble keeping up with you guys BUT REALLY THANK YOU FOR INCLUDING ME IN STUFF)

So I'm really hoping I can finally get back on track with my writing and editing in the next few months, I've kinda been out of it since November and, as you may know from previous posts, have kinda been having trouble sticking to things, but I'm going to make it my goal next month to get serious about my writing again.

Whew, if you made it through all that, then I congratulate you, seriously. XD

Is it super hot where you live write now? 
Have you ever written a sequel? 


Thursday, June 8, 2017

COMFORT ZONES + fuzzy lights

Do you want to stay where you feel safe 
Take your fears and lock them away
Do you want to hide 
And pretend you're okay
There's a whole world out there 
Just beyond your reach 
Do you want to stay here and hide
Or take a risk
And truly live your life 

not like, the best poem I've ever written or anything, but just something I came up with on the spot. XD

I've been thinking about comfort zones lately, you see, I have a lot of fears, some of them rational, others not so much, (I'd prefer not to list my fears here so as not to make you guys think I'm *ahem* crazy) But the thing is I've been thinking about things that force me to leave my comfort zone, and how sometimes you need to deal with things that you're afraid of in order to, well, live life, cause if you stay where you feel safe, you're going to miss out. And personally I don't think it's worth it, when really, when you think of how huge the world is, and Who is in control of it all, what are we so afraid of anyway? And does it really even matter?

I wanted this to be an eloquent and inspiring post, but really it's a 8:30 am-coffee-fueled-post. XD But I hope you guys get what I'm saying, this summer, I'll probably still have to deal with a lot of my fears, but I don't want them to completely get in the way of things that I actually want to do, of going on adventures and doing things I've never done before.

What do you guys think? How do you deal with fears and comfort zones? 


Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Highlights of M A Y + ~things to come ~

I feel like May went by super duper fast and at the same time I feel like it lasted forever. I learned a lot of things this month, there were ups and downs and stress and happiness and everything in between, life is crazy you guys, and sometimes it feels like a mess, but at the same time, it's pretty fantastic; this world we live in.


Sometimes you have those days where you break down crying for no reason/absolutely every reason possible. And you know what, that's okay because that's part of life. (and cause tomorrow can always be better I promise. 

WE'RE GOING ON VACATION in less than two weeks, it was kind of spontaneously planned but I'M ACTUALLY REALLY EXCITED. 

wearing comfy worn out t-shirts over and over again 

Daydreaming about all the glorious possibilities for summer. 

When you listen to a cover of a song and realizing you actually like it better than the original 

creating playlists upon playlists for various purposes cause that's just what I like to do. XD 

My younger sister/roommate endlessly trying to convince my mom and dad to let her get another pet, (she has four pets in our room btw, three rodents and a betta fish) 

CONSTANTLY CUTTING MYSELF ON THINGS/GETTING INJURED, cutting my thumb on an avocado, breaking my toenail and having my finger just start bleeding for no apparent reason like why do I do this to myself. XP 

Also not to mention the fact that I did indeed procrastinate until the very last day of May to write this post. XD 


Okay so you know how some writers have like notebooks dedicated entirely to specific books or whatever? Not me, nope, I have like the same notebook with notes/ideas/snippets for I don't even know how many stories, like I just grab whatever notebook I can find when I need to write stuff down and I guess it always happens to be that one? I don't even know. XD 

PLOTTING MY NEW NOVEL FOR JULY. heck I might even start it in June, we'll see. I'm super excited though. 

Alpha-reading for Sare but just so you know I'm a really bad alpha-reader. *hides because I'm easily distracted even though I'm sure your book is absolutely amazing* 

 - Read 5 books erm, easier said than done I suppose. 

- Take more walks outside  Well I went on a two mile walk with my brother and friend today so I think I did pretty good with this one. XD 

- Attempt to make eclairs. Still really want to, just didn't get around to it this month. 

- Have a photoshoot. Note below. *nods below* 


Learn more about my camera (AKA why it isn't behaving for me)  and learn a bit more about photography in general. 

