~ February Wrap-up ~

Tuesday, February 28, 2017

*Just ignore the weird reflection of my fingers okay XD 

*also the weird formatting of this post because Blogger is misbehaving and no joke I get legitamately angry when my posts don't format properly. 

 In which I subject you all to incessant ramblings about this past month.

So aparently there are only 28 days in February?!? Like, what are you? Are you even a real month? It feels so wrong to me somehow.

~ the unpredictableness that is life  ~ 

Got sick not once but TWICE and bleck, that kinda temporarily ruined my life. XP 

Endlessly daydreaming of spring and summer and all of the things. 

Making lemon donuts. (OHMYGOODNESS) 

Laying on the living room floor in the dark with a bunny running around you. (precious little fluffball weirdo that she is <33) 

Making smoothies for the first time. 

Cutting my hair, (Okay actually my mom cut it shorter despite my protests because apparently it needed to be cut and I hated it at first but now I really love it XD ) 

Days that almost feel like summer. 

Conversations with sis about decorating our new room. 

Getting to see one my friends be in a play. 

Rainy Fridays and Starbucks. 

My playlist for my new novel is officially one of my favorite book playlists. <3 

Poems swirling in my mind, yet to be written down. 

Fleeting bursts of inspiration, tiny explosions that happen so quickly and leave you searching through your foggy mind, searching for a fragment but none of it quite makes sense, it's just a feeling deep inside your chest. 

^^^ What I meant by poems yet to be written down, I mean, that came out of nowhere, but it's like things I want to write poems about but just haven't yet. 



Look, I'm not one of those bloggers who treat blogging like a chore or anything, I love blogging, but I hate getting into uninspired ruts, which sorta happened this month. I DON'T LIKE NOT BEING INSPIRED. 

But, I think I'm starting to get back into the swing of things, even though I was pretty quite this month.

~ E d i t i n g ~ 

I totally scrapped my main character and IF YOU'VE READ MY BOOK THEN IT'LL BE EASY TO UNDERSTAND WHY. Yes, I completely obliterated the existence of Markus Shorne and threw any last traces of him out the window, (And he actually had been thrown out of a window before, but that is besides the point) 

I facetimed with Sare and we talked discussed all of the plot things, (okay, not all of them but a lot of the big things at least) And brainstormed her new book idea as well. 

I learned that, like first drafts, second drafts aren't perfect either, THIS IS NOT THE FINAL PRODUCT, as much as I've been hoping that I'd only have to edit this book once, that is not going to be the case and I'm okay with that. 

(Seriously though, I cannot wait for Camp Nano in April, I WANT TO BE FREE OF THIS PRISON AND BE CRAZY AND JUST WRITE FREELY, and my new novel idea is unlike anything I've written before so obviously I'm super excited) 

And just in case you were wondering, yes, I am the most unproductive editor ever, glad we have that cleared up.

~ M A R C H - G O A L S ~ 

Keep my new room clean. (I'm serious, I will not allow it to become cluttered, I AM DETERMINED) 

FINISH EDITING. I don't know if I'll be able to do it in one month, but we'll see.

Wake up early more. (Cause I've actually been waking up early a lot more lately and I'd like to make that a thing)

Go see Beauty and The Beast. (eeeeep!) 

What was February like for you? 
Random question: Am I the only one who has sudden bursts of inspiration come out of nowhere for no reason? XP 



  1. srsly I love your monthly wrap ups so much <333


    1. aww thanks girl <333


  2. ^^^your wrap ups are wonderful XP But yassss to finishing editing! Are you trying to finish it up so you can do a new project for Camp Nano in April?

  3. eeep thank you so much! Hahaha...if I can stop procrastinating that is. Yupyup! I'm already plotting my new novel for April, i want to be free from editing by then. XP

  4. you cut your hair and made lemon donuts and facetimed WITHOUT ME. i hate being left out *pouts*

    also ikr sick two times this month too IM STILL SICK CAN I PLZ JUST GET BETTER

    1. uhm I saw you remember,you were on the floor doing yoga or something.

      ugggh I know AND YAS I HOPE YOU GET BETTER SOON. *gives you lemon donuts*

  5. Hi Hannah!

    It's okay to have a quiet blogging month. It's better to write well and with inspiration than to write badly and not enjoy it. Also, the reader will pick it up!

    I get those sudden bursts of inspiration too! When that happens, the words flow out like ink leaking out of a pen!

    I saw my February pass me across 2 continents- Europe and Africa.


    1. Hi Stepth!

      I totally agree!

      Oooh I just love when that happens, what's hard though is when you feel inspired but have absolutely no idea what to write.

      Are you serious? That's amazing!


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