~ January Wrap-up ~

Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Boom, January, gone. 

So this month was actually quite interesting, I got a lot of stuff done and worked on figuring out my life a bit, I didn't do a wrap-up post last month cause it was December and everything and I was kind of confused and at a loss as to what to post about, I'm going to try to stick to doing these kind of posts every month from now on though.

Anyway, onto some of the awesome/random/interesting/important things that happened this month. 

~ Real life ~

- Hung out at Biggby with Sare, she helped me with some plot stuff and also I GOT TO SEE HER BOOK. The actual physical thing and it is gorgeous. 

- Tried out DIY bath bombs with my younger sister, not because we actually planned on using them as bath bombs but we wanted to see if they worked and would turn out looking cool, all they really did was fizz up and turn the water a different color though, nothing super interesting, they were fun to make though.

- Stayed up till 3:00 am working on a bracelet for my sister's birthday

- Went to a Building 429 concert with my older brother and sister. (it was awesome) 

- Learned how to make lattes. (I'm still not nearly as good at it as my sister, who is, after all, a professional barista, I still need a lot more practice) 

- Having an actual nightmare about my siblings finding and destroying my editing notes cause I remembered that I left my notebook upstairs just as I was falling asleep, (In case you ever wondered what kind of nightmares writers have) 

- Brushed my bunny a ton because she suddenly started shedding a ton, which resulted in me covered in bunny hair at midnight and having to use a lint roller to get it all off. 

- I learned that if you speak nicely to chickens they will approach you in a very non-threatening manner. 

True story 

- It didn't snow for like weeks straight but NOW IT'S SNOWING AGAIN AS YOU CAN SEE IN  THE PIC ABOVE, which of course makes me happy.

- Made peanut butter pop-tarts on National Pie Day because...it sort of counts? And I'm not really into pie.

- Made another felted bird. (As soon on my Instagram)

- Listened to a ton of music and took a ton of photos. (Let's be honest though that happens every month, it happens all the time, it's my life)

- Got sick for like one day, bleck, being sick is gross.

Annnd that's all I can think of for now although a lot more things happened, 

~ Blogging life ~

-  Overcame enough anxiety to actual film and upload my first ever vlog! and surprisingly I'm not pained with embarrassment whenever I think about it, like, I feel like I could do another vlog in the future, a better one, but we'll see. ;)

- Also, FINALLY SHARED SOME OF MY WRITING ON HERE. which, also surprisingly, I wasn't really freaked out at all by it, you guys left so many lovely comments on both my snippets and vlog, you all are the best. <33

- Did a post on hiding from editing and many of you agreed that when it comes to avoiding your responsibilites, becoming a dragon is the best way to go. XP

- Posted a poem that was literally just a semi-understandable form of rambling to make sense of my thoughts.

- My blog reached 40 followers THANK YOU SO MUCH YOU AWESOME HUMAN BEINGS, <33

- Did another post about editing to prove I didn't actually become a dragon in order to avoid my responsibilities, although I wouldn't put it past myself.

~ Writing life ~

- I began plotting two new novels, I didn't intend for it to happen, THE PLOT BUNNIES they just, happened. anyway, I'm super excited about them both and I can't wait for April Camp Nano because that's when I'll for sure be writing one of them. 

- I was carelessly thrust into the world of editing, after much protesting and  procrastination,and it's been pretty interesting so far, although I'm trying to figure out just how long it will take to rewrite a novel. :P

- I started reading Sare's first draft of her novel Oblivion.

- Also, it's been really motivating seeing how much my writing has improved since writing the beginning of Contempt, like, there's a very significant improvement and that makes me happy.

~ February Goals ~ 

- Make more progress in editing than I did this month. 

- Read at least 6 books. 

- Finish alpha-reading for Sare. 

- Catch up on math. (Did I ever tell you that I utterly despise math?) 

Again, I'm sure there are are more, but those are all I could think of off the top of my head. 

Are you excited for February? 



  1. *sniffsniff* i didn't get to go to biggby with you whhhaaaaaaaa


    1. I knoww I missed you.


  2. omw that nightmare *pats you* it's okay, Hannah. if that ever happens you can come live in my basement k xD

    AND YES HANGING OUT WAS EPIC and eeepp you are reading my book *runs away*

    1. If my siblings destroy my notes I can live in your basement? XD Well, I might be able to cope with that, but if they read my book, yeah, I'm going to go hide in your basement. XD

      YES IT WAS. And yasss, XD I don't like having to make notes for someone else's book as I go along though, (unlike reading my own first draft) So I apologize in advance if I'm not a very good alpha-reader.

  3. Wow that's one of the funniest nightmare I've ever heard ;P XD Great post :D


    1. Ahaaha, it was quite awful really, XP Thanks Ellie!

  4. I would totally freak out if my younger brother came out and decided to destroy my editing notes. So much crying would go down. Dx Making lattes sounds so much fun! I dislike caffeinated stuff though because my stomach system and it don't mix. Oh, well.

    xoxo Morning

    1. IKR, basically the thought of anyone touching any of my writing kinda makes me wanna freak out, and yess it is super fun! Awe, that must be annoying. :|

  5. Hannah, your blog is amazing! I follow you on Instagram and I love your feed! First of all, wow! You were way more productive than I was in Janiary :P! Second of all, I love your blog! Excited to read more of your posts in the future <3!

    1. Hi Sarah! Thank you so much! I follow you as well and your feed is soo amazing. Oh wow, really? XP I'm so glad you love my blog! <33


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