HE IS RISEN + Problematic glue and my photogenic rabbit.

Saturday, April 15, 2017

Uhm, excuse me, can we talk about how cute this bunny is???
Easter is tomorrow! 

In our family we like to do 'Easter-basket-Easter' on Saturday, y,know, candy and stuff like that, (and wayy to many peanut butter cups XD) so on Sunday we can actually focus on the true meaning, I am so continuously awed by the fact that My King died for me, gave His life up for the people who least deserved it, thinking about it makes me tear up a bit, it's something I never, ever want to take for granted. 
It also makes me think about, how, if Jesus could sacrifice Himself for the very people who wanted Him dead, then the very least I could do is try to love the people who don't deserve it, the ones who are hard to love, like, seriously. 

Also yes I'm sooo proud of Miss Margaret for holding still when I was taking pictures of her yesterday, XD usually she's all over the place, (and most of the time she was while I was taking these pictures) but sometimes she surprises me and I'm like HOW ARE YOU SO CUTE. 

I learned something yesterday. 

Trying to do something as simple as drawing with glue is wayyy harder than it sounds.
I was trying to draw designs on this jar so I could paint over it, simple enough, right? 
Wrong, I tried filling a sandwich bag with glue and snipping a teeny tiny corner off and piping it out, which sort of worked, other than the fact that it kept smearing when I tried to do overlapping lines, and eventually I ran out of glue. 
Next I tried hot glue, which was what I originally planned to do, hot glue is HARD. It kept either coming out in thin strings that didn't even stick to the jar or big globs that I still don't know how to get off. XD 


^^ story of my life. 

Your thoughts on Easter? 
Have you ever had a total DIY disaster? 



  1. omw that rabbit is so adorbs omw omw!!!!! XD Is it a holland lop?
    Great post!!

    1. ohmygoodness thank you XD Yes she is!
      Thanks Paige! Happy Easter!

  2. I know the struggle! Glue is such a hard thing to deal with... Maybe try adding some corn starch to make the glue less runny. I just had an art project assigned to me where we had to use glue. It's such a hassle.

    Have a blessed Easter! <3 I'm not a fan of peanut butter cups so I'll be here eating jelly beans! Nice to hear from you.

    1. IKR? Oohh, maybe I'll try that if I can get the hot glue off the thing I was trying to decorate, and ugh, yes it is, especially when it gets stuck to you.
      You too! <3 Haha, jellybeans are good too, especially the Starburst ones.

  3. Oh, goodness, yes! My DIYs backfire on me practically every time and it's awful. XD
    I love Easter. This year it's also my birthday, so there's that, but the celebration is the most beautiful of the year :)

    1. It's like, it's just so easy to imagine everything turning out perfectly in your head, then when you actually try to do something it's just like 'what am I doing' XD
      Oohh really? Happy birthday/Happy Easter then. :)

  4. You have an adorable bunny. AHHH. AND I TOTALLY RELATE. Everything is so much easier in my head and then when I do it I'm like, "okay no. I can't do this." You're not alone :P


    1. Gosh thanks Ellie! And yesss, glad I'm not the only one. XP


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