~ February Wrap-up ~

Tuesday, February 28, 2017

*Just ignore the weird reflection of my fingers okay XD 

*also the weird formatting of this post because Blogger is misbehaving and no joke I get legitamately angry when my posts don't format properly. 

 In which I subject you all to incessant ramblings about this past month.

So aparently there are only 28 days in February?!? Like, what are you? Are you even a real month? It feels so wrong to me somehow.

~ the unpredictableness that is life  ~ 

Got sick not once but TWICE and bleck, that kinda temporarily ruined my life. XP 

Endlessly daydreaming of spring and summer and all of the things. 

Making lemon donuts. (OHMYGOODNESS) 

Laying on the living room floor in the dark with a bunny running around you. (precious little fluffball weirdo that she is <33) 

Making smoothies for the first time. 

Cutting my hair, (Okay actually my mom cut it shorter despite my protests because apparently it needed to be cut and I hated it at first but now I really love it XD ) 

Days that almost feel like summer. 

Conversations with sis about decorating our new room. 

Getting to see one my friends be in a play. 

Rainy Fridays and Starbucks. 

My playlist for my new novel is officially one of my favorite book playlists. <3 

Poems swirling in my mind, yet to be written down. 

Fleeting bursts of inspiration, tiny explosions that happen so quickly and leave you searching through your foggy mind, searching for a fragment but none of it quite makes sense, it's just a feeling deep inside your chest. 

^^^ What I meant by poems yet to be written down, I mean, that came out of nowhere, but it's like things I want to write poems about but just haven't yet. 



Look, I'm not one of those bloggers who treat blogging like a chore or anything, I love blogging, but I hate getting into uninspired ruts, which sorta happened this month. I DON'T LIKE NOT BEING INSPIRED. 

But, I think I'm starting to get back into the swing of things, even though I was pretty quite this month.

~ E d i t i n g ~ 

I totally scrapped my main character and IF YOU'VE READ MY BOOK THEN IT'LL BE EASY TO UNDERSTAND WHY. Yes, I completely obliterated the existence of Markus Shorne and threw any last traces of him out the window, (And he actually had been thrown out of a window before, but that is besides the point) 

I facetimed with Sare and we talked discussed all of the plot things, (okay, not all of them but a lot of the big things at least) And brainstormed her new book idea as well. 

I learned that, like first drafts, second drafts aren't perfect either, THIS IS NOT THE FINAL PRODUCT, as much as I've been hoping that I'd only have to edit this book once, that is not going to be the case and I'm okay with that. 

(Seriously though, I cannot wait for Camp Nano in April, I WANT TO BE FREE OF THIS PRISON AND BE CRAZY AND JUST WRITE FREELY, and my new novel idea is unlike anything I've written before so obviously I'm super excited) 

And just in case you were wondering, yes, I am the most unproductive editor ever, glad we have that cleared up.

~ M A R C H - G O A L S ~ 

Keep my new room clean. (I'm serious, I will not allow it to become cluttered, I AM DETERMINED) 

FINISH EDITING. I don't know if I'll be able to do it in one month, but we'll see.

Wake up early more. (Cause I've actually been waking up early a lot more lately and I'd like to make that a thing)

Go see Beauty and The Beast. (eeeeep!) 

What was February like for you? 
Random question: Am I the only one who has sudden bursts of inspiration come out of nowhere for no reason? XP 


~ Life right now ~ Ft. Emily Dickinson poems because reasons ~

Wednesday, February 22, 2017

It looks kinda gloomy in this pic but trust me, it was super sunny outside and it was epic. 
Oh my goodness you guys it feels like summer right now,.Okay, maybe not exactly summer, but like we got to go to the park in short sleeves in February and so that's kind of awesome,
And then coming home and babysitting while my parents pick up pizza and blasting music because obviously that's what you do when you're left to watch all your younger siblings for ten minutes. 

This is life and this is epicness. 

I had a dream about my book last night, which mainly involved following my former main character around (in that confusing type of dream way where you're there but not really there) And the first half of the book being about him getting chased down around this city and some kind of trouble he got himself in, and then the story finally getting to what it's actually about in reality, it was just really weird though because in my dream it didn't even occur to me that I had cut him out, and then I woke up and remembered.  

I really wish I dreamed about my stories more though, it's only happened like a handful of times. 

And yesss my younger sister and I went to Hobby Lobby last week, (obviously the fact that I got a gift card for Christmas had nothing to do with it all XD) Where they have like, all the most amazing charms ever and we spent so much time just searching through all of them, I got the one above, isn't it gorgeous? <33 

Have you ever had a dream about your book? 
Wassup with you guys? How's life? Let's chat about all the things. 