Just keep plotting, just keep plotting...

Still kinda wanna have a photoshoot. XD need to make plans with my epically skilled photographer friend which we didn't get around to this month because of life and business. 

And....embrace summer and do some totally summery things and JUST LIVE LIFE I guess? 

Something you're excited about right now? 
Is it just me or does summer always seem to just come out of nowhere? XD 


Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Ridiculousness??? + Daytrips

Paint? Nah, just reflections on the water. (it was soooo mesmorizing)
That moment when your sandal snaps RIGHT BEFORE YOUR'E LEAVING FOR A DAYTRIP and your dad has to sew it back together with fishing line. (for real though) I ended up bringing an extra pair of shoes in case it snapped again, it held together though thankfully. 
Also when you need to devise the perfect seating arrangement in a 12 passenger van among your six younger siblings so none of them fight. XD Yeah, this is my life. 

If you're wondering about the first half of the title, well, the thing is, July Camp Nano starts in just a little over a month AND I'VE FINALLY GOT A BOOK IDEA after sitting down for a bit of brainstorming the other day, and the whole thing (or at least what I have so far) sorta just came together, bits of historical/Renaissance elements pieced together by fragments of a fairytale-sort-of story idea I've had sitting around waiting to be written, the results? 

Well, I'm not quite sure if I think it's brilliant (alright, it's far from brilliant, but y,know, maybe at least good?) Or if the whole thing is just sheer ridiculousness, I guess I'll just have to write it and find out, regardless though, I think it's gonna be pretty fun to write. XD 

Hope you didn't mind this quick, random post. ;) 
That is all. 
For Now. 

Monday, May 15, 2017

Biking + It's National Chocolate Chip Day??? + Writing woes

What's up  you guys? Is it just me or is it totally starting to actually feel like the beginning of summer? (tomorrow  is supposed to be 86 degrees eeeep!) also May is already have over AND I DON'T KNOW HOW I FEEL ABOUT THIS.

My dad bought be a bike last weekend and I realized it's the first one I've ever had that wasn't previously owned by my sister, so that's pretty awesome.

Also I found out just last night that today is National Chocolate Chip day? So obviously I did the only logical thing to do, bake chocolate chip cookies! (as if I needed an excuse) I wasn't super happy with how they turned out to be honest, but I think they turned out pretty good still and they tasted good so that's all that matters. XD

Also...guys...I haven't gotten a new book idea since January which is very strange for me...I only just realized this the other day when I stumbled across a song that made me want to write a book for it but didn't quite spark an idea, ugh, much frustrate, inspiration without a place to put it is both a wonderful and agonizing thing for me. XD I've been thinking about July Nano and some story ideas that I've been toying with in my mind for a while...I can't believe how much I've drifted away from the writing world this year!  But hopefully writing will start back up soon BECAUSE I MISS WRITING.

Did you celebrate National Chocolate Chip Day? 
What's the writing world been like for you this month? 

Wednesday, May 3, 2017

The Happiness Tag + NEW CAMERA

So Paige tagged me for The Happiness Tag (which I didn't even know was a thing?!) on her blog last week,  and since I've kinda been wanting to do a 'things-that-make-me-happy' sort of post for a while now I was like, yeah, totally doing this. XD

Now I'm not sure if there are any actual rules for this tag or what so I'm just going to get right to it and then at the end I'll tag some lovely people, kay? 

Some things that make me happy

Sunlit mornings/waking up early 
The smell of espresso (and basically anything to do with coffee in general. XD) 
Spending time with my rabbit, she is seriously the most interesting bunny I've ever met and she's so full of personality. 
Loudly singing along to music. (If you know me in real life then you probably never ever witness this, but trust me, when I'm home alone, it happens. XD)

Obviously I could go on, but those are just a few random little things. Now onto finding some people to tag..

