~ Perfectionism, pink sunsets and coffee (or therefore lack of) ~

Wednesday, February 15, 2017

The sky was pink the other night and if that is not totally the most Valentine's Day thing ever then I don't know what is. <33 

So I somehow ended up inventing a new word whilst brainstorming characters for my April novel whilst crashed on the couch, (DO NOT QUESTION THE CREATIVE PROCESS) And I like it and may or may not have related to it in the moment that I came up with it. XD


The act of craving or consuming Oreos whilst in a disoriented state))

Why was I crashed on the couch instead of doing something remotely productive? It might have something to do with that I didn't/barely drank coffee for over a week because I was sick so it didn't really sound good after that, and then yesterday I drank coffee and my sister made  me a latte so I was finally all hyped on caffeine and then today I didn't have caffeine and I was just like 'Why do I feel dead' so it might've been like a caffeine-withdrawal type thing but I dunno it was weird okay. XP

And also pink and purple sunsets are what life is all about yo, and no joke just when I came inside from snapping a pic or two as fast as I could Sare texted me a pic of the sunset there and it was like YASS PINK SUNSETS FOR EVERYONE.

Also no body ask me about editing cause nope no it didn't happen today BUT I've got a post coming next week for you guys about that, *winks*

*cue something actually relevant*


As you might know, deep down inside, I can be a total perfectionist sometimes,  and sometimes it makes doing creative things really hard because I get into this mindset of 'I'm going to do this and it's going to be exactly as I imagine it because what could possibly go wrong?' 
Sometimes things do turn out and end up being like I daydreamed them and then that's totally awesomeness but SOMETIMES:

Sometimes I do the thing,

And the thing isn't perfect or I run into troubles or IT'S A COMPLETE AND TOTAL DISASTER and I'm just left like.

'That's it, I'm terrible  at everything, why do I even bother'

No, no, no that's not okay. Don't do that, alright? Just because you messed up, messing up happens, it's life and it's how you learn things and it's okay if once in a while something is a complete and total flop.

Because even imperfect things can be beautiful. 

So yeah, maybe my novel will never be as completely-stunningly-epic once I actually get it written or even after vigorous editing. Or the thing I'm trying to make might not turn out as perfectly as I expect it too, AND I CAN'T ALWAYS WRITE PERFECTLY WORDED BLOGPOSTS. But you know what? That's okay.

Because writing and creating things is art and ART IS NOT PERFECT. And you should write and make things and make music and do the creative things because you want too and not too impress anyone.

So yeah, that's just something I've been thinking about for the past few days. (And yes I'm aware of how many times I used the words 'sometimes' and perfect' and 'things' as you can tell I'm in an extremely eloquent mood)

Have you ever made up words? 
Are you a perfectionist? 



  1. We've been having some splendid sunsets recently too.. or maybe I've just been noticing them. Anyway.

    Yes, making up new words is so good! And I relate to your thoughts about perfectionism too. It seems that picture in your hear never actually translates to reality.. But yes to your conclusion! There's still beauty in everything, and the most important thing is that we've done our best, not that we've done it perfectly.. Thanks for sharing your thoughts, Hannah! (And who said they weren't worded eloquently?!)

    1. They're just so amazing. <33

      It can be so much fun! XD Yess exactly! I know I'm not the only one who struggles with this so mucch, thank you so much Jessica! (I was just kind of being dramatic right there I guess)

  2. Ha disoreoentation is such a great word XD My cousin and I made up the word tirspuchi one time when trying to guess an Italian kind of pasta :P I think we decided it meant cow for whatever reason. And YES I am definitely a perfectionist. That comes out in my freelance editing XD But being a published writer is slooooowly helping me get over my perfectionism :)

    Abi | theleft-handedtypist.blogspot.com

    1. Lol thanks! XD Dude, oh my goodness that is great. And yesss I feel like one of the main reasons I'm having so much trouble working on editing/rewrites is cause I'm just like 'I HAVE TO GET THIS PERFECT' Oooh that's good! *shivers at the though of getting my book published*


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