Highlights of J U L Y + Honestly, Where Do I Begin?

Monday, July 31, 2017

Woah, woah, woah, what happened this month? What didn't happen this month? July was packed with absolute craziness for me. blogging and writing picked up a lot, I spent so much time outside and listened to a whole lot of music. Brace yourselves guys cause this is gonna be a looonnng post. XD


My 15th birthday happened and it was awesome. posted about it here

I WROTE A BOOK THIS MONTH. But we'll get to that in a minute. XD 

Guys, I seriously don't deserve the people who tolerate my insanity on a regular basis, the people who are still so patient with me even when I get stressed out and frustrated and my thoughts and words are anything but rational, like, these people deserve all the love and I need to do a better job of loving them because that is so much more important than my fears will ever be.

My bunny got sick for a few days and I was super worried about her because I looked up her symptoms and thought it was way more serious than it actually was, she ended up being okay though after a couple of days and it turned out to be nothing serious. (Also I've had her for one whole year! I got her on July 12th last year)

Emily got glasses AND OHMYGOODNESS SHE'S SO CUTE. (I wanted to include a pic but I doubt she'd let me take one.)

May or may not be just slightly addicted to Spotify. Sad? Spotify.  Stressed out? Spotify. Happy? Well, you get the idea. XD

When your sister brings you coffee at 8:30 PM and...

Notice that it's almost 3:00 in the morning and my phone is seconds away from dying. XD 

My sisters and I took care of a rescued special needs gecko for a weekend, (she belongs to one of my sister's coworkers) And she's actually having us watch her again this week. If you haven't noticed already, we're pretty big on pets over here,  Emily especially. I have 6 pets in my room right now. (and no that's not counting the gecko)

Sooo much swimming, I'm so glad I failed to convince myself I didn't like swimming anymore, also that moment when you realize you spent so much money on a super cute swim shirt and end up being more comfortable just swimming in a t-shirt. XD

Okay so I learned dark chocolate is kind of amazing.

Long walks, captivating sunsets, trips to the park.

Fireworks that don't even seem real, 4th of July and all the moments where you realize it truly feels like summer.

Me: *whispering along to a song I'm listening to*
Emily: *whispers* what are you whispering? 
Me: *still whispering* ..I'm singing 

And a whole bunch more things that I'm either forgetting or failing to mention right now. But yeah, July was most definitely amazing. 


I REACHED 51 BLOG FOLLOWERS THANK YOU SO MUCH GUYS. Even if my main focus for this blog isn't having a lot of followers or getting a ton of comments on every post, I want those of you guys who do comment on my posts, and who encourage and inspire me with your blogs to know much you mean to me. You inspire me to make my blog better, post about what I'm passionate about and you make me want to creep out of my introverted comfort zone and actually get to know some people better and build some friendships.

Talked about some real stuff and shared some struggles I've been dealing with, thank you guys all so much for your comments on my last post! <3 

Updates my blog photos.

Started a new Instagram! You can check it out here 

How Camp Nano Went Down 

I DID IT. I MET MY GOAL AND WROTE 40,000 WORDS THIS MONTH. Yes this was my first successful Camp Nano and no, the book isn't finished yet, almost though. I spent pretty much all of yesterday writing, (well, writing and singing/dancing to Spotify and pacing my room contemplating my book plot) I wrote 5,607 words which I think is the most I've written in one day.

AND THE WHOLE THING IS SUCH A MESS. Honestly probably my messiest-ever first draft out of the three books I've written, not to mention the least plotted. XD BUT THAT'S OKAY. Even though no one is ever going to be allowed to read it until it's been vigorously edited. (nope not even you Sare, it's way too much of a mess) And surprisingly I'm okay with that, which I think is a good thing? I mean, the fact that I was able to get it written without dwelling on how bad it was is pretty important I think. Because even if it is terribly far from being a halfway decent novel by now, it's mine and it has beauty and potential in it.

And listen, don't beat yourself up if you didn't meet your word goal this month,or if you had to lower it once, twice, even thrice, sometimes life happens, sometimes books plots don't cooperate, and that's okay. No matter how Camp ended for you this month, what matters is that you wrote. 

This was my very first successful Camp Nano after three previous attempts, I always fell behind before, ran into plot struggles, heck, back in April I didn't even get back the first couple chapters because that book was kinda just a lost cause.

That moment when you're writing a scene where a main character is getting attacked by a wolf and then THIS SONG STARTS PLAYING.

...Like, I feel kind of terrible but also am slightly amazed??? 

Also something big that happened that really helped me during this last week of Nano was that I finally bought my own laptop for writing and blogging! Just last week actually, it's been super awesome. 

Conquer Camp Nano  

Figure out what I want to do for my birthday 

Sleep outside - didn't do this but still want to. 

Bake something summery - I actually didn't really bake a lot this month but still also want to do this. 