Vanessa Best - Simply Me
\Sarah Margaret - the introverted extrovert
Mary Horton - Sunshine and Scribblings

Anyone and everyone else who wants to do this. XD

Thanks again Paige for tagging me! I really enjoyed doing this. <3

Alsooo, as you may have gathered from the title, YES I BOUGHT I NEW CAMERA. Well, it's new to me anyways, I bought my sister's camera from her on Sunday since she bought a new one, I'm still  becoming acquainted with it but I think we're going to get along really well. XD (It's a Canon G15 in case you were curious, I had a Canon G11 before)

Sooo, will you be doing the tag? 
What kind of camera do you have? 


Friday, April 28, 2017

Hightlights of A P R I L + Hello May

Guyyys April is over and everything is turning green and Summer is just around the corner and I'M SO EXCITED. So here are some of my highlights for this month, or at some of them


My sister and I got some new roommates XD 

Alllll the thunderstorms. I say dreamily, but what I really mean is REALLY AGGRESSIVE THUNDERSTORMS THAT WAKE YOU UP IN THE MIDDLE OF THE NIGHT. 

Hanging out with one of my friends who I had barely seen since like October so that was awesome. 

Jumping on our new trampoline.

My mom, sister and I started watching The Great British Baking Show and it kinda makes me really want to bake  XD

Discovering just how crazy fast my room can turn into a wreck when I suddenly get a really awesome diy idea, like, "Just ignore the glue gun in the corner and the bin of twigs and water on my desk, thanks" 

Ahem, our dog killed a rooster and left it under our deck. O.o 

Celebrating Easter. 

Almost not buying neon coral converse cause I thought I wouldn't actually wear them, buying them and then wearing them two days in a row. 

Awkwardly realizing that most of my wardrobe really is blues and grey. *also realizes I'm wearing blue and grey as I'm typing this* 

We got a cement tortoise, his name is Sheldon, and according to my mom he's the best pet we've ever had. 

Blasting music really loudly when left home alone. (Yasssss)

Walking in to find my sister sitting on her bed with the rats sitting in her lap, reading them a bedtime story. TELL ME THAT ISN'T ADORABLE. 

Being left home alone for four hours (which pretty much never happens) and then randomly deciding to make pastries. 

Spontaneous trips to Michaels and Jo-anns 

Finding out a book series I thought was a trilogy HAS A FOURTH BOOK THAT JUST CAME OUT and it's like, I thought it was over, forever, but nope. So know all I have left to do is wait two days because bless Amazon Prime. XD

I somehow managed to cut my finger with a butter knife, (I didn't know this was possible???) 

Dogsitting, which is great and all, except for when it's not, I'm trying to be positive about it though and remind myself that someone actually trusts me with their 5 dogs.

R E A D S 
Cinder - Marissa Meyer (I started it at the end of March but read a majority of it this month so it counts XD)

Brightwood - Tania Unsworth

Scarlet - Marissa Meyer

Cress - Marissa Meyer (Actually not finished yet but it counts still) 

I read more this month than I have in months so that's good, especially since one of my goals this year was to read more than I did last year. 


 Waste less time on social media   Also something I hope to continue to work on next month. 

Reach my word goal for Camp Nano. LOL NOPE. Check out my last post. 

- Make macarons and hopefully not fail miserably  SUCCESS! 

Film a vlog I almost did this one, but somehow never managed to get around to it, oh well, maybe next month? 

- Read 5 books

- Take more walks outside 

- Attempt to make eclairs. 

- Have a photoshoot. 

I'm sure there are more, but other than some personal goals those are all I can think of right now. 

What's something awesome/random/crazy that happened to you this month?

Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Confessions of a Camp Nano drop-out

Well...I didn't want to say that I actually quit Camp Nano...but considering that there were only three days this month in which I actually wrote. It's kinda the truth I suppose. 

I don't know why writing fell flat this month, I don't think it has anything to do with taking such a long break, because the few times when I actually was writing and making progress and the words were flowing, it felt awesome and I was thrilled to be writing again.
Until I realized that this book just wasn't going to work. 
And maybe I could've pulled through, wrestled my perfectionism and plunged fearlessly into this new book knowing it was going to be a laughably-poorly-plotted-mess, IF I COULD HAVE AT LEAST GOTTEN PAST THE FIRST THREE CHAPTERS and had even the barest of basic outlines to consult. 

