July 4th

Wednesday, July 4, 2018

My first time taking pictures of fireworks went pretty well once I got the hang of it. 
Swimming for hours and not wanting to get out of the water (it was perfect) 
A bit sunburnt but not too bad
Baking banana bread
Life is good.



Saturday, June 30, 2018

"Summer is when everything is as alive as it can possibly be and I'm pretty sure that's why I love it so much" 
I'm not entirely sure how June is over but oh well, here are some of my highlights from this month;
We went to my oldest brother's wedding, which was so much fun.

Swimmmming, I missed out on so much swimming last summer and had convinced myself that I just didn't enjoy it anymore, which ended up being sooo not true.

I bought a coconut and spent several hours cutting it, my sister helped me bash it open with a hammer and a screwdriver
"Now I'll know what to do if I ever get stranded somewhere..."

I can't stop listening to this song, just file it under my summer jams why don't you? (My brother played part of it when he was over and then I went and found it XD)

Building some healthier habits and developing a more positive mindset.

My sister's parakeet likes to listen to For King and Country, he sings along whenver I play any of their songs.

Started reading the 'Our of Time' series by Nadine Brandes AND OH MY GOODNESS WHAT TOOK ME SO LONG TO READ THESE BOOKS??? MY HEART...

Trying to survive the heat, I woke up this morning and my windows were fogged up from the humidity like we're living in the rainforest or something.

Lots of baking as always.


Me on June 28th: Hey...Camp Nano starts in two days and I haven't thought about it all month, I should totally do Camp Nano!

Don't worry, I'm not starting completely from scratch, I've had a certain book idea floating around in the back of my head for over a month and I feel like I should finally start writing it.

That coconut that I spent hours cutting up? I made the shell into a coconut bowl! I think it turned out really well and it was so much fun to make!

Did some natural tie-dye with turmeric! And it ended up being just as bright as regular tie-dye! Also less messy.


Also might start Driver's Ed...


Life is so exciting.


5 tips for eco-friendliness.

Monday, June 11, 2018

Have you ever thought about how amazing the earth we live on is? Covered by 139.7 million square miles of ocean alone, forests, deserts, all of which serve as homes for thousands of different species of plants and animals, 
Sadly, even when we don't realize it or don't intend to, we as humans can often have a negative impact on the world around us without even realizing it, small things that perhaps we don't even think about, here are a couple of ways we can be more eco-friendly in our everyday lives 

1# Say no to single use plastics. 
This is one of the biggest and simplest things you can do to help the environment, which is constantly being polluted by single use plastics that take forever to fully break down, straws, bottles, cups.and disposable grocery bags, yes, it can be hard to avoid plastics completely, but there are a lot of things you can do to greatly reduce your consumption, such as using reusable water bottles, stainless steel straws and thermoses (you can even bring these to many coffee shops and have them make your coffee in a reusable cup rather than a plastic one. bring reusable bags to the grocery store, stop buying disposable silverware. If that's all too hard right now, try giving up one or two things, give up straws, bring a reusable bag when you go shopping, ect. 

2# Buy your clothes secondhand/sell or donate clothes you don't want anymore. 
By buying thrifted clothes and selling/donating your old clothes you can help reduce the amount of things that end up in landfills, it also helps cut down on air pollution from the producing and distributing of new clothes.
This is only something I've started focusing on recently. so not 100% of my clothes are thrifted, that can also be slightly unrealistic because there are certain things you should get brand new, but about half the clothes I've bought this year have been thrifted, it can also be a lot less expensive!
I think I've said this before but I highly recommend Thredup because it's all online so that makes it easier and most things are really good quality.

3# Avoid palm oil. 
Palm oil is mainly added to processed/packaged foods, and it's also one of the most major causes of deforestation, miles upon miles of rainforests are cleared everyday to make way for palm oil plantations, this is very damaging not only to the planet but also the animals and even people that live in these rainforests, read product labels and try to avoid palm oil as much as possible. Certain brands, such as Justin's, actually do use sustainably sourced palm oil, but it's quite rare. 

