Highlights of A U G U S T + I Don't Even Know Where Summer Is Going...

Thursday, August 31, 2017

What? No of course I haven't been hiding, not from blogging anyways, from my responsibilities? *glances over shoulder* Perhaps. 

JK you guys. XD Mostly anyways, I'm trying not to dwell over feeling like I didn't accomplish enough this month, instead I'm going to focus on the positive and embrace September. 

So yeah, August, I worked on finishing my Camp Nano novel and plotting for November, we celebrated Emily's birthday which was also on the same day as the solar eclipse which you could barely see from where we were. :| Daydreaming about fall, sleeping in a lot, just living life. XD 


Cool walks at sunset, waking up and, for just a moment, fearing that outside has turned black and white.  cold, rainy, dismal mornings. 

Books that blow your mind because it seems like they were written just for you, speaking words to you you didn't even realize you absolutely needed to hear.

When dogs are super excited to say hi to you. 

NEEDTOBREATHE, TFK, and Lindsey Sterling 

Trying to be more patient, more positive, trying to love more. 

Complete & Utter Randomness 

I made vegan chocolate banana bread AND IT ACTUALLY TASTED GOOD

My phone charger breaking for unexplained reasons, the speakers on my computer randomly flipping out, taking my camera with me on a walk but forgetting my camera card and basically all of the technology struggles. 

When attempting new hairstyle ends up involving braiding your hair under your chin like a dwarf beard and the trying to flip it over your head and then half the braid coming undone in the process. XP

Walking in to my room about to go to bed and finding Emily sleeping face-down on the floor with the light on.

Going for a walk and ending up being gone so long my mom was worried I got kidnapped or something, (I was kinda just wandering around the neighborhood and exploring places I never had before)

My dad accidentally set our oven on fire and the house smelled like smoke for hours.

Painfully tripping over a puppy and falling on the kitchen floor. (the puppy was okay, I was sort of okay but ouch. XP)

Holding a grudge against a rodent (ahem, caviomorpth) BECAUSE I LEARNED DEGUS BITE RIDICULOUSLY HARD.(Emily has one nice degu and one nasty one)

Realizing I pretty much ALWAYS have a song stuck in my head, it's like my own background music or something. XD Anyone else have this?

Writing and Blogging 

I think the fact that I just sat here for a really long time not knowing what to say about this kind of says enough. 

Alright so you know those plot bunnies that sneak in and burrow into your imagination AND YOU TRY TO GET RID OF THEM but they're just so innocent looking and you can't seem to get rid of them and then before you know it you've named them and you're attached to them and boom that's where story ideas come from. XD


 (And actually, I made no real attempt to get rid of the plot bunny, I did decide I'm not writing that story idea for Nanowrimo though and instead going to go with something I have more ideas for) 

Blogging was really quiet for me this month, I managed to touch up some design stuff and also successfully film a vlog but that was pretty much it other than brainstorming future post ideas. 

So that was my month, not all of it but what I decided to cram into this post anyways, tell me, what is one of the most exciting things that happened to you this month? See you guys soon! ♥ 


The Q&A Questions: Answered + Vlog + FIRST TIME FLYING

Wednesday, August 16, 2017

I promised a vlog, so I filmed you guys a vlog. XD A full eight minutes of my face (which no one exactly  needed to see but whatever) And the answers to all of you guy's awesome questions for this spontaneous Q&A.

(Also I somehow got confused and thought Monday was supposed to be the 15th? But oh well, these past couple days ended up being pretty busy for us anyway)

Here you gooooo. *points down below*

Also YES I GOT TO FLY FOR THE FIRST TIME. My mom and I flew down South last weekend, I told you guys my parents were planning on adopting again, so yup, my sister is home now and things have been pretty interesting so far, she's the first older girl with special needs my parents have adopted, (my two other sisters were still pretty little when they brought them home) So yeah. she's super sweet though.

 AND I GOT SOME TRAVEL EXPERIENCE SO YAY, like it's so weird how you can be across the country in like 1.5 hours. XP. (Also, Airport experience which was also pretty interesting)

Soooo yes hope you guys enjoyed the video! ♥

Have you ever flown before?
Ever gotten lost in an airport? (I didn't but I'm just curious XD) 


LET'S DO A Q&A + All The Questions Wanted Please

Thursday, August 10, 2017

Sooo, I've been wanting to do another vlog-type-thing for a while now ever since my first attempt back in January, ("Oh, you mean the one where you broke down crying before even filming the video?") ahem, yes, that one. Because obviously I can do better than that and hopefully my confidence and video-ing skills have improved since then. So I decided to do a Q&A because I like how interactive they are and frankly I'm not quite sure what I'd vlog about otherwise. XD So yes, shoot me some questions down below if you'd like, and I'll be back on Monday the 15th to answer them all!

Do you prefer doing videos, watching them, or both? 
Any questions? XD