And you know what? I'm not stressing over it. This month has been pretty awesome so far, I've been reading a lot more lately. and just living life and stuff. I really do want to get back to writing, and it's not like I'm short on book ideas, *glances at abundance of Pinterest boards* So maybe I'll spontaneously start something new, we'll see. 

I hope you guys don't think I'm lame, I don't think I am sooo *shrugs* 
Shout out to all you guys who actually made progress in writing this month cause you guys are awesome. XD 

Also, I randomly got the idea the other day to make a tiny bird's nest and I'm honestly so happy with how it turned out, even if it took me a while to actually figure out the best way to do it. And also making my mom suspicious by sneaking a bin of water in my room (to soak twigs) but not telling her why. XD 

Saturday, April 15, 2017

HE IS RISEN + Problematic glue and my photogenic rabbit.

Uhm, excuse me, can we talk about how cute this bunny is???
Easter is tomorrow! 

In our family we like to do 'Easter-basket-Easter' on Saturday, y,know, candy and stuff like that, (and wayy to many peanut butter cups XD) so on Sunday we can actually focus on the true meaning, I am so continuously awed by the fact that My King died for me, gave His life up for the people who least deserved it, thinking about it makes me tear up a bit, it's something I never, ever want to take for granted. 
It also makes me think about, how, if Jesus could sacrifice Himself for the very people who wanted Him dead, then the very least I could do is try to love the people who don't deserve it, the ones who are hard to love, like, seriously. 

Also yes I'm sooo proud of Miss Margaret for holding still when I was taking pictures of her yesterday, XD usually she's all over the place, (and most of the time she was while I was taking these pictures) but sometimes she surprises me and I'm like HOW ARE YOU SO CUTE. 

I learned something yesterday. 

Trying to do something as simple as drawing with glue is wayyy harder than it sounds. 
I was trying to draw designs on this jar so I could paint over it, simple enough, right? 
Wrong, I tried filling a sandwich bag with glue and snipping a teeny tiny corner off and piping it out, which sort of worked, other than the fact that it kept smearing when I tried to do overlapping lines, and eventually I ran out of glue. 
Next I tried hot glue, which was what I originally planned to do, hot glue is HARD. It kept either coming out in thin strings that didn't even stick to the jar or big globs that I still don't know how to get off. XD 


^^ story of my life. 

Your thoughts on Easter? 
Have you ever had a total DIY disaster? 


Monday, April 3, 2017

My room has rats + LIFE UPDATES

C'mon, how could you not think that's cute.
Uhm, guys, I just moved into my room last month, and already it has rats living in it.

And I'm totally not complaining because they're so sweet and adorable and my sister and I unexpectedly ended up taking care of them last week, possibly for good because our brother doesn't have enough time for them, THEY'RE SO CUTE. Honestly, yes, I used to hate rats, (totally cliche, right?) To most people they're just unappealing I guess, but in reality they're actually pretty cool, super smart and super sweet. 

What else is up? 

- Going to the library for the first time in forever and finding out they have The Lunar Chronicles there which I've been wanting to read for a long time, finishing reading Cinder and now not knowing what to do with my life until we go back to the library. (also WHY DID I WAIT SO LONG TO READ THESE BOOKS) 

Desperately needing to write and then doing literally anything else except for writing. 

- Randomly making cookies and putting pretzels in them because honestly why not

Hopefully moving my bunny's cage back outside on the porch soon, (if it ever stops raining) She lives on the porch in the summer and in the garage in the winter, I really don't like having her in the garage, she's very much an outdoor bunny. XD 

Well, this post pretty much came out of nowhere, anyways, bye guys, I'm going to go continue trying to figure out my life. (and hopefully write???) 