Try a new hairstyle - Kinda, sort of did this? BUT EVERYTIME I TRY TO DO MY HAIR THERE IS NOT A PONYTAIL HOLDER IN SIGHT. 

Take pictures of fireworks - Somehow didn't do this but I don't wanna talk about it. XP 

Not let this month slip away worrying about everything  - I mean I still worried about stuff but not EVERYTHING. 

So yeah, I didn't meet all of my goals for this month, but it was still a pretty successful month, writing also just so happens to be a time-sucking beast and this month was really busy. 

Anticipating August 

FREEDOM FROM NANO. Well...once I finish the book anyway. (I've got about 5-10k to go) And then I'm either going to take a break or work on editing my Nanowrimo novel. Still undecided. 


Working on my sister's birthday present cause her birthday is one the 21st. And hopefully work on some more DIYS to which I didn't get to do much this month BECAUSE LIKE I SAID WRITING IS A TIME-SUCKING BEAST. 

Hopefully flying with my mom to bring my new sister home in a couple of weeks! (It will be my first time flying if we do which would be super exciting) 

I want to take a couple days away from my computer and phone this week because I've been pretty much glued to them this past week with the end of Nano and everything. 

Continue to work toward conquering my fears and battling my perfectionism. I don't want to continue to be so stressed out by eating healthy and food and everything.  And I know I need to conquer the voice in my head if I want to be mentally and physically healthier. 

And thus concludes my monthly wrap-up post. XD Goodbye, July. Hello August. 

What are you looking back on, what are you looking forward to? 



  1. Oh my goodness, you've had such a busy month!! Hope August is wonderful:)

    1. Definitely! In a good way though. :)

  2. Sounds like a fun month :) Congrats on 51 followers!! Loved this post.


  3. Woo Hoo! 51 folllowers!!! This month I am looking forward to going back to school (I begin in the last week of august) I am a little nervous but I am excited too!

    xx Bubbles

    1. Eeep I know!! Really you're going back to school already? *hasn't even begun to think about school* *wants to hide from math forever* *still believes it's summer* don't be nervous though, hope the rest of your summer is awesome!

  4. I'm so glad you finished your Camp NaNo novel! And LOL me too at two am in the morning, honestly-- the group convos I have with friends go on for a long time.

    Also, just a head's up: I'm revealing two things on the blog tomorrow! One is a tag idea I've been working on for some time, and the other is an actvitity that the blogging community did last year, so if you'd like to check that out, it'll be up on my blog then! ^.^

    xoxo Abigail Lennah | ups & downs

    1. ME TOO even though the book technically isn't finished yet, ahem, gotta get on with that. LOL. That sounds awesome.

      Oooh I'll totally check it out!

  5. First of all, that photo with the butterfly is so elegant. I love it! And second, your July sounds pretty amazing. It sounds like you were very busy. I love hearing about your siblings. Thanks for sharing, dear and have a wonderful August!

    ~ Pip | Pip and Lolly

    1. Thank you! <33 July was totally crazy but it was so amazing. Haha, well they're a lot of fun, most of the time anyways. XP You're so sweet and I hope you do too!

  6. Congrats on like everything and happy late birthday!

    Nabila // Hot Town Cool Girl

  7. That's why I had to quit drinking coffee XD Congrats on your novel! I didn't win NaNo but I'm pumped you did!


    1. Lol! Usually I don't drink it at night so it's not a problem. XD Thanks Hailey! Awe that's okay though, like I said this is the first Camp Nano I've ever actually completed so I know the feeling but I hope you had an awesome month!

  8. Ahh, that first picture♡♡♡
    I so love how you put everything in this post. I really enjoyed reading it♡ And I'm so thrilled and happy for you that you completed Nano, way to go!!!
    Are you guys adopting a girl?? Flying sounds like so much fun!!!

    1. ♡♡♡
      Thank you soo much Paige! It was exhausting but I'm so happy to have done it.
      Yup! This will be the third time my parents are adopting. Totally!!!

    2. ♡♡♡ your welcome! ♡
      Wowww, that is so awesome!
      Hey, do you want to message on Pinterest? I would love to become friends with you! ♡

    3. That'd be awesome! I'd love to be friends too. ♡

  9. HAPPY BELATED BIRTHDAY!! *confetti and waffles* Sounds like you had a crazy awesome July! CONGRATULATIONS ON NANO!! <3 That is seriously a feat. So proud of you! AND SKLJFKLSJ OWL CITYYYY. *all the heart eye emojis* that is such a strange coincidence haha!! Also I really appreciate that you took that screenshot when your phone was at 1% battery... #hardcore ;)


    rock on!

    1. LOL THANKS ABBIEE. It was definitely insane, and this month has been no less busy so far. XD THANK YOU!! And IKR? Like of all the songs in my playlist it had to be that one at that exact moment.

      I DO TOO. I'm kind of nervous but also excited. XD


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