- SKY -

Saturday, October 1, 2016

we don't talk about the sky enough
the way you stare up at it when it's cloudy
and cold
and grey
and that's all you see
what you don't see is what lies behind all that
the endless glorious depth of sky and clouds and stars and space
all you see is what's outside
why are we like this
why do we wait for people to love us
and then push them away when they do
why do we smile when we're sad
and cry when we're happy
why do we exist to contradict ourselves
how come when you stare at a word too long it doesn't look real anymore
how come you look in the mirror and don't see how beautiful you are
why don't we tell people we love them when we do
why do we complain about things that don't matter
why do we say things when we don't want be heard
why don't we say the things that are on our minds
why can't we just stare at the sky
and really, truly, actually think about things
and if we have to talk
why can't we talk about the things that keep us awake at night
the things that make us feel alive in a way we can't explain
the things our dreams and nightmares are made of
i don't want to talk about the stupid things
i don't want to think about reality
sitting here with you
just thinking, and listening, and staring at the sky
 if we stayed here forever
that would be okay

October is here, it's getting colder, and I'm feeling inspired. <3 


  1. ...wow, Hannah. I truly believe this is my favorite thing you've ever written. I just saved it. It's beautiful:)

    1. ....wow Grace, thank you so much! I literally had to stop and stare at the screen with my mouth hanging open because that comment touched my soul oh my goodness, thank you thank you thank you.


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