Highlights of March

Monday, March 27, 2017

Yes, I know, I'm kinda early, but I don't care. XD 

It was a pretty awesome month guys, just for so many reasons, like WINTER IS OVER, and Camp Nano is happening next month, and a whole month dedicated to writing is just what I need after a four month break, (FOUR MONTHS!?) 

Anyway, onto some of this month's highlights. 
REAL -  L I F E 

- In no particular order - 
Spending THE ENTIRE MONTH trying to make plans with a friend for her to come over AND EVERY SINGLE WEEK it ends up not working out. Being super excited about finding my sister an ostrich shirt. (She really loves ostriches) 
Finding a super cute tiny cactus at Target but then not buying it cause it ended up being like 8$...o.O
Going to see Beauty and The Beast
Camp nano plotting. (Or therefore, thinking about how I should be plotting but then getting distracted and also endlessly daydreaming about my characters and already having favorites) 
SPRINGGGGGGGG *frolicks in the sunshine* *slips and faceplants in a mud puddle instead because reality* 
Falling asleep to the sound of rain. 
Trying avocado toast for the first time. (Don't look at me like that, it actually tastes good) 
Vaccuming my desk O.o 
Forgetting to mention that YES I FINALLY GOT A DESK and so yeah I'm pretty happy.
Fnally having a glue gun in my possession and now I HAVE ALL DA POWER. 
Being struck with the realization that you can just walk into Target and buy a potato. 
Is it weird that whenever I find myself in a mildly uncomfortable situation I remind myself that I've put my characters through way worse?
(I'm a terrible person jsyk)
Having weird dreams about my characters and then randomly remembering them like...'what...' o.O
Spring/summer clothes shopping. 
Finally finding my rabbit a toy she doesn't complete ignore, (why is she so picky?!?) 


I got a new blog design! (Which is obvious) I just love how much more clean and simple it is compared to my old one, I love it. 
Finally started to emerge from the blogging rut I was finding myself in. INSPIRATION HAS RECLAIMED ME.
Trying to figure out why my profile picture keeps disappearing?!? 
Talked about how real the struggle is when you have a lot of main characters in your novel
Flailed over warm weather and rambled about life


I am not a plotter. And if you've read any of my first drafts this is laughingly obvious. XD I don't have an artfully crafted outline for this new book with everything in it's place, everything figured out, nope, I have a vague idea of what I'm doing but as long as I feel like I  have enough to write about and enough to figure out the rest along the way, I'm ready.

I did not edit this month. Editing...specifically with this book...maybe it's just a first novel thing? I mean, come on, I'm only 14 and it's my first novel and I've never edited anything before AND HONESTLY THIS BOOK IS A MESS, call me lame or a quitter if you want, but nobody is forcing me to edit this book to perfection and it's not like it's ever going to be published, yes I did fantasize about getting it printed out once it's finished. And before anyone asks, no, I'm not going to do this with all my books, I can already tell that when the time comes to edit my other novel it is going to be a lot easier.

G O A L S  

Recap of March's goals 
Keep my new room clean. 'Cept for my desk which inevitably always seems to end up messy again XD 

FINISH EDITING. Listen, okay, I don't want to talk about editing, can we save that for another post that I'll avoid for as long as possible ? 

Wake up early more  At the beginning of the month I started waking up earlier and I guess I've kinda made a habit out of it, which is totally awesome. XD

Go see Beauty and The Beast.  Yesss my sister and I went to go see it last week and gah it was amazing. 

April goals! 

Waste less time on social media (*cough* Instagram and Pinterest *coughcough* 

- Reach my word goal for Camp Nano 

- Make macarons and hopefully not fail miserably 

- Film a vlog (anyone interesting in seeing my face??) 

How was your month? What inspired you? We should totally chat. 


IT'S SPRINGGG + Just let life happen

Tuesday, March 21, 2017

GUYS IT'S SPRING  I went outside to take pics yesterday, spent like 5 seconds trying to find shoes and then decided to just forgo wearing shoes altogether cause it was SO WARM OUTSIDE and yeah I'm totally ready for spring/summer/all the things.

(except for camp nano, cause I'm not one of those people who spends months in advance carefully plotting out the entire book, I usually end up just jumping in with what I do have plotted and see what happens, my word goal for next month is 45k, just an easy breezy goal that I'll probably change, the book itself is def going to end up being longer than that but that's just my minimum goal for April) 

Lately I've been thinking about how like, we constantly try to plan things in our minds and try to figure out life and want everything to be organized when really WE DON'T HAVE TO BE IN CONTROL OF EVERYTHING and how sometimes the best things are unexpected and how you never know what life is going to throw into your face even when you think you have everything figured out. 

And how there's over a million billion stars and that they all have names and the moon is constantly pulling on the ocean which is 95% unexplored and how life is just amazing and we should just LIVE instead of thinking we need to be in control of everything. Just let life happen you guys. 

(Also, if you happen to be home alone, get some music going and sing your heart out, doesn't matter if you're not good at it, it makes you feel alive inside) 

What's your word goal for Camp Nano? 
Do some things just...blow your mind? 


Giving every character a purpose - CAMP NANO is HAPPENING

Sunday, March 12, 2017

Katie Grace reminded me yesterday on her blog that Camp Nano starts in 20 days (well actually 19 days now) AND I'M TOTALLY NOT READY, I've got a bunch of messy notes and a genre that I've never written before BUT I'M TOTALLY EXCITED TO BE STARTING THIS NEW STORY.
(I haven't written since November...*shivers*) 

Somehow, I ended up with 5 main characters in my new novel. Not all of which I have an established role for or goals or backstory or anything.

I do, however, have an aesthetic Pinterest storyboard that I've been adding to since January so obviously I have my priorities in check. XD

This is always important, but it's especially a key to managing a lot of main characters, when you just have characters wandering around not really knowing what they're supposed to be doing because for some reason you felt like they had to be the story and you find yourself trying to cram them into scenes, that's when you end up with problems and possibly end up cutting people out which complicates things.

So yes, GIVE EVERY CHARACTER A REASON TO BE IN THE STORY. What are their goals? How do they contribute to the plot? Are they a main character or a supporting character? Would the story be any different without them?

This is what I'm working through with some of my characters, although I'm pretty sure I know what I'm doing with most of them and where they fit into the plot, it's still important to make sure all your characters exist for a reason, no matter how small the reason.

Have you ever struggled with this in any of your stories? 
Are you doing Camp Nano next month? 


New look - Blog remodeling

Sunday, March 5, 2017

Heyyyy guys!

Notice anything different around here?  Well, I don't mean to state the obvious or anything but yasss I completely updated my blog design!

Thoughts? Opinons? XD Personally I feel like it's a lot less distracting and overwhelming than my previous design, which I really liked, but it should be the content of my blog that really stands out and not just pretty fonts. (Athough pretty fonts are quite marvelous) also I think I like how it's not quite so dark and bold.

And yeah, I'm still working on fixing some things and getting stuff set up, which is why some things may seem a little wonky still, I love it though.

Have an awesome day you guys and don't waste time worrying about things that aren't worth it, kay?

Soooo, what do you think?