Do you like rats? Do you have any pets? I love to talk about pets. XD 
Have you read The Lunar Chronicles? 
How is Camp Nano going for you so far? 


Monday, March 27, 2017

Highlights of March

Yes, I know, I'm kinda early, but I don't care. XD 

It was a pretty awesome month guys, just for so many reasons, like WINTER IS OVER, and Camp Nano is happening next month, and a whole month dedicated to writing is just what I need after a four month break, (FOUR MONTHS!?) 

Anyway, onto some of this month's highlights. 
REAL -  L I F E 

- In no particular order - 
Spending THE ENTIRE MONTH trying to make plans with a friend for her to come over AND EVERY SINGLE WEEK it ends up not working out. Being super excited about finding my sister an ostrich shirt. (She really loves ostriches) 
Finding a super cute tiny cactus at Target but then not buying it cause it ended up being like 8$...o.O
Going to see Beauty and The Beast
Camp nano plotting. (Or therefore, thinking about how I should be plotting but then getting distracted and also endlessly daydreaming about my characters and already having favorites) 
SPRINGGGGGGGG *frolicks in the sunshine* *slips and faceplants in a mud puddle instead because reality* 
Falling asleep to the sound of rain. 
Trying avocado toast for the first time. (Don't look at me like that, it actually tastes good) 
Vaccuming my desk O.o 
Forgetting to mention that YES I FINALLY GOT A DESK and so yeah I'm pretty happy.
Fnally having a glue gun in my possession and now I HAVE ALL DA POWER. 
Being struck with the realization that you can just walk into Target and buy a potato. 
Is it weird that whenever I find myself in a mildly uncomfortable situation I remind myself that I've put my characters through way worse?
(I'm a terrible person jsyk)
Having weird dreams about my characters and then randomly remembering them like...'what...' o.O
Spring/summer clothes shopping. 
Finally finding my rabbit a toy she doesn't complete ignore, (why is she so picky?!?) 


I got a new blog design! (Which is obvious) I just love how much more clean and simple it is compared to my old one, I love it. 
Finally started to emerge from the blogging rut I was finding myself in. INSPIRATION HAS RECLAIMED ME.
Trying to figure out why my profile picture keeps disappearing?!? 
Talked about how real the struggle is when you have a lot of main characters in your novel
Flailed over warm weather and rambled about life


I am not a plotter. And if you've read any of my first drafts this is laughingly obvious. XD I don't have an artfully crafted outline for this new book with everything in it's place, everything figured out, nope, I have a vague idea of what I'm doing but as long as I feel like I  have enough to write about and enough to figure out the rest along the way, I'm ready.

I did not edit this month. Editing...specifically with this book...maybe it's just a first novel thing? I mean, come on, I'm only 14 and it's my first novel and I've never edited anything before AND HONESTLY THIS BOOK IS A MESS, call me lame or a quitter if you want, but nobody is forcing me to edit this book to perfection and it's not like it's ever going to be published, yes I did fantasize about getting it printed out once it's finished. And before anyone asks, no, I'm not going to do this with all my books, I can already tell that when the time comes to edit my other novel it is going to be a lot easier.

G O A L S  

Recap of March's goals 
Keep my new room clean. 'Cept for my desk which inevitably always seems to end up messy again XD 

FINISH EDITING. Listen, okay, I don't want to talk about editing, can we save that for another post that I'll avoid for as long as possible ? 

Wake up early more  At the beginning of the month I started waking up earlier and I guess I've kinda made a habit out of it, which is totally awesome. XD

Go see Beauty and The Beast.  Yesss my sister and I went to go see it last week and gah it was amazing. 

April goals! 

Waste less time on social media (*cough* Instagram and Pinterest *coughcough* 

- Reach my word goal for Camp Nano 

- Make macarons and hopefully not fail miserably 

- Film a vlog (anyone interesting in seeing my face??) 

How was your month? What inspired you? We should totally chat. 


