Plotting ~ Popsicles

Tuesday, June 7, 2016

In just three weeks it will be time for Camp Nano again! 

So I've been plotting my newest story idea while working on finishing Heart of Stone, I don't want to rush to much though, even if I can edit it later, if I end up not having it finished by the end of June I'll probably just set it aside to work on my new story. 
Which I still have no title for. 
Some stories the titles just come to me randomly, and they're absolutely perfect. Other stories...
Ahem, forgive me, but titling is just hard, plotting is hard, writing and bringing your amazing ideas, stories and characters to life is hard. 

But if I just gave up, threw my notebooks into the crackling flames, threw my pen into a dark abyss of nothingness,  erase every file and word document that ever consisted of a single word I wrote. I would go absolutely insane. 

Gosh, why do my posts always take such unexpected turns? Suddenly I'm typing down every little thought, when I meant to be posting about Camp Nano and my newest story...

So anyway, back to Camp Nano, I ended up not finishing Heart of Stone back in April like I meant to, as I mentioned before,  but I hope to have this story plotted out enough to actually finish it next month, once again, me and some fellow writing friends have an awesome cabin with even more awesome writers than we did in April, and I can't wait to get to know them better. :D 

P.S. What are your opinions on popsicles? (random, yes, but apparently Sarah finds them disgusting, those weren't her exact words, but yeah, how do you feel about them? ;) 

P.P.S. Will you be doing Camp Nano next month?



  1. you suck out all the flavor of the popsicles because you have to eat them weirdly then are left with ice. like, ew.

    I vote for raspberry sherbet.

    1. Not if you just push up chunks into your mouth and eat them.

      Oooh, I've never tried sorbet, it sounds good though...

    2. But then it's really cold on your teeth. I like partly melted popsicles.

      You should totally try it. Only raspberry tho, it's more smooth and flavorful. Less icy. Reallly good.

    3. Yeah, I guess so, they're still good though.

      I really want to try it now! *looks up how to make it*

    4. We made a raspberry sherbet ice cream once. I usually buy it tho. *waits for yours pins to flood your food board*

      P.S. do you actually ever pin any food? All I ever see is desserts. LOL. XD

    5. Oooh, that sounds amazing.

      *shrugs* I dunno, I pin food sometimes. but not much.


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