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Wednesday, February 22, 2017

It looks kinda gloomy in this pic but trust me, it was super sunny outside and it was epic. 
Oh my goodness you guys it feels like summer right now,.Okay, maybe not exactly summer, but like we got to go to the park in short sleeves in February and so that's kind of awesome,
And then coming home and babysitting while my parents pick up pizza and blasting music because obviously that's what you do when you're left to watch all your younger siblings for ten minutes. 

This is life and this is epicness. 

I had a dream about my book last night, which mainly involved following my former main character around (in that confusing type of dream way where you're there but not really there) And the first half of the book being about him getting chased down around this city and some kind of trouble he got himself in, and then the story finally getting to what it's actually about in reality, it was just really weird though because in my dream it didn't even occur to me that I had cut him out, and then I woke up and remembered.  

I really wish I dreamed about my stories more though, it's only happened like a handful of times. 

And yesss my younger sister and I went to Hobby Lobby last week, (obviously the fact that I got a gift card for Christmas had nothing to do with it all XD) Where they have like, all the most amazing charms ever and we spent so much time just searching through all of them, I got the one above, isn't it gorgeous? <33 

Have you ever had a dream about your book? 
Wassup with you guys? How's life? Let's chat about all the things. 



  1. but wait. can I borrow that book sometime?? I wanna read her poems o.o

    AND THAT CHARM AWWW and yes this weather is amazing and can i have some pizza and can i blast music with you and *sobs* this post is my life right now awwww

    1. Totally yes, they're amazing.

      EEEP YESSS. ikr it's like unreal and dude yes come over we can eat pizza and listen to music nonstop.

  2. The weather has been amazing lately!
    I would love to have dreams about my writing..

    1. Annnnd now it's snowing here. XP
      Yes yes yes it's amazing, although sometimes it can be weird...

  3. I saw that charm in your photo and thought "OMG, that charm is amazing. I'm so jealous and I want one. But it's probably only a stock photo and Hannah probably doesn't have a charm like that either." Then I saw that you actually bought it and was jealous all over again. Do you know what it's made of? I collect random metal stuff, and I would love one of those.


    1. Haha! Oh my goodness Alecia. XD I'm not sure what it's made of, if you live near a Hobby Lobby you should totally check to see if you can find one!

    2. I'm pretty sure we don't have Hobby Lobby over here, but I found their website and it looks amazing. I hope they ship internationally. If they do, I'm going to have so much fun. :)

    3. Hopefully they do because Hobby Lobby is absolutely the best. :)


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