Tuesday, March 21, 2017

IT'S SPRINGGG + Just let life happen

GUYS IT'S SPRING  I went outside to take pics yesterday, spent like 5 seconds trying to find shoes and then decided to just forgo wearing shoes altogether cause it was SO WARM OUTSIDE and yeah I'm totally ready for spring/summer/all the things.

(except for camp nano, cause I'm not one of those people who spends months in advance carefully plotting out the entire book, I usually end up just jumping in with what I do have plotted and see what happens, my word goal for next month is 45k, just an easy breezy goal that I'll probably change, the book itself is def going to end up being longer than that but that's just my minimum goal for April) 

Lately I've been thinking about how like, we constantly try to plan things in our minds and try to figure out life and want everything to be organized when really WE DON'T HAVE TO BE IN CONTROL OF EVERYTHING and how sometimes the best things are unexpected and how you never know what life is going to throw into your face even when you think you have everything figured out. 

And how there's over a million billion stars and that they all have names and the moon is constantly pulling on the ocean which is 95% unexplored and how life is just amazing and we should just LIVE instead of thinking we need to be in control of everything. Just let life happen you guys. 

(Also, if you happen to be home alone, get some music going and sing your heart out, doesn't matter if you're not good at it, it makes you feel alive inside) 

What's your word goal for Camp Nano? 
Do some things just...blow your mind? 


Sunday, March 12, 2017

Giving every character a purpose - CAMP NANO is HAPPENING

Katie Grace reminded me yesterday on her blog that Camp Nano starts in 20 days (well actually 19 days now) AND I'M TOTALLY NOT READY, I've got a bunch of messy notes and a genre that I've never written before BUT I'M TOTALLY EXCITED TO BE STARTING THIS NEW STORY.
(I haven't written since November...*shivers*) 

Somehow, I ended up with 5 main characters in my new novel. Not all of which I have an established role for or goals or backstory or anything.

I do, however, have an aesthetic Pinterest storyboard that I've been adding to since January so obviously I have my priorities in check. XD

This is always important, but it's especially a key to managing a lot of main characters, when you just have characters wandering around not really knowing what they're supposed to be doing because for some reason you felt like they had to be the story and you find yourself trying to cram them into scenes, that's when you end up with problems and possibly end up cutting people out which complicates things.

So yes, GIVE EVERY CHARACTER A REASON TO BE IN THE STORY. What are their goals? How do they contribute to the plot? Are they a main character or a supporting character? Would the story be any different without them?

This is what I'm working through with some of my characters, although I'm pretty sure I know what I'm doing with most of them and where they fit into the plot, it's still important to make sure all your characters exist for a reason, no matter how small the reason.

Have you ever struggled with this in any of your stories? 
Are you doing Camp Nano next month? 


Sunday, March 5, 2017

New look - Blog remodeling

Heyyyy guys!

Notice anything different around here?  Well, I don't mean to state the obvious or anything but yasss I completely updated my blog design!

Thoughts? Opinons? XD Personally I feel like it's a lot less distracting and overwhelming than my previous design, which I really liked, but it should be the content of my blog that really stands out and not just pretty fonts. (Athough pretty fonts are quite marvelous) also I think I like how it's not quite so dark and bold.

And yeah, I'm still working on fixing some things and getting stuff set up, which is why some things may seem a little wonky still, I love it though.

Have an awesome day you guys and don't waste time worrying about things that aren't worth it, kay?

Soooo, what do you think? 


Tuesday, February 28, 2017

~ February Wrap-up ~

*Just ignore the weird reflection of my fingers okay XD 

*also the weird formatting of this post because Blogger is misbehaving and no joke I get legitamately angry when my posts don't format properly. 

 In which I subject you all to incessant ramblings about this past month.

So aparently there are only 28 days in February?!? Like, what are you? Are you even a real month? It feels so wrong to me somehow.

~ the unpredictableness that is life  ~ 

Got sick not once but TWICE and bleck, that kinda temporarily ruined my life. XP 

Endlessly daydreaming of spring and summer and all of the things. 

