~ How to hide from editing ~ From a writer who knows nothing of such ~

Monday, January 9, 2017

My younger sister can be sooo hard to take pictures of because she hates sitting still, but sometimes pics of her turn out really awesome. 
ft. Photos that are in no way relevant to this post. 

It seems like anyone who did Nanowrimo last year (it still feels so weird to say last year)  is now tackling this daunting task this month, or a least planning on it. It kinda just makes sense y,know? Like you write like crazy for 30 days straight and forsake your sanity entirely then of course December is Christmas so who wants to edit in December? Besides, it's probably best to take a break from your novel anyway before coming back to edit it.

In this case though, I'm not editing my Nano novel, *ignores other unedited first draft sitting in the corner* I finished this novel in November, yes, but I started it back in July 2016 for Camp Nano and finished it near the beginning on Nano.

BUT EDITING THOUGH, having never edited myself, my only knowledge of it is that it's basically the more 'work' part of writing a book, not that writing isn't work because it obviously is, but editing is coming back to clean up this beautiful mess you wrote, it's slowly realizing just all the mistakes you made, all the plot holes and gaps and downright unbearable things you need to fix.

Soooo, today, (courtesy of Sare for providing a dash of inspiration) I'm going to give you guys some tips on how to hide from editing because that's basically what I've been doing for this past week, (So obviously I should be an expert by now, right?) XD

- Actually physically hide yourself from your monstrous mess of a manuscript. 
Wrap yourself in a burrito of blankets, lock yourself in your closet, hide under a table, literally do whatever it takes to keep yourself hidden from the tedious task.

- Write a blog post about editing instead of actually doing it, *ahem* not that I would ever do such a thing...
Like, who does that? Honestly. 

- Say you ran out of coffee  and therefore are rendered incapable of editing or functioning at all.

It's a perfectly legitimate excuse. *nods*

- Become a dragon, because dragons don't have to edit. 
And that is but one of the many good reasons you should consider being a dragon.  

- Stop procrastinating and just edit your novel like a good writer because your book is amazing and people deserve to read it, so go and edit it to perfection, it'll be totally worth it, I'm sure. 
*should probably take own advice*  XD

Okay, so normally I wouldn't condone procrastination, I mainly wrote this post just for fun but if you need help hiding from editing, I've got your back bro. but seriously, though, we got this, we can do this, alright? Okay.

Also, another thing I've noticed is that no one can really tell you exactly how to edit, because, like writing, everyone does it differently,, some people might edit one chapter at a time, whilst others might just tear through the whole thing at once, so I guess I've just gotta figure out how I want to do it then get started on this thing. *nods*

Hope you enjoyed this post. ;)

Do you plan on editing your novel anytime soon? Or perhaps you've already started editing one? 



  1. Ahahaha I'm an expert from hiding from writerly things. Including . . . writing. That's bad. XD

    1. Aren't we all though? Like..'I can't write, I have to brush my rabbit' XD

  2. *loved this post* I think i'll go with the first one - and it that one fails, i'll have to go to the fourth. *nods*

    1. Eeep! And yes, very wise of you indeed. *nods*

  3. *stares at document* uhhh. *backs away* I wish there was an easier way too edit, but I'm still new to it, even though I've been writing for forever. (tells you how many uncompleted first drafts I have)
    Nice none procrastinating post ;)

  4. *glances at own document* nope, not today *stuffs it in the closet* same, girl, and I have yet to even start. XD
    Thanks Soleil. ;)

  5. "Become a dragon, because dragons don't have to edit." That made me giggle -- and it's so true! Why have I never thought about becoming a dragon before? ;)

    *magically transforms* :P

    katie grace
    a writer's faith

    1. Oh my goodness Katie. XD Indeed, it's something that ever writer should seriously consider. ;)

      *transforms also*

  6. I have to actually FINISH my novel before even beginning to think about editing. It's odd though: I don't believe I've ever properly edited like those editing legends we all know so well, the ones who have it all together whilst I'm crying in the corner.

    1. I know how you feel, I try not to worry too much about editing whilst writing. Really? I wonder if anyone actually has a 'proper' way to edit, I find that most people just do whatever is easiest for them.

  7. Ah I love that first photo, I have a few like that of family members that are hard to get pictures of! Clever post!!

    1. Aww thanks Vanessa! Yeah, it's especially hard when you try to get pictures without actually asking people to pose, which I don't do a lot. Thanks! I had a lot of fun writing it.

  8. Uhhhgg, this one hits a little to close to home!
    *says while currently catching up on posts instead of writing very important science paper*
    Thanks for the tips- I think I'm going to go with "become a dragon" :)
    elissa // letters-to-jayna.blogspot.com

    1. Lol, I totally feel you, *is going to go make cookies instead of editing*
      You're very welcome, I support your decision to become a dragon to avoid doing important things. XD


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