~ Perfectionism, pink sunsets and coffee (or therefore lack of) ~

Wednesday, February 15, 2017

The sky was pink the other night and if that is not totally the most Valentine's Day thing ever then I don't know what is. <33 

So I somehow ended up inventing a new word whilst brainstorming characters for my April novel whilst crashed on the couch, (DO NOT QUESTION THE CREATIVE PROCESS) And I like it and may or may not have related to it in the moment that I came up with it. XD


The act of craving or consuming Oreos whilst in a disoriented state))

Why was I crashed on the couch instead of doing something remotely productive? It might have something to do with that I didn't/barely drank coffee for over a week because I was sick so it didn't really sound good after that, and then yesterday I drank coffee and my sister made  me a latte so I was finally all hyped on caffeine and then today I didn't have caffeine and I was just like 'Why do I feel dead' so it might've been like a caffeine-withdrawal type thing but I dunno it was weird okay. XP

And also pink and purple sunsets are what life is all about yo, and no joke just when I came inside from snapping a pic or two as fast as I could Sare texted me a pic of the sunset there and it was like YASS PINK SUNSETS FOR EVERYONE.

Also no body ask me about editing cause nope no it didn't happen today BUT I've got a post coming next week for you guys about that, *winks*

*cue something actually relevant*


As you might know, deep down inside, I can be a total perfectionist sometimes,  and sometimes it makes doing creative things really hard because I get into this mindset of 'I'm going to do this and it's going to be exactly as I imagine it because what could possibly go wrong?' 
Sometimes things do turn out and end up being like I daydreamed them and then that's totally awesomeness but SOMETIMES:

Sometimes I do the thing,

And the thing isn't perfect or I run into troubles or IT'S A COMPLETE AND TOTAL DISASTER and I'm just left like.

'That's it, I'm terrible  at everything, why do I even bother'

No, no, no that's not okay. Don't do that, alright? Just because you messed up, messing up happens, it's life and it's how you learn things and it's okay if once in a while something is a complete and total flop.

Because even imperfect things can be beautiful. 

So yeah, maybe my novel will never be as completely-stunningly-epic once I actually get it written or even after vigorous editing. Or the thing I'm trying to make might not turn out as perfectly as I expect it too, AND I CAN'T ALWAYS WRITE PERFECTLY WORDED BLOGPOSTS. But you know what? That's okay.

Because writing and creating things is art and ART IS NOT PERFECT. And you should write and make things and make music and do the creative things because you want too and not too impress anyone.

So yeah, that's just something I've been thinking about for the past few days. (And yes I'm aware of how many times I used the words 'sometimes' and perfect' and 'things' as you can tell I'm in an extremely eloquent mood)

Have you ever made up words? 
Are you a perfectionist? 


~ Epic failures ~ Uninspiring winter ~

Wednesday, February 8, 2017

All the snow is gone, the rain killed it. :| but LOOK AT DIS PUPPER. Yes she likes to eat snow. 

What's up you guys? I've been pretty quiet this month so far since I've been sick and this past week has been pretty weird but yeah. 

Last week I tried to make chocolate macarons, all confident like 'Yeah this is totally going to be great' I got all the stuff ready and weighed all the ingredients and stuff, I mixed up the batter and I was already pretty sure they were going to turn out. 



Apparently I was holding the bowl too close to the edge of the counter as I was turning it and before I could catch it it tragically plundered to the ground and shattered. Do you know how hard it is to clean up sticky macaron batter and chunks of glass at the same time? AND AVOIDING STEPPING IN GLASS?  Yeah, it's very hard. -_- 

Also guess what guys? I'm getting a new room in (hopefully) a couple of weeks, eeep! I'm going to be moving upstairs and sharing a room with my younger sister, and also hopefully finally getting a desk, (yes I'm a writer without a desk and no I am not miserable) 

And also that means I'm finally going to be doing a room tour post, (which I mentioned wayyy back but never ended up doing it) So yeah, that's definitely happening for real this time. 

Also I kinda sorta really want summer to happen.  (I WANT TO GO OUTSIDE WITHOUT FREEZING MY FINGERS AND FIND SOMETHING OTHER THAN DEAD TREES TO TAKE PICTURES OF) Winter is fun at first but then it just gets to boring and uninspiring for a while, y,know? 

Anyway, I hope you guys enjoyed this little life-update post even though not much has been happening lately. hopefully that changes soon. 

Does winter inspire you, or not?