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Friday, October 28, 2016

So yes, this post is basically a messy mash-up of a monthly wrap-up and angsting over Nano and procrastinating cause I should be plotting/writing xD

Ahem, Nano starts in just three days. So obviously anxiety currently reigns amidst the blogging world. I'm trying to ignore the fact that I probably didn't plot as much as I should have this month, I feel confident enough though, *forced nervous smile*

I'll probably be sharing a little bit about my new novel in my next post, but for now, no one really knows much about it, I've got an epic storyboard tho.

Anyway...what happened this month you may ask?

Writing/Nano prep this month, if anything, was insane. 
that's really all I have to say
there is no sanity
There is only dragons and naming characters and ink-stained hands and tea-drinking and lurking the late hours of the night typing away with my only light being the computer screen. 

I created a playlist for my book to, not for listening to while I write but just to help get in touch with the emotions of the story, If I listen to something with lyrics I get distracted and don't write anything at all and spend the next hour on YouTube and then the next thing you know I'm on some random channel learning how to make cupcakes with edible geodes, xD true story. 

I almost let my blog turn actually turn into a poetry blog, I didn't exactly mean for that to happen, it sorta just...did. ;P 

*has nothing else to say about blogging*

Other than Sarah and I tweaked some design stuff that needed to be fixed. xP

I WENT TO A CONCERT A COUPLE WEEKS AGO. *sigh* oh goodness, it was awesome, (also the first concert I had ever been to) My sister and I went to see Jeremy Camp and Citizen Way. Seriously the way it makes you feel is just...completely and totally alive and seriously amazing.

Had a lot of weird conversations with Sarah xD

Wandered through the forest because it's so undeniably majestic in the fall *sighs dreamily*

ACTUALLY FULFILLED ALL MY GOALS FOR OCTOBER other thannn reading Lord of The Rings *shakes head* I actually barely read anything this month other than beta-reading for Sarah and re-reading 12 chapters of my sister's book.

Oh yeah tomorrow is National Chocolate Day so you have to eat chocolate *nods* *throws chocolate at you*

Oh yeahhh and because the introverted extrovert is such an epic photographer we had a photoshoot when I went to her house the other day, xD (and to those of you who have recently asked if I'm Julia and Sarah's sister, I'm not, lol! Although  Sarah and I have been repeatedly told we look like alike, xD)

~ ~ ~ 
As always, I humbly thank you for tolerating my ramblings, ;P byyyeee! 



  1. Okay so you and Julia and Sarah have legit the best photography ever. IT IS GOALS OKAY.

    'Writing/Nano prep this month, if anything, was insane.
    that's really all I have to say
    there is no sanity'<< also that though O.o

    1. Okay wow I don't even know what to say to that. THANK YOU.

      Hahhaa..yeahhh. o.O

    2. waht. waht. waht.


      wow. thanks

  2. Although I don't write much Nano sounds SO FUN!!! lol :P

    Your month sounds awesome!! And btw, I love your ramblings. :)


    1. Fun is one word for it, also COMPLETELY AND UTTERLY TERRIFYING, but yes, fun, I hope. ;P

      It definitely was, xD Aww, thanks! :D

  3. people have asked if we are all sisters?!!! OMYGOSH THATS FAB. literally fab

    btw, i LOVE the photos of you girls. Can't wait until you both do posts xD

    1. Pretty sure someone asked if I was you guy's sister recently, xD I KNOW RIGHT, like, maybe I'm Sarah's long-lost twin or something. xD

      awww, thanks! Yass I just need to get her to send me the pics xD

  4. Haha!
    Ya see, I just found out that Julia and Sarah were sisters, then I found you, and was just wondering!
    I'm a lot more of a journal writer. Like, about my own life. Definitely not a nano type person.
    And I totally want to see ya'lls photo session! Hurry!
    O my goodness, a national chocolate day, yippppeeee! (Tomorrow I'm stuffing my face with chocolate! :D )
    See Ya!

    1. Lol!
      Yeah, I can see how that would get confusing, xD
      Ooh, really? I think I've tried keeping a journal before but I could never keep up with it. ;P
      Eeeep! Hopefully you will. :D
      Yesss! I literally just found out yesterday that it was a think, *eats chocolate*

  5. NATIONAL CHOCOLATE DAY *screams* *eats allll da chocolate*

    1. YASSS. *flails* *steals chocolate from you*

    2. what you're the one giving up sugar, not me, *eats chocolate defiantly*

  6. The fact that you know Julia and Sarah in real life makes me so crazy happy.

    1. That comment made me so crazy happy.

  7. Your photos are absolutely gorgeous! And so is your blog! I am so glad I stumbled upon it. <3 Well done!



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