4# Recycle as much as possible.
Again, While it might be hard to  completely avoid plastic and other waste, but you can reduce how much of that goes into the environment by recycling, or even reusing things like plastic produce bags several times before recycling

#5 Choose more natural products
This is also a win-win because it's a lot healthier for you too! Choosing natural and biodegradable detergents, cleaning products, shampoo and conditioner, ect. Is so much better for the planet because whenever you use these things, they go down the drain and back into our water systems, most water does go through filters and treatment plants, but not all of those chemicals are completely filtered out, which can result in them damaging aquatic life and even our own health. Some of our favorite natural brands are Method, Seventh Generation and Tom's of Maine.

Yes, maybe you think I'm being annoying for going on about the environment when you're just trying to live your life and there are bigger things going on in the world, but if we have the power in our hands, everyday,  to make the world a little better, then why shouldn't we?
An important reminder though is to remember not to stress, because that doesn't help anything or anyone, knowing that you are doing something good should add positivity to your life, not add more negativity and stress as you get caught up in the idea of doing everything perfect, just do the best you can. <3


Summer is H E R E + Monthly Highlights

Monday, May 28, 2018

Not 'officially' but it definitely feels like it, it's 95 degrees today where we live and I am so beyond excited that it's finally my favorite season. Life has been so busy lately and it's been so freeing to step away from blogging and school these past few weeks, but I wanted to give you guys a lil' update on what life has been like for me lately.

I got two new pets! Remember our rats?  Well, after one of our two sweet ratties passed away, we didn't want V (Vatrushka) to be lonely, so after a week spent looking for a new companion for her, scouting our local breeders, emailing people on Craigslist and visiting our local pet store to no avail, we finally found two female rats about half an hour from where we live, so my dad drove me and a few siblings up there one rainy night to pick them up, they were super skittish and didn't want to be held, but they seemed sweet and they needed a home so I decided to give them a chance, V, who had spent most of the past week sitting alone in her hammock in her cage, welcomed the two baby ratties right away and seems so much happier now, she loves snuggling with them, Silvie and Sunny still won't let me pet them or hold them but I'm going to work on  taming them, I'll try to post pics as soon as I can!

SWIMMING. Campfires, fresh produce and coconut milk ice cream.

ThredUp! This year I've been trying to get more of my clothes thrifted or secondhand, and Thredup is totally awesome for that.

Helped my mom and sister host a bridal shower, it was actually pretty fun!

So many book ideas I don't even  know how to deal with, hastily half-plotting one story idea I've had floating around in my head this month, hoping to get around to actually writing it soon. (Oh, and of course creating playlists because that is a crucial part of plotting a book)

Reading, reading and reading some more.

Learning to find balance in all areas of life.

Hope you guys enjoyed reading some of my highlights from May, I can't wait for what next month has in store!

Has summer arrived where you live yet? 
Any things in life you're finding a balance with?
What was one of your highlights this month?


Loving and living life + Struggles

Sunday, May 6, 2018

craving allll the smoothies lately, posted the recipe for this green smoothie on my Instagram

Spontaneous art projects, baby succulents, (!!!!!)  long walks and spending time alone with God,  wearing sandals, blasting music, laughing, finishing a book that took me a month to read, (Golden Daughter by Anne Elisabeth Stengl, only one book left in the series that I haven't read)

You might be sad, or angry, at the world, the people around you or yourself, you may not know why you feel the way you do, or you wonder if the things you're struggling with are ever going to get better, but listen, you cannot let your struggles make you forget that there is a God who's got you covered and will never, ever let you go.

I think of myself as generally a pretty positive person, on this blog I try to be mostly positive (don't we all?) but I also try to be open and honest, because life is never perfect, and some times it's to not get weighed down by the negativity, sometimes it's hard to not get so wrapped up in your negative thoughts and emotions that you forget what's true and real and good. 
I might let myself think negative thoughts sometimes, I might break down crying for no real reason, I might tell myself people don't care about me when that is so not true. I don't always know why I feel the way I do, but I've decided I'm not going to let that dictate my life, I'm going to work on this, especially when there are better things to focus on and there is so much good in this world. 



Friday, April 27, 2018

I've got dirt on my fingers and wind in my hair and I'm feeling very much alive today. 

Spring is happening and I'm so excited

Thursday, April 12, 2018

Breath deep the sunshine, early mornings and iced coffee, flowers growing, cute shoes, bright colors. 
Yesterday I realized how much I missed taking pictures outdoors, my hoodie and shoes matched perfectlly. we went to go see butterflies and walk around outside, and I'm still finding inspiration everywhere I go.