Untitled. #2

Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Because sometimes I simply can't be bothered to come up with a title .

Having fun with editing, what do you think? 

It's been raining all day, and I mean that in the best way possible. 

 I always seem to get hurt when I'm walking around the house whilst deep in thought, particularly while closing doors. 
Which is why one of my fingers is currently swollen and a faint, purple color, I was closing my bedroom door, when suddenly as I'm starting to walk away I realize I've shut my fingers in the doorway and thus I go flailing to the side, slipping on cardboard and knocking things over and making some rather loud and clumsy noises...
It was very exciting. And painful, not as bad as the time I slipped on my ladder (I had a bunkbed at the time) And the corner of the bed jabbed into my chest and for a few moments I couldn't breathe and it kinda freaked me out...

Anyway, I'm also learning how to get a first draft written knowing I can go back and edit and cut things later. I have tons of ideas for a new story and I really just want to get Heart of Stone finished, write something new, and come back and edit it later. 
I didn't meet my word goal this month like I hoped I would, I got stuck somewhere in the middle of Camp Nano  because I was having trouble with my plot and then I ended up changing a ton of stuff, but now I'm finally back on track and accepting the fact my first draft is going to be a mess. 

Guess what? My sister and I painted our bedroom over the weekend! (She may or may not done most of  the painting...) And we also swapped were our beds were. I just love how our bedroom looks now. Which means I'll probably be doing a room tour post soon! :D 



  1. oh, yes. I know what you mean. Remember that day we went on about our...clumsiness? :P

    Yup, yup. We've got to finish our books. *fistbump* WE CAN DO THIS. XD


    1. Indeed, yes. :P

      *fistbump* Aw yeah. I've got a really good feeling about my story right now, I really think I can finish it and I'm feeling really confident and full of inspiration. :D

      Soon my friend, soon, when the time is right. ;)


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