Making lemon donuts. (OHMYGOODNESS) 

Laying on the living room floor in the dark with a bunny running around you. (precious little fluffball weirdo that she is <33) 

Making smoothies for the first time. 

Cutting my hair, (Okay actually my mom cut it shorter despite my protests because apparently it needed to be cut and I hated it at first but now I really love it XD ) 

Days that almost feel like summer. 

Conversations with sis about decorating our new room. 

Getting to see one my friends be in a play. 

Rainy Fridays and Starbucks. 

My playlist for my new novel is officially one of my favorite book playlists. <3 

Poems swirling in my mind, yet to be written down. 

Fleeting bursts of inspiration, tiny explosions that happen so quickly and leave you searching through your foggy mind, searching for a fragment but none of it quite makes sense, it's just a feeling deep inside your chest. 

^^^ What I meant by poems yet to be written down, I mean, that came out of nowhere, but it's like things I want to write poems about but just haven't yet. 



Look, I'm not one of those bloggers who treat blogging like a chore or anything, I love blogging, but I hate getting into uninspired ruts, which sorta happened this month. I DON'T LIKE NOT BEING INSPIRED. 

But, I think I'm starting to get back into the swing of things, even though I was pretty quite this month.

~ E d i t i n g ~ 

I totally scrapped my main character and IF YOU'VE READ MY BOOK THEN IT'LL BE EASY TO UNDERSTAND WHY. Yes, I completely obliterated the existence of Markus Shorne and threw any last traces of him out the window, (And he actually had been thrown out of a window before, but that is besides the point) 

I facetimed with Sare and we talked discussed all of the plot things, (okay, not all of them but a lot of the big things at least) And brainstormed her new book idea as well. 

I learned that, like first drafts, second drafts aren't perfect either, THIS IS NOT THE FINAL PRODUCT, as much as I've been hoping that I'd only have to edit this book once, that is not going to be the case and I'm okay with that. 

(Seriously though, I cannot wait for Camp Nano in April, I WANT TO BE FREE OF THIS PRISON AND BE CRAZY AND JUST WRITE FREELY, and my new novel idea is unlike anything I've written before so obviously I'm super excited) 

And just in case you were wondering, yes, I am the most unproductive editor ever, glad we have that cleared up.

~ M A R C H - G O A L S ~ 

Keep my new room clean. (I'm serious, I will not allow it to become cluttered, I AM DETERMINED) 

FINISH EDITING. I don't know if I'll be able to do it in one month, but we'll see.

Wake up early more. (Cause I've actually been waking up early a lot more lately and I'd like to make that a thing)

Go see Beauty and The Beast. (eeeeep!) 

What was February like for you? 
Random question: Am I the only one who has sudden bursts of inspiration come out of nowhere for no reason? XP 


Wednesday, February 22, 2017

~ Life right now ~ Ft. Emily Dickinson poems because reasons ~

It looks kinda gloomy in this pic but trust me, it was super sunny outside and it was epic. 
Oh my goodness you guys it feels like summer right now,.Okay, maybe not exactly summer, but like we got to go to the park in short sleeves in February and so that's kind of awesome,
And then coming home and babysitting while my parents pick up pizza and blasting music because obviously that's what you do when you're left to watch all your younger siblings for ten minutes. 

This is life and this is epicness. 

I had a dream about my book last night, which mainly involved following my former main character around (in that confusing type of dream way where you're there but not really there) And the first half of the book being about him getting chased down around this city and some kind of trouble he got himself in, and then the story finally getting to what it's actually about in reality, it was just really weird though because in my dream it didn't even occur to me that I had cut him out, and then I woke up and remembered.  

I really wish I dreamed about my stories more though, it's only happened like a handful of times. 

And yesss my younger sister and I went to Hobby Lobby last week, (obviously the fact that I got a gift card for Christmas had nothing to do with it all XD) Where they have like, all the most amazing charms ever and we spent so much time just searching through all of them, I got the one above, isn't it gorgeous? <33 

Have you ever had a dream about your book? 
Wassup with you guys? How's life? Let's chat about all the things.