Ridiculousness??? + Daytrips

Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Paint? Nah, just reflections on the water. (it was soooo mesmorizing)
That moment when your sandal snaps RIGHT BEFORE YOUR'E LEAVING FOR A DAYTRIP and your dad has to sew it back together with fishing line. (for real though) I ended up bringing an extra pair of shoes in case it snapped again, it held together though thankfully. 
Also when you need to devise the perfect seating arrangement in a 12 passenger van among your six younger siblings so none of them fight. XD Yeah, this is my life. 

If you're wondering about the first half of the title, well, the thing is, July Camp Nano starts in just a little over a month AND I'VE FINALLY GOT A BOOK IDEA after sitting down for a bit of brainstorming the other day, and the whole thing (or at least what I have so far) sorta just came together, bits of historical/Renaissance elements pieced together by fragments of a fairytale-sort-of story idea I've had sitting around waiting to be written, the results? 

Well, I'm not quite sure if I think it's brilliant (alright, it's far from brilliant, but y,know, maybe at least good?) Or if the whole thing is just sheer ridiculousness, I guess I'll just have to write it and find out, regardless though, I think it's gonna be pretty fun to write. XD 

Hope you didn't mind this quick, random post. ;) 
That is all. 
For Now. 


  1. ah haha, I have 9 siblings (family of 12) and we have a 12 passenger...yah, it's crazy. There's always an argument about who gets to sit up front. *rolls eyes* And many of us get very car sick- missouri. =\
    I hope your novel goes well girl!!

    1. Haha, yeah, we never have that because usually either whoever is oldest sits in the front or both my parents do, XD ugh, being car sick is the worst. XP
      (BTW I also have 4 older siblings. ;)
      Thanks girl! I hope so too.

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    3. Lol Paige, you beat me too! I have 7 siblings. Driving to church in the 12 passenger van is always crazy, and it's only a 15 minute drive! xD Lol

      BTW good luck on your novel, Hannah! I think I might try to give Nano a shot.. one of these days. I'm just sOOOSOo intimidated by it. I read so many blog posts about how everyone DIES during Nano.. so.. idk yet :))

      Jazzy | http://thrivinghope.blogspot.com

    4. *just got back from 15 minute-ish drive with siblings AND NO JOKE such craziness* XD

      Thanks Jasmine! (Or Jazzy, whichever you prefer) haha, it can get kind of stressful, but I find Camp Nano to be a little more easy going since you can set your own goals and everything. I hope you give it a try some day!

  2. If your novel has Rennisance elements to it, there's something intriguing going on, all right. The Rennisance was a small blip of huge creativity amidst several centuries of just war in Europe. xD Six siblings is a lot! Unlike Jazzy or Paige, I only have one, but I'm completely okay with that. xD

    xoxo Abigail Lennah
    ups & downs

    1. Yes yes yes, xD *is already learning so much about The Renaissance plotting this book* Lol! It does indeed get crazy, (especially with four older siblings on top of that) I can't imagine having only one sibling. XD


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