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Saturday, April 23, 2016

Hello, hello, hello. 

 Yesterday my sister got an awesome book in the mail, called Paper Crowns  . read it within hours. and handed it to me the moment she finished it, which I then sat down and read within several hours and only stopped to make no-bake cookies in my pajamas and eat pizza.

Let me just say it was...well, the word I used to describe it was beautiful. But it was a lot of things, it was adorable, hilarious, exciting, and full of interesting characters. I loved it.

So I have this habit of driving myself crazy by trying to think of a bunch of things at once, and then whatever I might happen to be thinking about, (Often a lot of those thoughts have to do with writing and such and such) I, for some weird reason, will go around repeating all these thoughts to myself. (Not out loud of course, then people might think I'm weird, and I can at least pretend I'm somewhat normal ;)

Other than that I've randomly getting new story ideas while working on my current story, Heart of Stone, turning my ripped jeans into shorts, listening to a lot of music and absolutely loving the fact that it's almost summer. ^_^

    Last book you read? 
                    Last song you listened to? 


  1. hahaa, yup. Those jeans where you wear them through so much they've got holes in the knees, and it doesn't even work after you try to patch them..always works for shorts tho! :D

    SUMMER. The leaves are COMING. GREEN.

    1. Yep, and I love how they turned out. :D
      YASSS! :D

  2. What is the book Paper Crowns about? Good job on your sewing project! I wish I knew how to sew that well. :D
    I love no bake cookies. My sister and I used to make them often on Saturdays. :)
    Ashley shop

    1. To sum it up, It's a fantasy fairytale about oragami, I can't explain to much without spoiling it in case you ever read it. ;) Thanks! Although I didn't really do much sewing on them. I just rolled them up and stitched them so they can't undone.
      Agreed, no-bake cookies are awesome. :D

  3. Oh okay.

    Though I don't wear shorts, I'm glad you could figure out an easy way to utilize unwanted pants. :)
    I feel like having a no bake cookie right now....yummmmm. :)
    Ps. I have a sale for Mother's Day going on right now, if you'd like to shop for something for your mom. :)


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