Broken Alphasmart ~ Smoke

Tuesday, September 6, 2016


So a couple posts back I mentioned my Alphasmart, that totally awesome writing thingy, was broken, like, I literally had no idea what was wrong with it.

It would do this thing where it would randomly turn off in the middle of writing, so I looked it up, did everything that it said to do to fix it, changed the batteries...
Nothing, it acted totally fine when I plugged it into the computer tho.
So anyway, my dad fixed it, just when I was about to order a new one.
Yeah, uhh, the batteries where in backwards.

much embarrass, so relief, wow.

Annyyywayy, we had a campfire the other day, all the smokiness, and it's like really hard to get the smell of smoke out of your hair. iiigh. 
But look, I got all smokey to bring you pictures of burning wood, cool, right?
My mom, sister and I went fall clothes shopping the other day, I got this super cute hoodie thingy and now I cannot wait until gets cold so I can live in 24/7.

I'll miss summer, it was absolutely lovely, fantastic, I laughed a lot and will miss it terribly, but right now, right now I'm daydreaming about fall. <3

Do you have an Alphasmart? 
Will you miss summer? 
Do you like wearing hoodies? 



  1. bahaaaahaaaa!! LOVE THIS

    and I wanna see that sweater <33 I LOVE THEM (oh gosh sarah just told me ITS A HOODIE NOT A SWEATER oh blah you kids these days)(she didn't hit me)

    1. THANK YOU

      Totally! <33 (YES IT'S A HOODIE GOSH JULES GET WITH THE TIMES)(oh good)


    LOLOLOL *uncontrollably laughing* I TOLD you it was the batteries. Am I not always right?!! *grins* *pokes you*

    *quietly sneaks behind you and steals hoodie* *runs away* MINE FOREVER

    1. GOSH THANK YOU GOSH I HAVE NO WORDS *awkward hug*

      Ha..ha..ha, yeah, ALWAYS right. -_-

      *chases you* *trips and falls on face* WAIT NO COME BACK

    2. *dodges awkward hug* *fistbump*

      wellllll, maybe not ALWAYS right. *glares* *grins*

      *runs faster* *watches you fall* *laughs* *starts running again* MINEEEEEEEEEEEE

    3. *fistbump* bro.

      *smirks* Definitely not.

      *scrambles to my feet* *keeps running* *falls down a small cliff* JUST GET YOUR OWN.

  3. i don't have alphasmart, but i might have to check it out!

    i just discovered your blog, by the way, and it's lovely <3 your blog design is also amazing!

    evelyn clickman @ if these stars shall fall

    1. Oohh you totally should, it's like one of the greatest things ever for writing.

      Dude, thank you soo much! <3 <3


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