Highlights of M A Y + ~things to come ~

Wednesday, May 31, 2017

I feel like May went by super duper fast and at the same time I feel like it lasted forever. I learned a lot of things this month, there were ups and downs and stress and happiness and everything in between, life is crazy you guys, and sometimes it feels like a mess, but at the same time, it's pretty fantastic; this world we live in.


Sometimes you have those days where you break down crying for no reason/absolutely every reason possible. And you know what, that's okay because that's part of life. (and cause tomorrow can always be better I promise. 

WE'RE GOING ON VACATION in less than two weeks, it was kind of spontaneously planned but I'M ACTUALLY REALLY EXCITED. 

wearing comfy worn out t-shirts over and over again 

Daydreaming about all the glorious possibilities for summer. 

When you listen to a cover of a song and realizing you actually like it better than the original 

creating playlists upon playlists for various purposes cause that's just what I like to do. XD 

My younger sister/roommate endlessly trying to convince my mom and dad to let her get another pet, (she has four pets in our room btw, three rodents and a betta fish) 

CONSTANTLY CUTTING MYSELF ON THINGS/GETTING INJURED, cutting my thumb on an avocado, breaking my toenail and having my finger just start bleeding for no apparent reason like why do I do this to myself. XP 

Also not to mention the fact that I did indeed procrastinate until the very last day of May to write this post. XD 


Okay so you know how some writers have like notebooks dedicated entirely to specific books or whatever? Not me, nope, I have like the same notebook with notes/ideas/snippets for I don't even know how many stories, like I just grab whatever notebook I can find when I need to write stuff down and I guess it always happens to be that one? I don't even know. XD 

PLOTTING MY NEW NOVEL FOR JULY. heck I might even start it in June, we'll see. I'm super excited though. 

Alpha-reading for Sare but just so you know I'm a really bad alpha-reader. *hides because I'm easily distracted even though I'm sure your book is absolutely amazing* 

 - Read 5 books erm, easier said than done I suppose. 

- Take more walks outside  Well I went on a two mile walk with my brother and friend today so I think I did pretty good with this one. XD 

- Attempt to make eclairs. Still really want to, just didn't get around to it this month. 

- Have a photoshoot. Note below. *nods below* 


Learn more about my camera (AKA why it isn't behaving for me)  and learn a bit more about photography in general. 

Just keep plotting, just keep plotting...

Still kinda wanna have a photoshoot. XD need to make plans with my epically skilled photographer friend which we didn't get around to this month because of life and business. 

And....embrace summer and do some totally summery things and JUST LIVE LIFE I guess? 

Something you're excited about right now? 
Is it just me or does summer always seem to just come out of nowhere? XD 


Ridiculousness??? + Daytrips

Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Paint? Nah, just reflections on the water. (it was soooo mesmorizing)
That moment when your sandal snaps RIGHT BEFORE YOUR'E LEAVING FOR A DAYTRIP and your dad has to sew it back together with fishing line. (for real though) I ended up bringing an extra pair of shoes in case it snapped again, it held together though thankfully. 
Also when you need to devise the perfect seating arrangement in a 12 passenger van among your six younger siblings so none of them fight. XD Yeah, this is my life. 

If you're wondering about the first half of the title, well, the thing is, July Camp Nano starts in just a little over a month AND I'VE FINALLY GOT A BOOK IDEA after sitting down for a bit of brainstorming the other day, and the whole thing (or at least what I have so far) sorta just came together, bits of historical/Renaissance elements pieced together by fragments of a fairytale-sort-of story idea I've had sitting around waiting to be written, the results? 

Well, I'm not quite sure if I think it's brilliant (alright, it's far from brilliant, but y,know, maybe at least good?) Or if the whole thing is just sheer ridiculousness, I guess I'll just have to write it and find out, regardless though, I think it's gonna be pretty fun to write. XD 

Hope you didn't mind this quick, random post. ;) 
That is all. 
For Now. 

Biking + It's National Chocolate Chip Day??? + Writing woes

Monday, May 15, 2017

What's up  you guys? Is it just me or is it totally starting to actually feel like the beginning of summer? (tomorrow  is supposed to be 86 degrees eeeep!) also May is already have over AND I DON'T KNOW HOW I FEEL ABOUT THIS.

My dad bought be a bike last weekend and I realized it's the first one I've ever had that wasn't previously owned by my sister, so that's pretty awesome.

Also I found out just last night that today is National Chocolate Chip day? So obviously I did the only logical thing to do, bake chocolate chip cookies! (as if I needed an excuse) I wasn't super happy with how they turned out to be honest, but I think they turned out pretty good still and they tasted good so that's all that matters. XD

Also...guys...I haven't gotten a new book idea since January which is very strange for me...I only just realized this the other day when I stumbled across a song that made me want to write a book for it but didn't quite spark an idea, ugh, much frustrate, inspiration without a place to put it is both a wonderful and agonizing thing for me. XD I've been thinking about July Nano and some story ideas that I've been toying with in my mind for a while...I can't believe how much I've drifted away from the writing world this year!  But hopefully writing will start back up soon BECAUSE I MISS WRITING.

Did you celebrate National Chocolate Chip Day? 
What's the writing world been like for you this month? 

The Happiness Tag + NEW CAMERA

Wednesday, May 3, 2017

So Paige tagged me for The Happiness Tag (which I didn't even know was a thing?!) on her blog last week,  and since I've kinda been wanting to do a 'things-that-make-me-happy' sort of post for a while now I was like, yeah, totally doing this. XD

Now I'm not sure if there are any actual rules for this tag or what so I'm just going to get right to it and then at the end I'll tag some lovely people, kay? 

Some things that make me happy

Sunlit mornings/waking up early 
The smell of espresso (and basically anything to do with coffee in general. XD) 
Spending time with my rabbit, she is seriously the most interesting bunny I've ever met and she's so full of personality. 
Loudly singing along to music. (If you know me in real life then you probably never ever witness this, but trust me, when I'm home alone, it happens. XD)

Obviously I could go on, but those are just a few random little things. Now onto finding some people to tag..

Vanessa Best - Simply Me
\Sarah Margaret - the introverted extrovert
Mary Horton - Sunshine and Scribblings

Anyone and everyone else who wants to do this. XD

Thanks again Paige for tagging me! I really enjoyed doing this. <3

Alsooo, as you may have gathered from the title, YES I BOUGHT I NEW CAMERA. Well, it's new to me anyways, I bought my sister's camera from her on Sunday since she bought a new one, I'm still  becoming acquainted with it but I think we're going to get along really well. XD (It's a Canon G15 in case you were curious, I had a Canon G11 before)

Sooo, will you be doing the tag? 
What kind of camera do you have?